Seventh Ray & The Terra Rebirth 222 222

Trusting in the Divine Plan

The Great Portal of 2 22 2022. This is the True Rebirth. The Great True Mother has rediscovered herself and is reinventing herself, utilizing all her aspects from the past present and future. Now with the Seventh Ray fully manifested here in, upon and around the New Earth aka Terra.  The Atoms of Bio-Genesis new Solar Spectrums of Light are brought into the Adams of Universal Consciousness.

While the mind may worry that something is going wrong, the Spirit knows that this is a way for the old to disassemble so that the New can be formed. Although you  feel out of control during such times, you do not need to resist the process. There is no need to attempt to impose your own sense of order upon the greater plan, you do not need to seek for solutions, there is no problem here in need of solving. What has been, is being cleared away in preparation for the next chapter, have faith.

The start of something truly new and divinely guided. The Seventh Ray of Order, Ritual and Ceremony. When the gift of the Seventh Ray enters your life something new is being formed, something that will benefit the new world.

The interest in Magic, Ceremony and Ritual will increase now that the Spirit has been Manifest into the Matter. The White Diamond Light, The Violet Light now sealed with the Golden Diamond Sun.

The material World of today is well underway for she, Terra has manifested in her Spiritual World the form for tomorrow. The Divine Principle Energy of the Mother is working in tandem with the Divine Father Principle. The Divine Feminine Energy is now the predominant “Energy Frequency” working with and through the Angelic Host’s of Heaven ~ The Great White Brotherhood, 133, 144, 155, working here as the Magicians, with the Seventh Ray of Order and Ceremonial White Magic.

The New Revelation is here, being written by the New Angelics.

“I am the Great True Mother, the Emotional Generator Being. I continue to find the New Discoveries in the Oneness of all that is. We are One.”

Get Ready, Painting by Nancy Cup.


Shelly Sullivan

As Above, So Below.


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