The Money Shot


The Money Shot

The Spirit Script that has been playing out upon Earth is at the Scene termed as “The Money Shot”

The “money shot” as in the most important and invested upon part of the story that will bring about the highest dividends for all involved. The “money shot” not so much referring to the pornographic film industry, although you could look at the scene happening here upon Earth as the best climactic scene ever upon Earth.

This Epic Scene playing out in our Galaxy is the Act which the essential players are and will par take in the most epic climax in the history human kind, and all of the Galactic Family to witness. Spiritually we have come together for the most explosive part in the whole Spirit Script for this time is the Money Shot.

This emotive power that will explode will effect individuals along with all the other Tower moments happening on this Earth. This building of momentum

The “money shot” in slang is referred to as the “point of climax”  in a sex movie, which is also an accurate way to describe what is happening here upon Earth for those who are not able to see the bigger picture playing out in the Cosmso’s with the celebration of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Union’s.

`As Above

So Below





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