Return of the NEW Angels

BOOM! Archangel Disclosure. We walk beside Beloved Brother AA Michael, AA Metatron, AA Sandalphon, AA Raphael, AA Gabriel, AA Ureil and all the other AA sisters and brothers, Lord Melchezidek, Isis, Horus, Mother Mary, Jesus & Mary Magdalene, Babaji, St. Germain and so on… for we are here walking amongst you and we walk along side our Family of Light the Archangels and Ascended Masters in the human body form.

This is NEW. The Ascension in the human body is NEW. The New Angels are graduating and there are thousands of the Legions of lIght, seeded on Earth and around Earth for the New Earth.

Answers…to the mystery of who and what the Twin Flame is or at least I can speak for my Twin Flame and I embodied here upon Earth and I know there are other Archangel Angel graduates here upon Earth, and the ones that have ascended from human form into AA status in this life time, for our Ascension of Earth into the New Earth

My Twin and I are here embodied as Archangels, more and more will be revealed about this. Meanwhile we are learning of our true nature on a need to know bases as this mission is an extremely sensitive and sacred one. Not only myself and my Beloved, but I speak on behalf of thousand of Twin Flames who are the New Archangels, New Ascended Masters. This information will need to be put in video format. Here is a exceptional video by Jen McCarty & David Ash who explain in simple scientific terms the physics of our Spiritual nature and evolution.

In the video below Jen Jen McCarty who is a Spiritual Teacher/Twin Flame specialist & David Ash who describe perfectly what I know and what I am as a Twin Flame. The vortex physics that bridges the physical with the non-physical. Summarizing science to the supernatural and the paranormal in a way so simple like I have yet to hear.

So…quoting David here “The Twins merge and become the Archangel, The Androgynous Being. This Archangel pulls his/her legions of Light (ancestors) through the Ascension Flame for out return to New Earth as New Angels, seeding the new ones to come.

Their Merkaba Light Ship is formed, the ancestors are the crew and the Archangel, male and female counter parts is the captain of this ship. These two Twins have pulled through there Monad from all past lives and dimensions to come through, the Family of Light on Earth is being assisted by these Twin Flames and the Soul Family are as well. This conversation starts at 28:00 min if you want to get straight to the Twin Flame/Archangel part. However the whole video is awesome and exceptional information.

In my instance I have pulled through many souls into my own Light Body for integration of this Avatar Being, specifically the Divine Feminine aspects from ancient times whom have been written about in mythology and who have come through for this time of Ascension. Thus when the time for humanities ascension great preparation is made and continues. The purpose and part of the mission of my Twin and I, is to help raise the collective consciousness for Ascension of the Earth and humanity, from a spiritual, tangible and practical manner. So as many can come along with the Earth into the New Earth. There is much to be disclosed about this and will be in due time via us and the Legions of Light. WE ARE HERE NOW!

This is some of my experience up to now with my Twin. We are fully merged and are ONE Androgynous Being and there is no mistaking this. As well I saw myself as the Captain of The Merkaba Spcaeship in various experiences. Many advanced Light Workers working the front line or first wave are aware of this and do have contact with other Archangels and Ascended Masters on their ships. The thing is my Twin and I have already Ascended and have done this before, thus we are here back as the Star Parents. We have formed out Avatar, our Merkaba Spaceship, we are an Archangel. I know this and have written about this, our status as Archangel in my book and the New Angelics Starseeds as we are Star Parents aka Elders.

I remember our meeting in the inner Earth Vortex/Stargate with the Archangel brother and sisters of Rainbow Light, preparing us for our ascension mission. This was before I met my Twin, yet I knew his frequency signature very well. Many other instances I have documented to prove this, not that “proof” is needed as the proof will be a natural disclosure “We are the Ones, We have been waiting for”.

The New Angelics are the thousand of other Twins “becoming” as well, for centuries/generations to come. They will be the Light sustainers of the New Earth, just as I have prophesied.

We have been doing the clean up for Earth hence my focus on the darker aspects that had to acknowledged and had to be dealt with in the past few years, keeping in mind I have been merged with my Twin and fully activated for much longer. Archangels are known for there battles and this “androgynous ARCHANGEL” is no exception to the initiations, My Twin and I have WON the battle, as I have written about my initiations in the sky before this final victory. Now it is time…for the New Archangels to step up. All has been done for the etheric phase and now the physical phase for Archangels to show up, embodied in a physical body here on Earth.

I woke up this morning and the message was COMMUNICATION, THE TRUTH MUST BE SPOKEN. I heard it upon awakening this morning and shortly after I received the info again.

“Clearness in communication is called for as of now, for these words will have extraordinary effect. No more is there time for retention as this is only keeping the past memories or experiences alive. No more can you not be clear with your thoughts or intentions. No more messing around, or covert intentions with the other. I am as a rule clear and request the equivalent. Regardless of where your inward truth is originating from you should in any case speak it for the healing that is much needed now. Solid teachers and magnificent allies anticipate you and the truth to come forward.”

This is a message for me, my Twin and all the Angels who read this.

In Love and Light
Of Higher Service

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