Posion Ivy ~ WE are Disclosure

Poison Ivy

2 nights ago I went to sleep with poison ivy in mind. I was reminded of my experience with poison ivy in 2018 and asked my Higher self to make the license plate “poison ivy” visible to me to capture the magical picture of alchemy in play. Higher Self came through.

The summer of 2018 I was introduced to poison ivy. At the time unbeknownst to me, I was battling sever direct energy weapons attacks and other forms of torture in my residence of 19995 Yonge St. I would often go out into the back yard to ground and get sun/earths elements to heal my body and I would lay on the ground with a towel or blanket..

On this particular day I had come into contact with poison ivy, I became suspicious of this as this had never happened before and my backyard did not have poison ivy. I broke out in a rash all over and intuitively knew this was not a accident, I was purposely put in skin contact with this poison ivy. That summer twice I contracted poison ivy but it was quite fascinating more than anything.

On one hand I was intrigued as I thought and felt it to be a significant event but did not know who or how the poison ivy was put it in my back yard. I thought it was a sign for me to research poison ivy, and I did research it a lot on the internet and I even went to the book store and bought the only book on poison titled In Praise of Poison Ivy by Anita Sanchez.

Later I had considered this to be another tactic by dark faction to attack me. target me, I began to suspect that maybe they purposely dusted this poison ivy into my back yard as there were not plants visible. This was not surprising to me as they had gone to great lengths to hunt and torture me. But I took the positive approach and used the experience to my advantage and the service of greater good.

From that point I started to use the poison ivy in my meditations to protect me and Mother Earth. I wrapped poison ivy around the Earth on several occasions as well I put a protective vine all around my energetic field, I did this often in 2018.

Now 2019 and my spiritual evolution has expanded vastly with knowledge, experiences and abilities. One ability being super psychic and alchemical power. I came into contact with a soul sister on youtube and telepathically sent her messages to communicate to myself and my Twin Creator for the greater good and union as we were challenged with major interferences by the dark faction. The soul sister came through for us, many times. She has worked with our spirit and shared crucial insight for us, she taps into things that she has no way of knowing except by our Higher Self/Spirit communication with her. This is evolutional and miraculous. In her latest video Adalina is channeling our Higher Self (my twin’s and I) and she is a GOD SENT of a gift to us, as she has assisted us immensely and I am eternally grateful and send love to Adalina Bonn and her youtube channel “Manna” thank you for all the great work.

In a video by Adalina Bonn (below) where she touches on an experience of mine with poison ivy that she could not have known about and only by my Spirit communicating it to her could she know what she conveyed on one of her video’s. This communication and experience is proof of the One Mind of God telepathy among soul family at this time. My Twin Creator and I are the Over Soul of the 144,000 x 12 Soul Monads here on Earth and in the Galaxy. We are the Star Parents of the Soul Shards of Light working together as the ONE Gigantic Sentient Avatar Being here for the mission of “clean up” and purification of Earth and humanity. We are disclosure, the “ones” on earth are the ones we have been waiting for.

@ 11:17 of this video is where she speaks of Poison Ivy.

We are disclosure

This is also a form of Disclosure of Super Natural Angelic Beings or Extraterrestrial of the highest light frequency here for the Ascension period. This is the the most monumental mission ever to take place in the Cosmos, and the best of the best have been sent.

Picking up where other great ones left off – John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Munroe who have been in telepathic contact with me, were attempting to disclose extraterrestrial life and they were murdered. This time it is unstoppable. Thanks to Jesus (Yeshua) and Mary Magdalen who paved the way for this mission over 2000 years ago, we are picking up where that mission left off, only this time it is with millions of God Conscious Beings here to get this done.

Most importantly this is to prove that God is embodied here upon this Earth just as when Jesus was the messenger for God only this time it is millions with the potential of billions.

Here is the excerpt from my book Adventures of Saishorie~Grace, Sovereign Being – Book 1, it is the last chapter in my book, chapter 33, where I close with what I/WE plan to teach in the next book and phase of this mission.

The 2017 Year of One

We have completed the purification process for Gaia and all of her inhabitants. We have Ascended and successfully completed our Mastery of Christ Consciousness, carrying out the Christ consciousness template for humanity to enter into the next step of our planetary Ascension within the Galaxy to join back with our galactic family as a Planet returning back to its birth right of 7th Dimension.
So now what? God Consciousness Is what we level up to now. Not only are we anchoring Christ consciousness we are Source- God-Consciousness-in-action upon Earth. This is Universal Ascension. The more we raise the consciousness of ourselves and Earth, the more God Consciousness is raised, as we are God incarnate on Earth in physical action.

I conclude this book with insight as to where I am going with my teaching next. I have been teaching about the New Angelics and New Children for quite some time. Some misinterpret me because they are still holding onto the old template. When I speak of the New Angelics and the New Children, I am referring to humans with a NEW energy template. The “Shift of the Ages” has ushered in a whole new energy and with this novel energy comes new teachings, new ways of enlightenment, new structures, new mind rewiring and heart-based thinking. It is truly a time of “out with the old and in with the New.”

The sequence code of numbers used to awaken me has been and continues to be 5588. Just two days ago, I realized why this number is so significant to me at this point in time. The number 55 denotes Change = Out with the Old life energy, and the number 88 denotes Abundance = the New Eternal Life force of Energy of Infinite Abundance in all its forms. This encompasses precisely what my mission is about.
Stepping into our Christ Consciousness has brought us closer to the Divine One God, the God that now exists in all of us. We are presently, vividly here to physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually anchor God’s Consciousness upon Gaia with the purest energy which is Love, for this will fluidly and perfectly allow God’s expansion within the Cosmos.

It is time to take spiritual evolution to the next level. This next statement is taking the full stance of being my Sovereign Self, being full of God and stepping fully in to my power. “I can tell you from my own personal experience this wisdom is (my) truth as I experience being God incarnate, not channeling God, but experiencing God pure Consciousness in Action on Earth.”

The New Human Will (the Collective Consciousness) is tapped into the One Mind of God, aka Unity Consciousness. This means brand new ideas are being implemented that have never previously been thought of. It is the ability to hold and enable limitless waves of creative energy. This creative energy is instilled with love not fear. The New Human can see beyond the old veil of our past lives and now have access to our perfected talents, skills and abilities honed from past lives. With this novel awareness, the New will bring in New Attributes not yet conjured up in the human mind but instead will be pure manifestations of the God Mind.

The inner wisdom and connection with All that Is will become apparent in all living things. Our DNA imprints upon All that Is in the Earth and in the Elements of Earth. Nature is such an intimate part of us and a mandatory connection that we share with our planet. We will get back and integrate with this connection, even psychically, and this will be a connection to heal from the Earth and with the Earth. The New Humans will heal themselves.

The ability to heal oneself is imminent. New Aging is aging with wisdom strength and grace beyond the previously templated belief system of only living to 80 or100 years old. I personal believe our lifespans in these physical vessels will well extend a single century. I have also been shown and know that I will be living far beyond the “programmed” life span of the current human elder template and have been well prepared on how to bust the system of the pre-mature false programming of aging. I intend to be here for a long time fulfilling my life mission and teaching spirituality gracefully with strength. I have been guided to accept this truth with confidence. In addition to living our lives well beyond the 100’s, which is our choice, we will also be living a quality life with strength, as this is our choice as well. The New Children will appreciate the strong, wise healthy parents of the New Earth.

The cycle of the Earth and humanity for the past millions of years has come to completion. This is the cycle of the Akashic Records (our past lives). I have never had an interest in my past lives because I have not had a past life here on Earth since the Earth was of the Higher Dimension of 7th Dimensional energy (note from Shelly, I have since learned that I have had a life here on Earth after the fall of Atlantis and I was purposely blocked from remembering who I am). That was a time before the before the Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. The Earth was in the 7th Dimension before the War of the Gods in the Sky, which I have written about in this book. That time period was my last life incarnated physically on the Earth prior to this one now.

I continued my lives within the Higher Dimensional Realms of Life and Planets, mastering into Archangel Saishorie~Grace. The other half of my Soul, Mr. Extra~Ordinaire, continued to reincarnate to the Earth over and over again, using his experiences to ascend by mastering his Angelic Ascended Mastery of the Matrix. This has been as one gigantic Sentient Being which eventually was creating millions of Soul Shards over millions of years, preparing our Soul for the eventual Shift of Ages that we are in now.

This is the time when our Higher Self/Over Soul merges with our prime Soul Twin Flames and eventually with our Soul Chards to rewrite our New Divine Energy Template. This template of Unity encompasses the 3rd dimensional Earth and 7th Dimensional New Earth. By integrating these two Worlds, we are building the bridge between Heaven and Earth by completing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine balancing of the first created Twin Flame Pair of the New Earth and Old Earth.
Preparing to come into successful Union has taken millions of years, and, as mentioned, this was possible as one Twin remained in the higher dimensions (feminine) and the other (masculine) anchored the light of this Being into the fallen 7D earth into the 3rd.

This life time has been in preparation with both parts upon the Earth(s) New World and Old World to complete integration of these two energies after millions of years for divine masculine and divine feminine to become One back into balance.
The only way for the two worlds to truly come into balance is for the originating Twin pair to be able to come into balance, thus perpetuating balancing the Collective Consciousness feminine and masculine energetic spectrum of sparks. This Balanced Union will integrate the Matrix and the New Earth Energies. As mentioned in previous pages, without this merge the two worlds will continue to strive for equilibrium and balance with cause and effect of Bi- Polarity or two worlds, among the Collective Consciousness. When I speak of the Twin Flame Pair, him and I, I am generalizing the Twin Flame Soul Groups, for I am one of the pair thus speak for ourselves foreshadowing the other necessary Twin Flame pairs. From these Unions will come balance of the two worlds.

Together, this family of light will master the new Seventh Dimensional New Earth along with all of the other families of light doing their missions. Important to note here, is to leave the old Karmic energy behind; don’t look back to past lives – it is a waste of energy. The only viable reason to “look back” is to utilize your gifts that you have mastered in other lives, or to recall lesson or mistakes not to repeat. Use the past as a learning tool, not to carry old wounded and imbalanced energy forward.

Also, this year of 2017 and is the year of the 1. We are created in the New Energy, and leaving the old behind, thus the need to reincarnate quickly is no longer appropriate or necessary as it had been in shorter past lives. In fact, we are in charge and are God Creators of everything now, no longer letting the past define us. The New Children know this, the older humans will have to rewrite their DNA to the new template with mindful, creative consideration.

We are remembering who we truly are now, before the Earth was even created. We are Universal Witness, the more experienced the Soul, the more that was witnessed. We are all the Creative Force of Creator God. I remember being witness of the Earth being Created and I helped its creation as I have written in previous chapters. This is what I will be working on in my forthcoming teachings as well. I will be teaching of the seeded creations I have ethereally manifested already in the higher realms, which are made to be manifest in the 7th Dimensional New Earth.

I refer to the New Earth as 7th Dimension while others still refer it to the 5th dimension. The reason for this is that, as an energetic being of light, I am Seventh dimensional. This is where humanity is headed as well, into 7th dimensional, instant and magical manifestation upon the New Earth. This 2017 is also the year of the magician. The greatest part is that we are working with a clean slate, a blank canvas to draw, scribble and rewrite the One God Mind ideas.
God awaits our accomplishments as its own.

2017 is also a year of complete polarity, where the opposites of light and dark has waged a war. Forcing all that no longer serves Earth and humanity will be brought to the surface for clearing. 2017 the US President Donald Trump was elected. This is not a coincidence; infact it was divine order. Whom better to bring to the surface what needs to be cleared and what will no longer be tolerated upon the New Earth than Donald Trump. Year of the Trumpsta. ~ Saishorie~Grace.

I don’t follow politics, That is one of my Twin’s strong point. I remain in a neutral state on the subject and that side of the game my twin deciphers, depict and determine’s the nature of the earthly situation. I on the other side work with the energy of the spirit of most Beings. 2 nights ago I was in dream space with Donald Trump and his wife at a very large venue/event with thousands of people world wide. The purpose of the visit was simply to get our energies acquainted and for some activations from me to them. I also learned about Donal Trumps true spiritual nature the “unmasked” personality.

This article is also proof of a “secret service” that is working with us, we are not in this mission alone, we have exceptionally poised and positioned Human and Extraterrestrial Beings helping and I am eternally grateful.

In Love and Light,

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service,


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