The Teacher ~ The Blinding White Diamond Light

Love note to my Twin Creator ~ God Consciousness

The Teacher ~ The Blinding White Light

No one stands beside the teacher I thought in my head

That’s a difficult place, beside the teacher

The Teachers path was extremely difficult, gruelling and down right dangerous at times

But always rewarding

The Dark is alchemized into Diamond White Fire

The teachings are heaven and hell

Today my place is beside the Teacher

It was difficult but now I can stand my ground, beside the teacher
Stronger than before

Wiser than before

Brighter than before

I have come into my own leadership

My initiation was about “becoming”

I did really well, 10 out of 10

Through all the lessons, chaos, pain, bliss and ecstasy

I am not just the messenger

I am the teacher

I am sorry
Please forgive me
I Love you

Shelly Sullivan…

Lots of symbolism here.
TAHDAA -The Magician, AA Archangel, Trillium – The Holly Trinity is ONE Being and the Cadillac is the King.

Seconds after posting the TAHDAA post to honor my Twin this sign drives by “YOUR TURN NOW” and all fell into place.

Images received August 5th 2019 ~ Sirius Twin Lions Gateway

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