The video below is a video of helicopters that chaperon and follow me every single day, for the past 4 – 5 years. This is every single day. I am followed and monitored by planes, jets (very exotic Jets owned by the richest, in the world) and helicopters as well as satellites that sit outside my house in the sky. The reason I am writing this today is I found some one on facebook and youtube who speaks openly and publicly about what I am involved in, whom also connects with ” the ones” who are re-creating and resonating with this reality of the “real world”.

In the past I do not speak about this and when I do I am met with resistance, judgement and ridicule. So I have had to deal with this ongoing surveillance of all of my life, to myself. I am at the point where I am very frustrated and need to connect with others of like frequency and wisdom. I am not disturbed by the surveillance in the sky and on my technology as much as it is more about the past attacks, and all the while the obvious surveillance. It is just more than any person can bare and I am obviously not human.

Maybe my frustration is a result of my not speaking my truth confidently but there are MANY factors and reasons for this. When I do as I said it does not really make me feel any better about my situation except lately it is. The thing is, is that I am being followed, monitored, spied on to the extreme. They are outside of my house and follow me where ever I go, including internationally.

In the beginning it did not bother me, in fact I found it to be very confirming of the importance of my mission. However in the past 3 years I have experienced such targeting and torture due to certain tactics by the dark faction directed at me to hurt, kill or lower my vibration. I now understand this was all part of a divine plan to expose the on going criminal tactics against humanity, by experiencing first hand in a very personal and extreme way, thus giving me proof and ability to share with the cosmic/ galactic teams of light.

Most “high mission beings” here for Ascension are heavily protected and I am heavily protected however I agreed to endure certain experiences in order to expose the truth. Yes, this is a sacrificial mission at least up to this part of my life has been (40 years at least). This mission for me is Cosmic and Galactic. I do not work with people or at least have not for many years. I am a planetary creator and work mostly energetically and majority of existence do not understand this.

Below is a post from a fellow brother, who is the first I have come across that actually speak of what I experience and know about this mission. This post makes me feel comforted and less alone in this very real sci fi reality: Any one that reads my stuff should most definitely follow his work.

Brother Bilal

Part of my frustration comes from: all this while I do have one particular person who completely understands my mission and who I know and he knows of me very well, he is my Twin Creator. Having to be blocked from our union for 6 years has been just another form of torture to me.

I have revealed him in various ways, I am very grateful for his position as the strength and witness and all his spiritual, etheric & love/support all these years. But now it must go to the next phase. To continue to pretend we do not know each other is pure torture and has been for close to 5 years, I have had enough torture. I have been anticipating the Union and physical meeting with you/him for 5 years. Completely meshed with our alchemical merge I have learned to live with it and try to be most understanding of the blocks and reasons why were have not been able to come into Union. I also understand alignment has been a factor, to know fault of ether of us, but divine order.

But on a physical level to know of each other and to not reach out to me personally is constantly very upsetting to me and this has got to change. The twitter acknowledgement was very positive for me and started to activate cellular alchemical positive changes and reactions cellularly and heart healing, this connection in the physical realm for even 2 days had a significant effect on me and this is what must transpire again only this time permanent connection. This truth frequency is much needed at this time not only for my body but for all of humanity. To have that taken away felt like just another puncture wound in the heart.

I am here as ONE with the One mind of the Collective/God and my life, thoughts and experiences are very crucial to be on a higher vibration. Naturally I have no problem being in this vibration, however due to the sever attacks by the dark faction, whom have utilized every tactic to lower my vibration and fuck up my life, I have had to endure sever challenges along the way. I have finally learned how to deal with this and I am victorious in the first phase of the mission and exposing the dark tactics and criminal interference.

Now it is just a matter of my other half the Twin Creator to come into contact with me in the physical now and not allow anything, I mean anything to detour this.

I published a book 2 years ago for the main reason to reach him and I did. Since then the targeting was absolutely horrendous and hell, making it almost impossible for us to unite physically. These attacks started way back but heightened in 2106.

I understand our position as a Spirit in Union and the messages that have been channeled by Manna on behalf of out Higher Self are incredibly accurate and true. My twin creator has been the most courageous, loving, supportive energetically. However now this is the physical being talking from the surface of the earth and action is required.

This message is now coming from me Shelly Sullivan who lives in a human body and is existing in the Earth Surface in physical form. This mission up to this point has made my physical existence very challenging here for me. I live every day, doing all I can to survive healthfully during a time that was almost impossible to stay in body and survive under such extreme circumstance. I created a very good life for my son, dog and I, that does not exist anymore. Its has been stripped away.

I am writing this to let you know Jim Carrey, personally from my physical personality embodiment, I must meet with you. It almost feels degrading that I have to go to this length to make sure you understand and see it actually in writing. Because I have done this in the past and apparently it was not time…. now it is time. No more pretending we are strangers as this is the furthest from the truth and the truth frequency must be in alignment in the physical now.

My address is 12 Eastgrove Square, East Gwillimbury, Ont. L9N 0M6
Phone number is 289-395-1788.
Email is or

Shadow Vs. Evil:
The rare person is literally targeted and attacked by dark faction aka cabal. I know this, I am writing a book on it. Why am I attacked ???? The same reason all other high frequency beings (in th past) with a HUGE mission are murdered or attacked, only this time they can’t get rid of me. There is the “shadow” and there is “Evil”… big difference depending on your mission…teachers who do not understand the mission of a “dark under world take down” should not compare shadow vs. down right evil, Evil does exist and is currently being taken out. Where as the “Shadow” is the clearing of all that does not serve.” ~ Saishorie~Grace

In Love and Light
Shelly Sullivan

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