Letter to Jim

Jim it is time to either come clear about OUR involvement or I take another path and start teaching from my experience alone the truth I have endured and experienced.  I can no longer keep the truth hidden. It has come to a point where this is just plane cruelty to continue to  to carry on with our entanglement and for you to refuse to acknowledge me as your counterpart in human form.

I am including a raw video of me to show you it is indeed me writing these words and to show you the stress in my eyes. This has gone too far. The 1:44 min was not planned as usual it is the Angelic HigherSelf with in me leading this.

I do not need to go into detail in this letter about how this union has been life threatening to my life and the depths of pain and torture I have been through.  It is ultimatum time. Either you talk to me and honour this union/connection properly and we take care of this together or I will come out and speak my truth about this Twin Flame situation in order to start my healing and in order to fully take back my sovereignty that was ripped away from me over the past 8 years.

Speaking my truth is not coming from a form of vindictiveness or revenge at all, it is coming from a place of Sovereignty and reclaiming my personal power of Mind, Body and Spirit. The light coming through is to powerful to keep anything hidden any longer and to be attempted to be manipulated by any thing or one by the lower survival chakras is not working any longer as all leads to the heart, and my heart is constantly under stress. 

What I can no longer deal with in my physical system is the complete “siamese connection” with our energy fields and KA body and yet my having to deal with this resistance from you and outside energy interference  with in my physical body.  Betrayal  running through me every day all day long. I feel your every thought in my veins, I feel your heart and we are connected sexually that is unbearable at this point, it is a slow kill at this point due to stress and heat in the body that is harming me.

No one is manipulating me to write this letter Jim, this is coming from my heart that has been shattered a million times over this. This message is coming from the reverence I hold for this connection. I know there is huge AI interference of a couple if not more agendas involved but what matters here is the truth and putting a stop to the harm that I have had to deal with. 

What I am having a difficult time with is overcoming our connection that seems to be unbreakable, yet you never acknowledge me. The stress has taken its toll and it is showing. I have numerous times thought that tonight might be my last night on Earth and have prepared a letter for my family to know the truth(s).

The signs and synchronicity that transpire are  all day long that the truth must come out.

 Regardless of the compromising of you and me throughout this battle, it is only fair and right that you come clean with me and put an end to this abuse. The Laws of Spirit, Mind and Body have been broken, I AM a Seraphim Angel here on Earth and the torment and manipulation toward my mind body and spirit are beyond human or angelic comprehension. Measures will be taken to heal this whether you decide to openly come to me or not to participate and stand up for this mission.

Tim Whild has a message and  I know our connection from Atlantis. Which btw is what this battle has been stemming from. Here is a video from him, stating the hammer is coming down and I have been getting the same guidance but only holding out for your.  Truth must be spoken.

It is choice time, and the choice is up to your free will, we either move forward as a team or not.

You have free will and clearing karma is the best choice. The unveiling of SAISS is happening no matter what.

In Love and Reverence

Shelly Sullivan


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