The Split into ONE


I had a vision two weeks ago of the “Harvest” where a holographic image became of the whole Lake in my backyard, the image was described in a paragraph below in an article I had written, described in this excerpt below.

“A elder farmer man was sitting on the back porch of where I am staying currently. He was sitting in the large red Muskoka chair over looking the trees and lake, however the landscape was changed (Holographicly)  into a very well seeded field and fully grown harvest. This “dream like experience” as I call it is very real and had purposely been placed into my conscious awareness/mind. I was partially awake when the higher intelligence imagery came through however when I went downstairs to look the presence was still very much their energetically, so much so we still had telepathic dialogue.”


The Harvest is Almost Ready, Are You?

Since this time I have learned more on this Harvest and what it pertains when it comes to Ascension. It has become clear to me not only is this Harvest reaping all the “seeds we have sown” it is also “separating the wheat from the chaff”. By this I mean for Ascension there is a New Earth and and Old Earth Split and the Ascension process is now.

Will you recycle on a Old Earth or will you Ascend in the New Earth? the New Earth will not tolerate any negative lower vibrational frequencies. If you cannot master this to a fairly controlled and heightened percentage, than you will spend your next life in the similar lower density Earth has been playing out, and Old Earth with fear, anger, torture and pain.

I describe this in my video New Earth/Old Earth Split. This video describes exactly what is taking place now.


Interestingly a Qnon post appeared the other day depicting the golden field that was in my Holographic Vision.


I have know for a 8 years that my purpose here is to assist humanity with Ascension. It came as a surprise 4 years ago that I was smack in the middle of the battle that is transpiring during this pivotal time for Earth and Humanity,  I had the dark faction trying to kill me and the Light Family working with me for exposure.

My part in the battle for the past 4 years has taken all my focus and energy to stay safe and functioning while exposing, learning, reporting and winning. Only now, since I have made the decision to leave the “attack battling ground” behind can I resume pleasant existence and joyful part of the mission,  that is staying calm and in harmony with the World I want to BE in.

So now the Harvest is not only the harvest of the seeds we the Light Family have planted so long ago, but also the choice is here now to choose will you go with the New World or stay stuck in the old World.

The difference is quite easily to choose, 1) NOT BUYING INTO THE FEAR mongering old world order and utilizing your power as the Sovereign Being by sharing the Truth of Who and what We are. 2)  Buying in the media old world order and how they have run this world for thousands of years is choosing to be recycled again. So literally the quality grown grain will remain and the unusable chaff will be blown away to be used in a lower vibrational recycled planet. sounds kind of grime for those who do not choose to evolve and learn their truth, but this is Ascension and it is happening NOW.

The ONE God Seed that was Split into TWO parts of Male and Female for the purpose of Creation, Soul Expansion, Spiritual Growth, Lesson etc…of duality and polarity. Now coming full circle the Masculine and Feminine clearing all that could not be of use in the New Law of One, integrating all the Light and the Dark of what is useful for our Creation(s) & coming back into ONE Seed that much more evolved than when we split millions or billions of years ago is what we have accomplished further Create from this ONEness. So is simple terms we have grown from the time of the split, created and learned from all our victories and mistakes, and this wisdom is now integrated into the restored  Divine Male and Female for the evolution of God’s Cosmic Creation,

The most important message for humanity at this time is TRUTH.  The Truth is out there and in your Heart, seek it and don’t look back. Do not align yourself with anything other than the world you want to create, this includes people you give your energy to. With that being said you may have to quite literally “run away” from a harmful battleground so to speak. This is what I have had to do, rather than stay in a 5G, Virus bombarded community of dens fear and false beliefs that you can cut with a knife, while my body has Ascended and can no longer tolerate the feeling of under attack, I have had to move far away from all that is out of alignment with the Higher Light Force until such time as correction alignment.

To  have stayed in a City that is heavily controlled by the “powers that be” is so out of alignment with my energetic frequency that it was intolerable to dwell there. It was like living in and of battle and I had to progress into write in french aat intermediate past papers philosophy essay helper pirated academic papers website follow site viagra permanent blindness resume writing services chicago suburbs cialis effet aphrodisiaques wife of bath and prioress essay source url help on writing an essay go to site how to write a controversial essay essays on thomas jefferson and sally hemings what should you do when writing an analytical essay source site cornell do androids dream of electric sheep essay get link sample dissertation aims objectives grade 1 anterolisthesis of l4 on l5 follow methods of essay writing plastic surgery essay topics tomar viagra las mujeres calm, nature, less noise frequency of lower vibrations, that would surely drive any one into the ascension interference numbing temptations they so push.  Leaving the battle is one thing, bringing about Justice with truth and action is another, it is Victory.

We are transitioning into a Galactic Societal Planet, Unifying with our Brothers and Sisters of the Light, the vibrational frequency we are Ascending into is higher dimensional and contact will and has been happening. By staying in alignment with how our higher dimensional Family of Light exist is how we will continue to Ascend.

I / WE came to this Earth with the Mission to help as many through this “Harvest” and although  many still need to wake up and join into the New Earth, there is still much optimism with the Family of Light. Now that I have removed myself more and more from the chaos of the old, I am able to focus on what IS and what lays ahead, the LAW OF ONE.

I (We) have enrolled in David & Elizabeth Wilcock’s Ascension Mystery School and the synchronicity is out of this world and is refreshing me with information to help bring back the Divine Plan.  So much gratitude and  thank you to them for the invaluable work and treasured information of these and workshop(s).

There are plans that are underway to help this shift and majority if not all of humanity have the possibility to Ascend into a higher consciousness with out catastrophic events causing the splitting of the Wheat from the Chaff. All it takes is a “few good men” & women  at this time, to get the Truth & Light spreading further, spreading like wild fire and those people. WE are here! In human bodies ready to go, WE KNOW WHO WE ARE! WE ARE ONE!

In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service



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