New Earth Light Magnetosphere Grid ~ Climate Change is a Hoax

These images below of the Sun were taken last night, October, 20 2019. An Epiphany took place while the transmission of the Sun and Water took place with me. For years I have been grounding, anchoring while expanding my Light Body, aka the Sun. I am literally a Sun Ray helping to raise the Earth back into its birthright of the Galaxy after its fall from Grace eons ago.

Not only has the Earth been going through massive upheaval and changes with natural weather changes but also the Earth has been heating up from the inner earth’s core and the outer crust. I have been experiencing these changes within my body simultaneously. Just as we humans (some) are ascending into our light bodies so is the Earth. In short the Iron and minerals of the deep earth are being pushed up and out as liquid iron long enough to mix with the crystalline light grid of the Earth creating more crystal in the Earth. There are also “Cities of Light” within the Earth and residing in this place is Light Beings and Sun Light. All this process is being sustained by the human Light field and consciousness of higher Light and Love as well as Ascended Masters of Light and Arcangels.

The Beings who have the ability to sustain this New Earth’s Magnetosphere of Light and Love are Being of high Light from the Sun who are Rays of Sun. These Beings are Ancient Creator Beings that are here upon Earth for this time of Ascension. These Beings are rare powerhouses of Light and incarnate as Key Twin Flames & High Frequency Light Beings of Similar Monads. This Star Race will be the Race that will sustain the New 5th Dimensional and higher existence.

Here is what I had written last night on Facebook along with the images:

“Check out the incredible orbs to match the Sun. Since I moved in I have found out that the iron levels in my water are very high as well as other differences in the water. I have been also informed the reason for this is the iron from the Earth is being pushed up and out from the crystalline grid system. Light from the inner Earth is liquefying the iron/mineral in the Earths core. My bath water is significantly different in colour. This is what can be happening if you are of high light frequency and your are transforming your community, town, city etc….
This melt iron sign has been appearing since I moved into this new residential area in town, I also see ‘IRONS UP” often. That is quartz in my bath with iron in it iron-ic eh.”

As of late I have been watching the “Climate Change Global Warming” campaign. It is a extension of Al Gore’s highly lucrative $100,000 million dollar job as a “carbon billionaire” to put society into fear and use this panic to manipulate the outcome of chemtrail spraying to be accepting in our skies. Not only are criminals benefiting from putting chemtrails in the sky, they are benefiting from making the population immune systems weak from this criminal offence.

Scientists, are proposing ways to spray the Earth’s upper atmosphere with light-reflecting particles to block the sun’s heat. The firms that will benefit from the blanketing of the Earth’s skies will deal in sulfur, aluminum, lithium, and barium. Chemtrails are being witnessed in many places as geoengineering becomes public knowledge, exiting the realm of conspiracy. theory.

The truth is that the Earths Magnetosphere is raising in light as part of Earth evolution aka ASCENSION. Here is my write up and video discussing what is really happening and for warning people not to fall for the fear mongering that will be continuing as it is now. Below my video I include a article of the current fake campaign to further lie and instil fear into humanity.

New Earth’s Auric Grid aks Earth’s Magnetosphere.

I made this video when I connected all the messages and experiences of mine, of the Earth and Higher Dimensions since the New Earth was birthed December 21-22 2012. Just before the Birth the New Earth/Old Earth Split in March of 2015, I partook and witnessed the Electrical Grid Work being put in place for the New Earth’s Consciousness Electromagnetic Field.

We are getting more reports that the Earth’s Magnetic field is collapsing and there’s a Magnetopause Reversal, the collapse of Earth’s “Magnetosphere”, that transpired in April.
What’s actually happening is that the magnetic fields are dissolving and reforming into to a higher frequency, which is preparing Earth for the dimensional shift.

There has been ongoing frequency changes in the magnetosphere and it is all part of the planetary dimensional shift process. The dramatic change in weather patterns resulted in the increased activities of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and so on. These Earth changes are quite normal for planetary ascension. This helps to explain why I am so drawn to Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Healing/Beds, this type of therapy will help to keep your consciousness and frequency up to par with Earth and your own high frequency of DNA, Earthing will work just as well if you can get barefoot often.

The Earth’s Old Magnetosphere is dissolving along with the Old Earth programming, scientifically this is being proven now as well as being seen by the falling apart of our Government and economical structures. etc…this is the beginning of all structures dissolving. We the Light Workers around the World are the NEW Electromagnetic Field of the NEW Earth. as well many children being born at this time are actually very evolved Beings of Light who have come NOT to resolve karma or clear personal energy (this is done) but simply to assist the Ascension process through the addition of their Light.”

The truth is: The Cosmic Rays penetrating the Earths Magnetosphere is what is causing climate change. The comic rays that are being anchored into the earth by people like myself aka a Key Twin Flame Lightworker. We are who and what energy is sustaining the new “Sun Magnetosphere” around the earth that the criminals are trying to interfere with. This Light around the Earths crust is a New Auric Field for a Higher Dimensional Planet. This is transforming the Earth into crystalline from iron carbon based just as our bodies are going through this transformation.

Here is a article telling the truth about Climate Change, that it is a Hoax, by Mike Adams of Natural News:

In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service


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