Removal of False Goddess Energy



Removal of False Goddess Energy

The False Goddess Energy can show up as a wolf in sheeps clothing. It very often shows up captivating its prey through sexual temptation. Because we are in a process of exiting the false matrix sometimes the True Light will have to play such a game until the counterpart is ready and able to fully wake up.

Sexual Energy and Union between  two is most beautiful and enlightening, however there comes a time when the energy must be tamed and brought into the higher heart for nurturing. This raising the sacred sexual energy out of the sacral and into the heart, where the energy reaches the heights of where it was created, with the true Source of Creation.

Many on the Divine Partnership Union Path are coming to understand this. Some may have a harder time than others. This can usually mean there is a block of some kind. Often this block can be the ex-sexual imprint upon a partner. Although one might perceive as because the relationship is over in ones mind and heart it can very well be lingering in the spiritual connection. If one’s work is not focused on Spiritual Well Being and for most this is the case, then the block into Higher Love can pose as a tragic threat to Divine Unions.

The Divine Feminine Principle in the Union will usually be the one to know this insight. Depending on how far back these past life connections go can predict the work that is ahead of these couples for Union.

This is why if you are not yet physically in union with your counterpart, see it as a blessing as this may need to be cleared and you may or will need guidance of how to do this. Cutting of the cords with any ex out of your Union will need to be preformed. Even once the cords are cut, that who has been cut out may come back in full vengeance energetically. This I have learned over the past year. I cut the cords of a situation like this a year ago, only to realize this very scenario. The one who hangs on and tries to continue to interfere may not know on a conscious level what they are doing, but their sub-conscious knows.

Spirit who has orchestrated these Divine Unions will not allow this, however it is up to the initiate as in my case, to learn the lesson, so I can teach others for the future of Divine Unions on this Planet.

False Goddess Energy will try to rely upon only their outer beauty sexual lower energy and material superficial means to lure there “prey” so to speak to help sustain there very surface means of existence. This energy may come across as “powerful” however that is how “false priestess sorcery” can present itself to the unawakened one. When ONE steps fully into the True Power and Goddess Energy NO false light can exist, in fact if left uncheck and not acknowledged all havoc takes place and One will have no choice but to walk away until the Twin who has been compromised takes action.

Since this programming has been around for eons it is no sin to behave this way. The sin is if you cannot get past lower creational existence and rise above into higher sacred sexual organic creation. I have much to teach on this topic and look forward to enlightening many.

So it IS!


In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

In Higher Service


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