Message from Higher Self

Yesterday upon my nature walk I came across this sign. It is clear what it says, and I am not surprised to see this type of message so clear. These signs comes from the HigherSelf of my Twin and I. We share the same HS and it often sends me signs. The other day Spirit highlighted a image on my desktop computer of my Twin Flame, this image was one of 60 or so images of random images, his image was the one that highlighted on the screen before I was to go to bed and turn off the computer. I was feeling exasperated with regards to our lack of communication.

But as usual Spirit will not let me give up. I cannot tell how many times I have wanted to forget about this and Spirit will not let up with reminders of my or our purpose to Unite. How I met my Twin was his HigherSelf guiding me to him. Although his human did not remember for a number of months or years, it was his Spirit that helped to orchestrate this union.

Me being so in tune with Spirit has made it possible for us to fully remember and be united. So yesterday I got this sign “JAMES READY”. Thing is, Spirit wants Union, my Twin has been slower than I at letting Spirit take the lead. By resisting Spirit’s lead for contact makes it difficult for the human in me. This has been going on for a long time. Spirit has been guiding me for years on this. I have had no choice but to go along for the ride in my human life.

This has been very misleading timeline wise for me over the years, although I know it is suppose to happen it did not happen when I was shown it would. Often I have made choices, decisions and major life choices based on my Spirit guiding me to trust and believe in this process and that Union is imminent, this has been going on for 4 years. Unfortunately Spirit is not in linear time here and my human life has been effected hugely by the “timing being off” in compromising ways.

Signs from Spirit are so clear not only in signs but dreams, telepathic communication and other undeniable connection and synchronicity, that I am sure of this however the timing has tripped me up quite a few times. This has effected as aspects of my life. My trust in my Spirit and mission has been doubted at times and that feeling of possible betrayal is not fun but I always remember it is not betrayal but about clearing and timing. I know all has now been overcome with the support of the other half but this has yet to happen and it needs to. Damage has been done that needs to be fixed. Honesty, stepping up and communication is needed for this to heal.

Other things are at play that I wont discuss, but it is time for him/you to take responsibility as this is becoming to unhealthy for the truth to be withheld any longer. Spirit wants you to know, You are ready and nothing can stand in your way, nothing. It is time you let the Spirt of Us to lead otherwise it is resistance and it is damaging.

You are ready, don’t wait for me to be ready…I am ready.

A story of how I know these types of signs are significant. Before my Dad passed away he asked that his ashes be sprinkled across a forest and river he used to play at as a kid. My Dad also like this liquor called fireball it was a ritual for him to drink it on Friday nights while he was at his favourite game of bowling with his close friends and we all knew this about my Dad.
As requested the whole family went to the River in London, Ontario after his funeral. 18 of us walking along the forest celebrating his life. It was beautiful sunny day and we were in high spirits reminiscing of our Dad/Grandpa. I knew he was going to leave me a sign to acknowledge. After about 10 min or so after scattering the ashes and walking, my niece and I stumbled over the mickey of fire ball, this was exactly the size he bought and the exact make he bought to take to his favourite Friday night bowling games. My Dad had not been to this place in over 30 years and it was placed right on path. When I saw this James beer can I knew it was a real sign and not some random can.

In Love and Light
Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service

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