Truth about the Fires ~ Arson

The recent forest fires have been proven to be Arson and recently have video footage of people lighting them. When the last round of fires in California were taking place, I was shown in a dream premonition. Here is the excerpt from the link and the link I had written Sept. 2019.
“I will share a short story of the last trip I took to Italy which is one of my Grid Points where I perform major cleansing especially in Rome and surrounding areas. I was on the last full day of my trip and early the next day I was schedule to leave Tuscany and get a flight September 25th from Pisa, Italy Airport to Rome, Italy airport and then home. The prior day I went to have a meditation and nap. During this theta state I had a premonition, I was standing in front of a huge Palm tree outside of my hotel room (in my dream state) and a carved shelf was in the tree with a lighter in it. The lighter was sitting in the tree, showing me that the fire that will start was deliberate ignited. I woke up and was amazed by the insight as the Los Angeles Fires in the (private) residential area had effected me greatly as injustice. The remainder of the day I had the forest fires on my mind and Palm Tree representing the tree outside my hotel and the trees in California.
I woke up in the early morning the following day to catch my flight, when I arrived to the hotel lobby to get my ride to airport I was informed the flight had been cancelled as the Airport is closed due to fires in the immediate surrounding area these fires where arson. The receptionist was in shock and this was a terrible event happening is Pisa Italy. I was also in shock but intrigued as well as per my premonition/dream.
I was determined to get out and catch a flight anyway else I could directly from Rome. As magic would have it I did escape and magical events took place to get me out of Italy. I was determined to get out as every time I travel especially to Rome I am followed by dark faction and direct energy weaponry is used against me.
The fire in Pisa Italy on September 25th was deliberately ignited and this all has to do with the Goddess Energy stemming back from the Mary Magdalene and Jesus Blood line and history in the Roman Empire.
The whole ordeal was out of a movie and the whole time my adrenaline was super high so much I felt like my heart was going to burst. Over all I arrived home felling a sense of victory, to know I have this super psychic insight that finds the truth in all situations AND I have supreme team of Light working with and through me.
Any way this has been a on going cat and mouse game and with each event I uncover more TRUTH. Enough truth that I am writing a book on it, as I have been taking notes and providing proof for years.”

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