The Feminine Christ Crowned with the Golden Lion Head

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Huge News, today just as the Lions Gate closes, which is in essence the Christ Lions Gate 2020. The Divine Feminine Christ is Crowned. This took place in a ceremonial like healing session. It was during my 2 hours massage and facial with another Divine Feminine, which ended up to be almost 3 hours. This was not planned (obviously) and took place via our Higher Selves. This Lady (which I found out before the ceremony),  we had both lived in Newmarket (5G Hub) our home town for the past 20 years and we both moved up North the same time this past February when the Corona Virus began – Corona = Crown. During our meeting We ascended into another dimension, I believe of the 12th. It was a very intense Golden Lion Headed Being integrating with me while I performed my last clearing I did take not the physical on the Lion as well and felt my body as the Lion. My muscles were strong, my paws huge and fur was shinning golden orange, when we worked on the back in the second half this is where a major part of the integration took place, within the spin, vertebrae back and neck.  At this point we were in the 12th dimension and she was working with a Lion. Waves of this Lion Head coming in to me  over a 45min  to hour period, clearing, clearing clearing, integrating, integrating, integration. The remainder of the hours were more integration and Victory. As she shown the blinding bright light while doing the facial it was like a white diamond gold sun into my third eye and and ever expanding, a very high frequency of light quotient entered. She tex me later to thank me for coming, which is out of the ordinary, but she could feel the gift afterward as the hours past and I could feel the integration and ecstatic change. I will text her back soon.

The Divine Feminine Christ \ Golden Lion Head.

This a massive Golden Lion Merkaba as her Light Body. It sits in circumference about 400,000 sq. Feet in diameter, representing her Strength and Power. This Merkaba can expand at will across Continents.

“This is the reward which has been granted following 11 years of a tenacious, fierce, strong initiation and purification of the Divine Feminine Christ Lion Goddess ~ Saishoire~Grace.”

Before this could take place my Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine of which had to come into balance and did recently.  The Pink Heart initiation with the Great White Brother & Sisterhood took place in 2017 where I was standing in the centre of the Council of 12,  me Being the 13th Activator, I was inserted with a Pink Ray into my Heart, it was a big ceremony of the White Diamond Family. 2020, early August the Blue Lion Heart was inserted into my Heart as this initiation transpired I was informed I now have the Lions Heart. This represents the Divine Feminine & Masculine Balance into wholeness with in myself, thus for the collective. 

The Lion Head Golden I AM Presence is surrounded by 12 Suns, integrated into my/our (WE) Golden/Diamond White Sun Body, that is now a Merkaba Field of Golden Light, a Lion Head, a Sacred Light Ship of the Divine Feminine Christ Sun Creator(s).

When I speak of “me’ it is referring to my experience however this is the 144,000 (now millions) Monad Light Family as we are all ONE and many Christed One’s here on Earth at this time this includes for some our Dogs. They are sacred from Sirius and they carry the Lion Lineage/Christed Light as well. I have a Yellow Lab, Honey, and she is definitely of the Ascended Brotherhood and she is from Sirius. Later I got confirmation of the Dog’s who hold these frequencies. I was in Yoga class winding down an Rick Jewers pops into my awareness, when I check his status he posted these pics of the Yellow Labs and I posted one the day before of the Yellow Labrador puppy looking out the window of the truck. Look how much they look alike too , so adorable.

Each person that comes into contact with the Feminine & Masculine Lion Christed Divine One’s  of Golden Light will further be activated into there Christ Light or transmuted by the Golden Fire.

I have been embodying the Lion Head Energy since 2015, now I understand fully it is the Christ Lion for the Divine Feminine as was done for the Masculine Christ. Here is an excerpt from my book when this integration started with the Feminine Lion Christ:

Written in 2015

” I have been embodying the Lion Energies for a better part of a year, ever since Cecil the Lion channeled through me and enveloped my body during the Lion’s Gateway Ceremony last year on 8/8/15. Cecil’s energy, I later came to discover, is also the spirit of Tefnut, The Lioness Goddess, that came through me. The image of the Lion’s Head appeared in front of my Third Eye. The Head was a glorious Golden Flame-like energy, appearing as waves of light matter and it was about 10 feet by 20 feet, looking quite multidimensional. The energy wavered there for a while, greeted me and thanked me for the work I do. Then, the energy entered into my Crown, my Third eye, and joined with me into my energy system. My skin and body thickened up into a higher vibration of Love and my skin raised up half an inch with goose bumps.”

The article and link below is synchronistic to have been placed in this article.


Sirius Lion’s Stargate ~ Preparation for Stargate Travel~ July 22 ~ August 13


In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service


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