The Greatest Script Playing Out On Earth Now

The deep state agenda that has been enslaving humanity for the past 2000 years are on their last legs, their last attempt to keep humanity sick and enslaved in what this corona virus false pandemic is all about. Warfare tactics as targeting toxins to the masses through the spreading of fear and disease, electromagnetic harassment, vaccinations and 5G millimeter waves.

The Light Agenda saw this coming a long time ago and have prepared millions of people upon this Earth to take this sinister group down once and for all, this includes Bill Gates and his sinister plan of vaccinations.

10 years ago in 2010 my mission began, where I was guided by the Council of Light/Creation – Great White Brotherhood &The Angels with No Names, who are in Spirit and the Angelics in Human Bodies on what the plan will be of the dark agenda. This plan will be to attempt hold onto their control for enslaving humanity. All for personal greed and  lack of personal true source power by creating virus’s and spreading them via bioweaponary, chemtrails, radio waves, insects, bug such as mosquitos and technology radiation.

These wars have been ongoing for ions. The previous warfare against humanity was the war with drugs and addiction programmed into humanity. The heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, pharmaceuticals, alcohol was there weapon to keep much of human population sick and enslaved. Now the war is spiritual and with bio-weaponary and this includes utilizing the ones who enslave humanity with there greed. This is the Drug Administration Enforcement DEA who provide the drugs and then penalize the users. Now they intend on providing vaccinations and profiting extremely large amount on money to continue to feed their addiction to greed and soul-less power. Soul-less power is fed by the souls in human bodies on this Earth.

The Drug Admin Enforcement is majorly part of the hell that the humans have been going through for so long. The premature aging, the sickness and wrongful death of loved ones. Since the drug/substance enforced addictions upon humanity, the relentless sicko’s have conjured up the height of sickness with vaccinations targeting humanity in the worst way, through their god given right to have a enjoyable, quality, creative life upon this Earth. 

The vaccinations sinister plan has been in effect for a long time however the roll out of 5G, Bio-weaponry (virus’s), electromagnetic waves is the epitome sickness projected on Gods people and they will not get away with it any longer. God and the Legions of Light are  many steps ahead of them. There are Human Ascended Masters in human form on this Earth Realm who are currently in the process of exposing these dark ones and who have put a stop to this plan and I am one of them. As all Spirit work is done in the Spirit Realm first with the Council then it is followed by ground clean up.

I personally have endured serious torture and testing of all the virus’s, radiation poisoning, parasitic infection, lyme disease, direct energy weapons attacks, bio weaponry attacks, heart attack and stroke symptoms, etc…all of it. I alchemized this torturous situation inot a divine plan of Justice.   I also demonstrated how to survive and remain healthy by my example of expertise in Nutrition and an intake of high dose Vitamin C,B’s and Glutathione. My practice of  meditation, nature, exercise and strengthening my connection with the Light/ Creator also kept me healthy and sane throughout this exposing of the  sociopathic crimes.

I endured such attack by chemtrail toxicity, infection by mosquitos, radiation poisoning by electromagnetic harassment, and 5G millimeter waves and other tactics. Simultaneously I have been heightening in consciousness and sensitivity and becoming aware of the deep state’s mind control game as well. I have been enduring all this as a plan to help uncover the sinister plan and expose the criminals involved and the crimes against humanity and Earth.

I witnessed the chemtrails being dropped right over my house for years, all the while I would go and get Vitamin C intravenous and Ion Foot bath to detox the heavy metals out of my body. The foot baths water results were worst than chemo patient water, that is how much toxicity was dropped into my body on a regular basis. I have written much on this in the past so I won’t rewrite it at this time.

The sinister “pandemic” has now turned into a “plandemic” and this plan is to heal Humanity’s Immune system and Earth’s Immune system so the Higher Intelligence Beings and Humans can safely interact. go essay hindi rail yatra sample 10 page research paper tomar viagra speed here precio del viagra en farmacias cruz verde see url viagra kaufen ohne rezept schweiz cite a newspaper article levitra hartford click click follow url descriptive essay video case control studiesВ follow site follow essay spell and grammar check source url go site source link an invention essay law thesis structure efectos y duracion del viagra how to use penegra 100 We will have a Galactic Society and Disclosure of our Galactic Family is imminent. 

The game of this dark agenda is over, it is END GAME. It may take some time on the ground level to alter the masses mind and consciousness to the truth but it will happen. Many are taking action and asking the important questions. Below is a video to example some leaders speaking truth. There will also be Class Action Law Suits against these criminals and included in the victory will be large rewards of winning back money/gold they have stolen and pay it forward.


Shelly Sullivan


In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service  

Saishorie~ Grace.

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