Working with the Golden Light of My Heart

Since at least 2010 I have been working with the Golden Christ Light/God Source Light consciously but I have been shining it all my life.   I hold this light and shine it outwardly like a Sun. However since the grand clean up of the shadows here upon Earth I have forgotten some of the time my main purpose in being here. This after noon while in meditation the message from God: while working with the Light telling me I have taken in enough light and to shine it outwardly.   Here are some excerpts from my book that demonstrate my experiences and Light Work.

“I also helped a neighbour with this transition when she was dying. The neighbor who was dying was a sick lady who was suffering from cancer in her home. She lived about seven houses down from me. Whenever I would walk by her home, I would remote view the inside of her house and transmit golden frequencies of light around her and her bed, as well as around her home and family.

One day, months after she had passed and transitioned, I was walking by her home and she appeared before me in spirit. I was walking my dog and she was before me in prayer position bowing before me, as if she were worshiping the ground I was walking upon. This made me a bit uncomfortable, the fact that she was worshipping me.

It made me uncomfortable as I don’t believe in worshipping each other like this. I believe we are all equal and capable of the same goodness, for we are all God Consciousness. However down the road I realized Mary, was bowing to me out of respect from her soul to mine, the gesture of Namaste.

Her parents were out in the front of her house, tending to the garden, and her husband and kids were at the next house talking with neighbors. I looked at them while Mary was before me, trying to figure out what the message was from Mary to her family.

I said to her parents, “Your daughter is here with me and is always with you.” They were appreciative but didn’t really understand. I felt embarrassed. I carried on my walk with Mary. She continued the whole walk around the block with me.

Over and over, Mary sweetly bowed and thanked me for what I had done for her. I asked her, “What would you like?” or “How can I be of service now to you?” She just continued to walk in gratitude with me. I came to the point of amazement of how long she stayed with me and how thankful Mary was.

I went home and asked my Higher Self what this was all about. Eventually, I got my answer. Mary was worshipping me as an Ascended Master here on Earth and was grateful for the powerful loving frequencies I consistently surrounded her and her family and home with. This love and light helped immensely with her transition back to the Higher Realms of Source-God.

This was an epiphany for me. I continued to use the Golden Light to send human’s and animal’s Spirit I knew of who passed to the afterlife.”

Deer Story

“I was having a relaxing day, a day of meditation and quiet. It was a cold, winter, December day. I received the Guidance to go out to the shopping mall. I don’t go to the mall often as I am a masculine-type shopper: I like to go in a get what I need and leave.

This particular day, I was feeling that I needed to stick around the mall for a while longer. I was hearing the voice in my head (my Higher Self) instructing me to stay. So, I shopped around and had a tea. After a couple hours had past, I decided I had stayed an adequate amount of time and proceeded to my car.

The voice of my Higher Self has been becoming more and more familiar to me. I was learning to listen and trust more. Instead of using a pendulum, like I had in the past, I was learning to listen. My Higher Self showed me to stop using the pendulum when it was time, by making them disappear. I must have gone through 20 pendulums before I stopped relying on it.

So, off in my car I drove, out of the parking lot of the mall, knowing fully that I spent the time I needed in the mall, or at least in that vicinity. That was the message I received.

Within 2 minutes I saw a deer that had been killed on the main road of Yonge Street.

I immediately pulled over and it felt as though I was completely sure of what I needed to do, like it was preplanned or something. Without any thought, I put my hazard lights on, sat in the car and felt out with my telepathic senses what the scenario here was. I watched the man who was parked in the van that hit the deer; he was talking on the phone to arrange something.

I stepped out of the car and approach the man who killed the deer. He was an attractive young guy who obviously felt very sad and distraught for accidentally hitting the deer.

He told me that the deer appeared out of nowhere and that he couldn’t help it, he hit him. He was just on the phone with his wife to come help him move the deer’s body. They were planning to take it home to use the meat.

I introduced myself and told him I was a Spiritual Healer and was here to help the Deer’s Spirit. I asked him to please give me some time with the deer to help her. By this time the wife had shown up and she was upset and nervous.

I explained to her what I was doing. I was going to help the Deer Spirit, and I asked her to please step aside while I conducted a little ceremony. I approached the deer and felt her Spirit. She was so gentle and warm but mainly she was confused. Her spirit was communicating to me that it happened to so fast and she was confused.

I could see her spirit body above her physical body in spirit form, and I could read her feelings and put them into word form.

I surrounded the deer in a powerful golden light of love and protection. I telepathically explained that I would protect her while the transition was made, the transition to Source. She already had an Angelic Being waiting for her to accompany her to go higher into realms of healing and back to Source (which is where she originated from), God Energy.

This is how the ceremony goes for the deer and any animal I see on the road, whether the animal has been recently killed and I am driving by quickly or if it is this type of a ceremony. It the same routine, just faster if I am driving by the animal’s body.

I surround the animal’s spirit in golden light and intend it to Source energy. Usually some helpers come and take them or the spirit is helped up with a vacuum-like field of energy. I will also use the violet flame if the soul is having a hard time letting go of the body from fear.

In this case with the deer, she was very trusting in me. Her eyes were looking at me and her beautiful soul was shining through. I told her that it’s going to be ok, that this was preplanned and that I am grateful for her sacrifice. I looked up and point out the other souls awaiting her to take her back to Source. “Go in the golden light you are safe,” I told her. I surrounded her with huge amounts of love, high frequency golden light/love. She let go and off she went.”

The Bear Story

“This past year, my communication with animals has become very significant. It started in 2015 with a Bear that was running wild in a residential area of my neighborhood community. I was driving my son to school and we had been noticing helicopters hovering close over our neighborhood. We both knew something was happening of concern in our area. I turned on the news and discovered that a Black Bear was on the loose in one of the backyards nearby.

The police and swat team had been called in to surround the Bear and to take measures to make sure that no one would be hurt. The bear was hiding in a tree in a residential backyard. As my son, Sam, and I drove by near the scene, Sam sensed the bear’s fear.

We continued on toward school and talked about how the bear must be petrified of the police, swat team, and the helicopters in the sky hunting him down. We were sure the bear could sense this. I dropped Sam off and drove back up North toward our house. During the drive, I kept hearing a voice in my head telling me to go to the scene where the bear was trapped. As I approached the area, I saw that all of the police were surrounding the bear and the homes nearby.

I asked my Guidance, “Why should I go, like what can I do to help the bear physically?” I couldn’t stop the police or get near the bear. But, the Voice kept telling me to go. So, I drove closer and tried to get through the back streets closer to the situation. It was impossible for me to get close enough to the bear.

I could feel his fear and anxiety. I drove home, greatly concerned for him and I sent loving energies of gold light to the bear. I even went into meditation when I arrived home to continue to send the bear’s Spirit Love and Light frequencies to help him.

Eventually, after the meditation, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I thought of the bear and went on to Facebook. The first thing that I saw in my news feed was that the black bear had been shot to death. I broke down in tears and felt deep guilt and regret for not being able to do more for that bear. I cried for a while and really empathized for the bear.

In mindful meditation, I surrounded the bear’s body and spirit with golden light. I had instinctively done this in the past when I saw animals that had been killed on the road. I would help send their spirit to transition to Source.

All in all, I was evoked by Spirit Realm the Bear’s Higher Self Spirit and my Higher Self Spirt to be spiritual present with the Bear while he would prepare to make his transition up to Source. Although at the time it was not clear, our Spirits new exactly what was transpiring and it was a smooth transition for the Bear, my physical presence was needed to help me understand the orchestration of the Higher Selves. Animal Spirit and Human Spirit work together.”


In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service


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