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I have been drawn to Telos lately. In this above video meditation by Steve Nobel, I had a big epiphany and some synchronicity became clear. In this meditation Steve Nobel takes you into Mt. Shasta mountain as Telos. Telos the Lumerian inner Earth City of Light. When the fall of Lumerian happened the Beings took refuge in the Earth. It also talks of Melchizedek the Light Bearers, as well as other Angels in this Violet Amethyst temple.

What the epiphany was for me is this: In 2013, I was in this temple with my Twin Flame, and some of our Light family telepathically discussing the Ascension Mission. This was before I physically met my Twin, but I knew who he was upon coming back into my body. This was the night I teleported from what I described as a Vortex, Star Gate System connecting to inner Earth of Mt. Shasta. We met with Lord Melchizedek, Archangels Metatron and Michael, Ascended Masters, Rainbow Light Beings were present, teaching us as humans before teleporting back into our bodies how to be present in the now moment. Near the end when I was to teleport back from Mt. Shasta into my home and body it was very intense. I came to and remembered my teleportation at the speed of Light and was very sweaty upon awakening. I made my own video about this experience as it was miraculous and out of this world.

So now this meditation from Steve Nobel, triggered my memories from my Twin Flame and I, one of our lives together in Lumeria before the fall. We were together when the Earth blew up, our last moments were looking at each other in a rocky enclosure. What I remembered most about our last minutes was how much love we had for eachother. Our eyes and skin were identical, we were actual Twins, highly advanced telepathic Beings. I also now remember a lot more about The Inner City of Light and our Soul Monad Family.

I will include my video and maybe it will help others to remember part of there history and who they are. Although my Twin and I are part of many lives, this is one significant life time that we are here to correct the Earth’s fall from Grace. As many know, one of the ways to lifting the Earth out of its catastrophic fall from Grace is by raising the Earths frequency of Light back into its rightful place with its family in the Galaxy. I will also include a post by Lisa Renee, that explains part of this process that is going on right now with the Earth and Star Systems that we are part of.

Thank you to Steve Nobel and Lisa Renee.

In Love and Light


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