The Mother of Dragon ~ The Son Dragon Returns Back to Source

Dragon In My Heart

This experience happened two weeks ago while I was in meditation. I was doing a Golden Light meditation and while the Golden Light was pouring in from the Great Golden Sun a Dragon Being appeared. He was Green and Reptilian like with massive green slit eyes like that of a Dragon, exactly like this, but I could see his whole face and it was very sweet.

He was profoundly beautiful and his essence was pure love. Not only in my awareness but also my Heart felt this love immensely. My heart had a very noticeable expansion while he was showing up in my third eye. The best way I could describe it was the feeling I received and entered my heart chakra and it was definitely of Love. It felt like a heart opening just when I could use this as I was feeling a bit off this day, which is normal considering what I have been dealing with.

It was a motherly/child love is how I could describe it as he appeared to me in my mind/third eye. This type of experience has never happened to me before from a Extraterrestrial Being quite like this. One other time I felt such love from a Being was a Red Diamond Dragon that visited to me in my room while doing laundry in 2015.

My heart became full of this Love from this Being. He stood in my minds eye and I could see his eyes, his skin and head mostly. His eyes were unmistakably reptilian, huge and clear, his skin was also green, Dragon like. He had facial features with red, which I think was his lips or nose. His essence just showed up, he was very physical being and my heart felt like it expanded in a way that I have never felt before. All that came to me was a mother and child love. I don’t know why or how this was coming about, but it was.

Although the feeling of Love when it comes to a sacred loved one’s of child and or spouse, pet or family is a human love, this type of love was a different feeling. It was just a feeling, there were no mind thoughts attached to the feeling from connection such as that with your child or spouse, siblings or any one that you hold great love and affection for. To me it was how Spirit conveys love and its energetic with nothing else attached.

I was on the verge of tears but did not cry, my heart just weld up with heart based feelings, I have never felt this before. His essence was very sweet and humble.
I wanted to stay and hold the Dragon Being for a while like Mother Mary would hold her child but I had to get up for an appointment. The  Divine Mother “Saishoire~Grace”, Mother of the Dragon.

I recall just today another experience I did have with a Dragon. This on was a black dragon that appeared in my dream state. He was shiney/wet black snake like skin, stunning, very stealth, sleek  and fearless. He was the size of a 90 lb dog, very solid, strong and physical.  He was hanging out by the columns in front of the White House in Washington. He was on the hunt. His mission was part of a round up of the evil draconian controlled fallen Ones. He was very powerful and he was an aspect of me as I recall further. I wrote a blog on it a while back and will try to find it. Any way he was part of the clean up for the political scene in the United States and it was very clearly shown to me in the following months that he was part of me, another aspect of me.

After this experience my feelings about “Dragons” is of love and beauty. In the past I have been programmed to a degree to think they are all bad dark beings as this is what is described as the dark groups. But this has assured me this is not the case and there is a very benevolent species of Dragon/Reptilian Beings.

From another point of view of a species named the Reptilians which are from the Dragon Family, these are Benevolent Reptilian.

The other message I received is Reptilians want to become Alliances with me. The Benevolent Group of Dragon/Reptilians of the higher dimensions want me to know they are on my side and helping me with this crucial mission. This is a spiritual group that was in contact with me, not a physical 3D benevolent ground reptilian. The reason I am mentioning this is that I have been receiving cryptic contact from a group that some would believe are affiliated with a draconian race, however this is not the same group. This is a powerful species that take form of dragons, reptilians etc…that are establishing their full connection with the Divine Mother again and respect her as the predominant energy that is working for the liberation of the human/angelic race upon the Mother Earth returning her back into the higher realms of the Galaxy.

However with that being said there is possibly a group upon Earth in physical bodies that do have these same interests in liberation of the planet and are not confused with just replacing the present systems with similar. I say this because of this next vision that came after the meeting with the Benevolent Dragon Being.

Baby Dragon graduates into Full Dragon –  January 9th 2023

Guided to do the Orion Meditation with Tim Whild and Alice Heath that turned into a major tool to help do some miraculous Spiritual work with the Dragons.

In point form this is what transpired before I forget any detail, I will type this out.

Meditation “The Great Ascension, Crystal of Orion”

We travelled to 3 planets of Orion

First on was white diamond and blue cascading crystalline energies were by the Council assisted me in a sacral clearing. As my body was scanned for its Star like Galaxy Neron system which all was in tact, except my sacral, womb area. This needed some healing due to not only past lives but the past life recently and all the interference within the divine un8ion. The Star System was recalibrated and put back into place within my womb. Creating a new Star System in my deep dark womb, which is now a bright Star lite galaxy.

A second healing took place with the infinity 8 light energies  circling and flowing through my sinus cavity clearing all implanted and damaged dna.

We visited a planet that was like liquid fire and this was beautiful.

The last planet we arrived at was white diamond as well each planet we were ushered into with the Rainbow family of light and some council member. Of whom are very advanced and this is where I come from most recently for this mission upon Earth.

Once ushered in My Dragon/Cobra/Reptilian son came through. I met with this reptilian child last year around this time and the feeling was obvious that he thought and loved me immensely like his Mother and I felt the same of him like a son.

He appeared and was in a humble child like shy demeanour, but later it was revealed he was trapped in the lower densities and wanted to return back to the Source of Light. So as we arrived at the Great Planet in Orion of Light, the stars here at this planet are a thousand times brighter than our Sun here of the Earth, just to gib e the idea of bright light here.

I stood at the gates with my Unicorn on my left, My Dragon was travelling with me on the Right.   He is very humble and wanted to return home (back to his Home of Light in Orion.) As we stood at the gates of “Heaven – God Head” I said to him (my dragon son) come through me and go to the the light, it is ok to go now. Without hesitation his white soul flew out of me and into the gates and beyond, into a white diamond sea of light. He swam fast and furious, like he couldn’t get out of this world fast enough. He swam and swam like a reptile would swim in water. Sort of snake like but he is a reptilian.

He is now returned back to source. I was aww struck at what was taking place as I did not know any of this was about to happen. I did not know any of this except that I had strong unbreakable ties with this /Baby Cobra-Reptilian Child now Full Dragon Son.

He remained in my body after this took place while I took a bath. I could feel him in my feet as this transition took place. While in the bath I saw a ladies face again, the same lady I saw last year when all this happened. She is the lady who once spoke on YouTube about how her reconciliation with the “adversaries” had taken place and she and them were becoming friends. When I saw her speak I was in tears hoping this would happen with me and them.

I still don’t quite understand all my connection with them in this life, but I know my connection with them in other lifetimes. Of which I wont write about yet. She (the lady) is considered a Feminine Oracle to them and they value her wisdom etc…

I assume the same goes for me, except I do not remember my communications with them from the highest perspective just yet, but I suspect I will, since this Reptilian return to God Source.

So right when this long meditation was coming to a close an amazing sign confirmed much of this. I had been burning a white long candle throughout and the last minutes of the hour or so long meditation the candle burned rapidly and burned to the end and sunk into the pink bubble bath in the champagne bottle. It was very synchronized timing for this to happen. The candle formed a dragon tale in white angelic wing like form. I knew it was a sign as I this has happened to me before when I was transitioning by dog Roxy. The brown thick candle formed her tale on Nov. 11 2001(?)

I was so honoured to the beloved dragon son that I telepathically held space for him for the next hour or so and told him I would have done it all again for him. To say that is unprecedented as it has been the most challenging journey ever to take on such energy for this healing to occur.

I will have to write more on how all this lead up to this victorious release and freedom for this family. But I can tell you this dragon has been with me and his essence is massive and has been trapped with in the Earth for a long long time in the darkness, carrying out his mission for the greatest good of all concerned.

His thoughts “ I came down to do the work as a Light in the darkness, when I am done take me back to Source. As now I embody millions with my Ascended Light Body.


Tonight was profoundly sacred and touching and I am still holding space for this moment.

Your Divine Mother Saishorie~Grace