The Diamond Light Body for a New Dawn

After all the Darkness has been cleared a New Beginning is on the Horizon. This is accomplished by the Masculine Principle holding the space for the Feminine Principle to deconstruct the dark and resurrect the Christ Light Body of ONENESS.

I am fully in my Light Body, aka the Diamond Sun Body, yet I am a Double Diamond Light Body along with my Twin Flame. Not sure if he realizes just yet the monumental task we have victoriously accomplished together, yet physically apart. All the while he paved the way for over 50 years or so, in the past 10 years I have been also setting the stage for the New World.

When some one is transforming into a Light Body, everything in their life changes and these changes are uncomfortable, most of the Ego get dissolved. We the ones that do this transformation of the Light Body we do this for the Earth, her Spirit and the rest of humanity. Although all of humanity are going through this process there are a small percentage that is in a full Light Body from carbon into crystalline at this time. My Soul choose the fast track in this process and it has been intense.

Eventually all humans living upon the New Earth will become light bodies but that will take time, those of us who volunteered to do this firstly will guide the rest of humanity into this. These are the Twin Flames & the Lightworkers who are leading the way and acting as the grid of light at this time before 2020.

While enduring this the One’s Life who is becoming the Light Body cannot go on as “life as usual”. Everything changes at the end of the day and all you are dedicated to is transforming your Light Body.

Spiritual Body takes the lead. The HigherSelf is in the divers seat so to speak. This is the whole integration of all aspects and the balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine with in. Each individual must be in balance of the male and female aspects to Ascend. For my Twin and I as One Androgynous Being Of Light we are carryout this process for humanity in our individual incarnated female and male body although we are both whole in both aspects, reinforcing the tasks of balance. The Soul Purpose to elevate the collective consciousness into Oneness has been set.

Mentally the process has had me feel the whole of the collective mental mind and its suppression of integration to the One Mind as I have been doing this for the masses. This means integrating and balancing of the left and right brain as well as the masculine and feminine mind of consciousness. This has been extremely challenging both physically, mentally and emotionally. This also means quite literally feeling the melting away of the old mind and its psychopathic ways of a suppressed imagination and lack of usage of the male and female brain in balance, along with clearing the sadness and paranoia if one is to utilize their full potential the back lash they may face. This has all been melted away for humanity as much as humanly possible as preparation for the unifying of the One Mind of our Creator.

Emotionally the purging, clearing and balancing has been also taking place, because the collective masculine has been so programmed and so suppressed in dealing with their emotions the Divine Feminine Principle has taken this on while the Divine Masculine Principle holds the space to for this emotional body to be healed and felt to the indescribable depths of extreme emotions on every level of the spectrum to clear the emotional state of a un-healed, emotionally suppressed society AND so to calm the waters for humanity when the Tsunami of Love reaches its climax here in physical union on the Earth. This is Ascension, this is the Event.

Simultaneously the IMMUNE SYSTEM of the Earth has been being upgraded and prepared. All parasites and bad bacteria have been being constantly cleared away as they relentlessly try and come back again and again. The Sun has acted as the strength and nutrients for strengthening the body of Earth and will continue to be the Super Immune System keeping all critters out. I have endured this for 6 years.

Physical Life is not the same: For me, I have been in top athletic shape the past 30 years. Once the Ascension process started life as I knew it has all changed, now to the point where in a Light Body I cannot lift weights, run, or exercise like I used to. While I still look physically fit thanks to the years of exercise and nutrition I practised to keep my body in top form, I cannot (at this point) meet the capacity I did with respect to strength and stamina. When I work out along side of others in the same prior capacity I see the difference, when the person beside me is at the higher level I was was at before this and they are not in near as shape as I am. Although not a bad thing for me, but it is hard for the mind to comprehend when you have been doing this capacity for 30 years and suddenly you cannot keep up. In the process of the Light Body, if you are truly in this process which is rare, your physical life cannot continue as usual. This is mainly due to the integration of Light from our Cosmic, Central Sun into one individual Body or 2 in the case of me and my Twin Flame. However for me continuing to exercise in Walking in Nature, Yoga, Spin class, or non weight bearing strength training called Pilates or Reformer machine is essential to move out of the old in the clearing process and enjoyment of physical body movement. I mention the names of exercise because the old weight training/body building is very difficult and dense for the body in a Light Body or Light body process. When I first began experiencing the difficulty I blamed it on the negative radiation of negative wireless electromagnetic/dirty electricity etc..but I now know it is the positive effects of radiation form our Sun into my Diamond Sun Body. This does make me ultra sensitive to the negative wireless electromagnetic/dirty electricity.

Our Light Body of my Twin Flame and I spans across Canada and the United States, the critical spots for healing, strategically placed in and around the most “unwell” area of a western society that is and will continue to be cleansed. Mean while the most dark of human unconsciousness has been brought back up to the surface for healing and exposure to the light.

For this time of Ascension, as power houses of Light. When we do physically unite the Light expansion will be a million fold and will finally set fire to the current structures once and for all that have kept this sick society running the illusion on the Earth. This has been an on going process of breaking these structures down via the light warrior for many years. As well this Tsunami of Love and Light will complete the breaking open of the Earth’s Heart and great changes will take place in the Physical Earth body, I feel it will be the great upheaval of the Earth for the cycle of Earth’s Ascension into the Solar Light of our Sun becoming a full Sun itself. The resisting darkness will be taken out and the New Order will be erect.

Much of the time you are clearing, purging and balancing the collective mess, while processing the new incoming light codes for humanity. All the while you are viewed as the “crazy one” or the “weird one”. Meanwhile your by yourself, courageously paving the way for a sick humanity to become well again. This does not happen over night, for me it has been a gruelling 10 years thus far and each year it has gotten more challenging, until now. Now all the hard work will pay off, for we are at the Dawn of Ascension for a New Earth now.

As usual my HigherSelf provides for me insight to my experiences as a Spirit in a Human Body more and more as I complete my tasks by showing me via other Spiritual Warriors work. Here is a article I found tonight after a very dark day of clearing for the collective. This day of clearing has felt like the darkest of wounds are finally healed as a pre req for humanity.

The Quandary of a Light Warrior on the Eve of Ascension

The Darkest of the Hour is over right before the Brightest of the Dawn

In Love and Light
Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service

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