The Grace of God’s Presence for the Next Phase

Giving Grace, God Giving Grace – during a time where the dark is being cleared. And of the powers that were. It is not alway easy to do this when you have to take on the dark by way of emotional mental bodies, in order to clear it. There is a saying that goes something like this “In order to conquer your enemy, you must become the enemy” all the while my higher self has taught me to do this with grace.

Taking it on mentally and emotionally in order to clear it, this is the Spirits way to defeat the Evil. This Evil has been demolished the final clean up transpired today. This day was very much a feeling of delight and victory compared to all the other days of forward momentum, weeks and years of the cleaning up, with metaphoric mop, broom vacuum and toilet cleaner.

The purification stared in 2009, the intense clean up took place 2009 – 2019. The Divine Feminine Warrior/Goddess who lead Spiritual Clean Up in the Galactic had to actually physically take action in synergetic ways along with what was transpiring above in the etheric realms in order to clear on a physical level for the collective consciousness and humanity.

I have written many articles about the clean up I was heading up as the energetically as a red fire in the Universe and now Victory is truly accomplished. There had been many times I stated this in the past and it was wishful thinking on my part, for had I known what was ahead, it would have seemed impossible. My believing that the impossible is possible made it so – imagination.


I do know and have the confirmation of what I knew was truly transpiring behind the scenes, with so much support. Support not only of the Legions of Light from the Higher Realms, but also the Ground Crew Support Team, who know who they are and I have much gratitude for their help. Help to guide me for my safety as well as to help keep me calm.

The sever intense clean up I and “Team We” have accomplished, was and had to play out as gracefully as possible in the physical earth realm. It was such a strenuous and intense battle playing out between the light and dark spiritually and earthly, being smack dab in the middle of, my physical body had to actively play this out and reflect this for it to be accomplished above and so below. This action also allows the light to be anchored here on the Earth which is ultimately breaking down all structures.

As these levels of consciousness recorded are being accessed within human bodies, more pieces of our true history are being recovered.  As these true records come to light, the manipulated and counterfeit versions will not and cannot be maintained or sustained. 

The Victors of this Golden Age are of the Christ Template now advancing the Light quotient for full anchoring of the Holy Spirit Presence that is pouring in fully in this now moment on and in Earth and Galactic-ally .

The symphony of light has merged in the earths electromagnetic field and is now being anchored in the physical body of Earth via the Holy Spirit in its fullness of Father, Mother, Child trinity codex. The portal, Stargate back to source is attainable here on Earth now for all who walk through.

This is the presence of the Holy Spirit in its fully body will no longer be a single Masculine energy but will be a Masculine, Feminine and Child Energy. The new history fo the new victors has been written in the stars and will be written in our new upgraded history books/arts.

This will be and will never be distorted again. This New Earth Template is the architectural template for the other New Earths. This is the offspring of the Universal Creatrix/Creator.

Through this electromagnetic resurrection of the Rod and Staff along with the Third Child Energy new creations will transpire rapidly above and below. This is the prophecy of the Star Parents of the Indigo. We activate our 11th Gateway, move through the 12th and open up the 13th Gateway. Making Stargate Travel available to all Star Seeds in divine order.

How this all played out in the physical realm was graceful. Upon reflecting about the clearing that has taken place energetically this physical manifestation is as graceful as it could have possibly been. Now I understand, I have been hard on my self or another at times by getting angry and acting out mentally or emotionally through out this, with witness. But now in retrospect it was the best it could have been.

Confirmation of As Above, So Below

So after the move into the “the house of hell – 19995 Yonge St. Where the targeting from physical dark faction was directed full on toward me by way electromagnetic attack as well as electric voltage attack, bio weaponry and poisoning of my direct environment, it was all meant to be.

I was initiated through many dark battles for lessons and this clean up on that went on intensely for 3 years. Then finally but overdue I moved out of the house. Following this move I sat out side of the house from my car to ponder at the house in wonder, why such a despicable person (tenant from hell) was now living in it and what was this about.

Just then as looking through the house to see Jesus and a Golden Starship above my property slowly descend and move spirally into the property. The presence of Christ Consciousness showed me this clean up and the hell I have endured was all part of the Divine Plan. The plan to clean up the Anti-Christ from above and below.

Final cleanse of the remnants left behind

The final clean up transpired August 2nd 2019, and not one day before. Spirit made sure of this divine orchestration and made sure all Angels were in place and prepared for this final purge of evil out of the house – (metaphor of Mother Earth and the eviction of evil). On the day I originally planned to go to remove the last remnants of junk the tenant had left behind – (metaphor for evil forces to be removed from earth). I was being blocked in doing so on this day.

This day was a very significant day of cleansing and victory, I had to be aware of what was transpiring. I had forgotten and put behind me most of the memories of this dark battle. Although the battle against the dark was won there was still a significant amount of clean up to do, this is the metaphor for the clean up and clearing out of the surface mess that will now transpire upon earth. Thus divine order, timing and Soul’s must be in place.

“Junk Removal Guys & Crew”

The original day I went to the house to get the last remnants of junk moved out, after the eviction of the “anti-christ” literally, I was being blocked in doing so as I said. Now I will explain this miraculous Grace of God.

I contemplated on having the “junk guys” come in to remove everything, but I just wanted to sell the house and be on with it. With some more clearing of inner battle and pursuation of my Higher Self I then did decided to go a head and call the junk guys to come take all the junk away. I made the arrangements. Next day I went to the bank took out the money and proceeded to drive over to meet the junk guys.

After leaving the bank this afternoon as, I was peacefully driving up to the traffic lights in a busy shopping complex, I was in the right lane to make a full stop before I made a right hand turn, I watched very aware as I drove up to the red light, beside me was a older woman in a sedan. I looked at her and approached my place in the right. She however was very oblivious to my pulling up and she impulsively floored her gas to turn her car into the right lane, only she floored her car into my car. Smack hard into my car.

She hit my car and took out the front end, totally ripped off the front end bumper of my sport utility. I was upset and even in shock at how this could possibly happen. As I witnessed her totally oblivious and unaware hitting me, it was unbelievable. She literally floored her gas peddle as I watched her drive into my car and she did not even notice I was there until she hit me. For me it was very slow motion, for her it was instant.

A off duty police man was in a car beside us and asked us to move our cars to the next safe place, I was pissed of and did not want to be told what to do until I had the facts. We discussed, took pics and exchanged information. Then we moved safely across the street to avoid any further “accidents” as the police man suggested.

Once I calmed down and grounded myself, I decided to hold compassion for the lady and the situation, I talked to the lady who was obviously pre-occupied and stressed out late for an appointment. I felt empathy for her let her leave for her appointment, without having to call the police to write the report. I sent her off, wishing her a better day.

I looked down as we parted ways and picked up this Lion King sticker. It was placed right between our feet. I picked it up and thought of how I went to see the movie a couple nights before. And how this was all happening for a reason at this time.

She left with barely a dent in her car and mine was unable to drive to the collision centre after all. I continued to run my errands thinking I could get away with driving this car, but no, my bumper was dragging. This is when I did get upset and asked my Higher Self “why the heck would this happen? it was so obviously ridiculously meant to happen but why?

As I drove down the road, a license plate drove by catching my eye out of many passing by me, stating “Believer”, I question again, believe? Believe what? that I was supposed to get hit, slammed and shook up, stressed out? WTF. I tried to figure out why this was happening, I summed it up to I was not suppose to meet the junk guys. So I did not meet them. I rescheduled.

Here is where the Grace of God becomes apparent. I drove up to the house to meet the junk removal guys 3 or so days later, after some heavy clearing of my own took place. As I pulled up to the house two guys steeped out of the truck. We discussed the quote and proceeded to look through the house and garage where the main huge mess was left. A huge pile of wood, dry wall, junk, remnants of a old demolished structure that was purposely left there for me to have cleaned up….

As I continued to speak with the one clean up guy, I began to feel some sense of familiarity around him, I get this around soul family, but to this degree is rare, it does not happen often, I have experienced this only 4 times in my life to this degree, and these meetings were always very significant in my life. However, this meeting with this young man, as I would soon realize, was a meeting of a old Soul Family member, who would not be a personal lasting physical relationship but rather we have a long spiritual history, and this person walked in for a significant purpose on this day.

As I have explained in other articles, the Higher Self of my monad, who is the over soul of the 144,000, who is my Spirit Avatar, speaks to me through various of the 144,000 souls (millions now) upon Earth. This communication comes through physical conduits of the 144,000 whether to me in person or on video or TV etc. This particular day was a especially, miraculous communication and a meeting that had me yelling HORRAY all the way home.

As I felt more into this young man’s energy and his immense powerful presence I could not quite put my finger on it. He was very handsome, but this was not it, it was his presence more than any thing. He had the presence of an Archangel embodied, I could tell as I know this presence well.

Let’s call him Max. Max said to me “This house is beautiful, it is excellent carpentry work and house is set on this land of property that is is gorgeous.” I thanked him happily, as the tenant disrespected this house and property so much as well as disrespected me so much that I was left feeling like the house and my care put into it was less than.

I opened up to Max with a bit of history of this house and situation. I explained I had finally got a tenant from hell evicted out of here and he has left this mess for me to clean. He looked very tentatively as I spoke and again I felt the presence of an Angelic Soul Family member, as if to say to me telepathically “You have much help with you for the clean up”.

As I walked out side the grounds, picking up garbage here and there, that the un welcomed tenant from hell left behind, I was thinking in my head, “what a terrible, hurt or even soulless person it would take to treat something so poorly. Not pay for 5 months, leave big piles of mess purposely, fostering pet reptilians in cages throughout the house and was growing weed in the basement causing damage, plus the house was just plain left unclean.

Max appeared as I was in the back yard, he said “this guy, your ex tenant was the “Anti-Christ.” I looked at him in utter amazement, with the words he was speaking. I said “your are right”. I continued to pick up all the while thinking back to Jesus and the Spaceship taking over the property. Then flashes of all the hell and battle I went through in the past years was in fact a major clean up my spirit (team) was carrying out in the etheric that was in fact playing out in this physical life form.

Later as we continued to clean up, I walked by the truck as they we’re taking the one piece of furniture left behind, Max said to himself out loud “drop holy water on this couch.” I listened acutely with a huge smile.

But then then the most outrageous thing happens. I walk into the garage just by chance for no apparent reason, where the guys are using shovels to pick up the rubble in a pile of chaos. I swing my head back in dis-belief. Omg that is my son, a bunch of pictures of my son, just laying there in the pile of rubble. I could not believe my eyes. When I went back to the house weeks ago to look for anything of mine in the garage, as the tenant prior would not let me in, I found a box of pictures of all the years of my son in school, all his professional pic over the years of school. I took the box home thankful that I had found it. But now to see the pics uncreased perfect 8 x 10’s and sheets of smaller sizes of the most favourite pic on his from school.

Later I realized as I suspected all along his energy had been part of the clean up big time. I knew this but the reminder was a gift. To see his pics out of no where sitting in a pile of dry wall buried untouched was a monumental sign. My son took on a lot to help the Trinity happen, he sacrificed A LOT for this mission, which is a whole new story for another time. This is the Child Energy being anchored for the Trinity.

I gave Max and his partner a big tip, drove off happier than I have felt in a long while. The Clean- Up is done! Hooray. Then I saw the sign Believe.

This is how the dark works through certain people who are deeply traumatized, out of integrity and disconnected from Source. On the opposite end of the pendulum the one who has cleared their vessel with hold the light and not be compromised. This is a big factor going forward with humanity at this time.

Now the surface of Earth will be cleaned up after all structures have been broken down. Only until this Etheric work was accomplished could the next phase open up. Now the Guardians of Light are fully aware of what has been transpiring upon Earth and against humanity.

Next Phase:

I will touch briefly on the next phase of “Clean Up of Mind Control” to begin on Earth, by sharing a dream meeting/experience I had that confirms also the finality of the etheric cleanse that has been reflecting through out the events on Earth and that will continue to.

“August 3rd, 2019. From the Guardians of Light Realm ~ Record Keeper.

I watched a “Ancient Elder “Commander in Chief for Technological Communications Systems” presenting himself in Asian/Chinese form, as he studied the Holographic Book of Records that specifically revealed the blueprints and templates of the structures currently running our communications systems of the Earth Realm.

It has been now brought to the Commander in Chief’s attention, that this system is under serious evaluation, investigation and consequences to be put in place.

This type of evaluation takes place only once the Etheric Clean Up has been completed, as this time is now.

This particular “Commander in Chief” closed the holographic book while I watched.
When the book WAS closed I saw the name of the main corporation to be used for and by example.

It just takes one example and it was revealed…like a domino effect. All is transparent and revealed.

This is what is happening for the running “structures that are failing”. This is just the tip of the Iceberg.

The work we all have been doing energetically is now busting the systems…BIG TIME. When these Galactic Chiefs of Command take notice, it is game over.

P.S this White Diamond Elder presented specifically, for the communications industry, the clean up is well on its way.

The next day after writing this article TAHDAA Look what popped up in my Facebook feed: US Government Accidentally Releases Electromagnetic Mind Control Documents In FOIA Request

~ Shelly Sullivan

Many truths unveiled to me, information that can only be experienced to become wisdom and these truths and the wisdom has all been recorded, uploaded and witnessed by the Family of Light. As much as the bible has been distorted, Revelations, a New Revelations IS and will BE, known as exposure & disclosure in our lifetime. For the first lifetime in thousands of years.

Mark this date in your calendar as it is significant July 29th, 2019 as the beginning of the Great Upheaval.

License plat July 29th dates to remember from wikipedia:

Remembering July 28th 2003 The Great Upheaval. It was July 29th, the day after the 28th when I received the sign and took the pic.

July 29th the day after (metaphorically speaking) – The Royal Proclamation “Commemoration of the great upheaval from wikipedia.

Which brought me to research this and find this article on “The Rapture – The Greatest Upheaval Of The Natural World”

No event that has ever occurred will be more spectacular than the Rapture of the saints. On every front it will defy the wildest imagination of men. Most of this world laughs at the idea of the supernatural powers of God and discounts the possibility. The Book of Genesis’ account of creation has mostly been replaced with some form of natural evolution, even by the church world. But this glorious Rapture will occur and it will be shock and awe. The earth’s population at the time of this event will never forget the display of power and the change it will create.
Nature, as it is presently understood, will begin the process of being totally altered. The physical realm between heaven, the earth, and beneath the earth will be completely changed. Presently there is a gulf or separation between these separate entities, but that appears to vanish almost immediately. The many events during the Seven Years of the Great Tribulation will bring God’s world back to a form of openness similar to what we see in the Genesis picture of creation. The Spirit/spirit world, both from above and beneath, will be open on the earth.
Saints in Heaven will be directly involved in events on the earth. Evil spirits will (have already) arise out of the deep and do great harm to the wicked population. The evil characters which are portrayed in a growing number of films, books, and games are Satan’s preparation to make you comfortable with his “coming world order.”

Not only is the Rapture an incredible display of Holy Ghost power, it is a picture of nature as we now know it turned on its head. Of course, what really occurs is that even nature is going to be redeemed and the new natural world will be completely transformed to a pure and transcending one. The Rapture is actually the beginning of this exploding process.

Isaiah saw this picture and prophesied of it occurring. Look at his words of hope, “Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead. Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast. For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.” (Isaiah 26:19-21)


…And you get back up. And from there on in you’re forever changed. You’re different and will never be the same. You see the world differently; you love differently. You feel everything and see everyone. From there on in you know what truly matters, you count your blessings.

In Love and Light of Higher Service,


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