The Sun Encompasses the Moon

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Like a switch went on and the Moon and Sun started a conscious telepathic dialogue with me. I paid attention. However the “Event of the Moon and Sun Merge on October 23rd 2018 was a spontaneous surprising event that took place from within me yet astronomically orchestrated event by the Light from the infinite vastness of creator/creation. Whereby the Father Creator entered into the Mother Creation Womb.

I received such a experience and message after I (My Higher Self) facilitated a higher dimensional event the day before the full moon. Following the full Moon by 2 days is where the Leo Sun Eclipses the Moon and this is super powerful.

I followed the guidance into and through a spontaneous meditation whereby an unplanned event of the Sun and Moon Eclipse happened, although as apprehensive as I was it ended up a “Victory” that this merge was able to take place and did indeed take place. Within my third eye vision, over looking on all multi dimensional levels a Guardianship of White Light watched over as the Light form of an Angelic, ensuring me this event that was due time to take place was a courageous necessary action step to follow through on as “ceremony” for the evolution and next steps during and for this monumental Full Moon/Solar Eclipse of the Galaxy.

With This Full Moon and Solar Sun represents these aspects as the “main” moon and sun energies Galactic-ally, I guess is how I would describe it. And of course representing the masculine and feminine energies of the creator and the womb of creation. AKA Mother/Father God of Creation.

I was lying down in mediation and before the main event took place, my Twin Creator and Myself reconnected our light and spin accordingly. This is a ritual I preform to stay connected and balanced especially after times of necessary disconnect for “dark work” or visit to the “underworld”. We connect as Humans and spiral into a gigantic Sentient Being/Ray of Rainbow Light and as the weeks as of late go by it gets vaster and bigger and is no longer my mind visualizing this, our higher force has now stepped in and guides this.

In my third eye an event started that I had not conscious thought of and my brain was not in the control of this. It was definitely an event of opposing forces. Dark and Light, Masculine and Feminine, Sun and Moon. It was of a Higher Force bringing this about and there was no turning back, the feeling was “IT IS TIME FOR UNIFICIATION” for the dark and the light. All of the sudden I was a all parts of the Multilevel Galactic Being facilitating the Sun and Moon merge overseen by the highest of Light, and I was all three of these aspects. I was the Sun that magnetized and electrified the Moon and all its consciousness toward me, while the Moon, my Goddess Self seemed hesitant it still slowly and gradually merged into the Sun. Whereby a Solar Sun and Moon eclipse was visible to me. It was the Sun encompassing the Moon and the Sun was vastly larger than the moon and out shined the dark.

It was so surprising to me what was happening I questioned with my brain that was still witnessing although not in charge “is this ok, should I be doing this?” I realized later where the doubt stemmed from and will explain further on.

While this was transpiring the feeling of hesitation was eased and cued to keep moving forward by the gigantic Sentient Angelic Being of Light from above nodding as to say “it is safe to do so” as I looked for security up to the Angel of Light looking upon us as this took place. “Us” it was apparent it was me and my Twin. Although my Twin did not feel the doubt and only displayed WILL, where as I if it were not for LOVE may not have been able to sustain the process.

It was very intense and one of my aspects was quite frightened. As the merge happened it seemed a consciousness was brought together with light and it was a monumental act of courage and a necessity on a Galactic Level. The over all feeling when I came to was OMG what just happened. It took me days to adjust and understand the greatness of what happened.

There are many things that became aware to me after this process took place and they slowly but surely have been being realized. One was when this “Merge” of the Sun & Moon took place or I can refer to it as “Penetration of the Womb”, “Eclipse” took place, it was then that Time no longer existed and manifestation was instantaneous.

Following this experience a sign was gifted to me to further my connection with my inner shaman, before me a license plate the LIONWOLF appeared having me delve deeper into Mother Earth once again. The Lion and the Wolf represent the Sun and the Moon.

Now here is where it get interesting. In 2014 I felt that I was at the pinnacle of my enlightenment fully activated by the Great Central Sun, Walk-In of my Divine Feminine Source Aspects, Higher Self transpired, Twin Flame Activation took place and many 5D abilities re-activated etc… and my career as a spiritual teacher was well on its way.

Then suddenly I was pulled into some extreme dark territory and lessons for close to 5 years, and it happened subtly and slowly until the past 2 years it became intense and more constant up until this present time where I have re surfaced into the Light. This was dark path was instigated partly by the dark faction aka the cabal by starting their attacks upon me to try to attempt to stop the Divine Feminine Goddess Energy from anchoring here on Earth for the mission of Gods Divine plan.

Before the winter of 2014 I had a great connection and relationship with my Lunar Moon, I felt very connected and this showed with my alignment as a woman with the cycles of menstruation, fertility and birth etc….in other words there was no denying the Goddess Energy within me associated with the Lunar Moon no matter how mentally disconnected I suddenly felt.

That winter of 2014 I remember looking up to the Moon on one full moon and seeing a false sky covering the full moon that I was anticipating connecting with visually. I intuitively knew the cover up and it was not natural and actually had me in tears. I was upset that my connection with the Moon seemed to be purposely manipulated into a feeling of disconnection. I even confided in a mentor whom assured me I am still connected with the moon energetically even if I cannot see it. Although from that time most full moon’s sacredness seemed hidden suddenly in my reality.

Over time I started to have negative thought forms toward the Moon and did not want to connect with it at all. I even started to research the conspiracy theories that the moon is a giant satellite and is not good and well this could be true in some realities it was not the truth for me. But the odd thing was as much as my mind turned on the moon mysteriously my womanly cycles remained in perfect balance with the moon cycles, I am talking to the exact day of a new moon my menstrual start and the cycle of ovulating on full moons which means the ultimate alignment of fertility and motherhood.

Now today, a year after this experience, I uncover another part of my purpose and mission here with the help of other spiritual teachers work. Here is a summary of Lisa Renee’s article on the “Arc Zone” and how it relates to the hijacking of the moon.

Here is the summary of the article by Ascension Energies Update:

Mother Arc Next Stage Frequency Activations

Key Points:

“Recent activations are spreading the natural Krystic divine blueprint further into the planetary grid areas, which were previously running the reversed currents to fuel the artificial timelines. Essentially, many of these reversal networks for energy harvesting are being starved out, as this particular Mother Arc coded activation is dissolving bi-wave reversal architecture that has been enforcing the anti-Christ 3D patriarchal systems.

Recently, there has been a major activation in the planetary shield programs that have generated an interface between the Polarian Gate, the Arc of Covenant Stargates and an ancient Mother Arc Aquamarine Gateway that leads directly into the Aurora time continuums and Arc Zone.

The Arc Zone is connected to the Krystic override system that acts as a failsafe mechanism, its purpose and function is to activate shields within shields that prevent any portion of the earth’s organic consciousness and timelines from being sucked into the black hole during the Ascension cycle.

The Arc Zone is a frequency shelter that exists as a Krystal Guardian protected area within the void space, that exists between the outer level of the Universal Time Matrix and synchronized portal passages leading into the God Worlds.

The Mother Arc Aquamarine gateway has been initiated into its next stages of dissolving the Negative Alien Agenda patriarchal coding network and its Alien Dark Mother constructs that have infected the planet earth, and this lunar architecture has been tracked from the Wesa Fallen System.

This is heralding the full debut of the Cosmic Mother Krystallah(Sophia) architecture which gives rise to the Universal Solar Feminine principle, and the Holy Daughter embodiment of the Christos-Sophia template on the earth. In some cases, it effectively erases the lunar records in the past cellular memories of human genetic templates. This is significantly shifting the female principle away from the lunar controls of the moon chains and reconfiguring the female aspects of the lightbody to transfigure into the solar architecture.

With the Mother Arc Gateway breathing her Aqualine plasma rays onto the earth grids, this has restored enough energetic balance in the Krystic architecture to finally bring into manifestation the Universal Solar Feminine templating, which allows the Mother’s Sophianic principle to manifest onto the earth. The psycho-emotional issues will be amplified during this phase of the Mother Arc code activations, as there is a steadily increasing transmission of solar feminine templates designed to override lunar based forces expressing through the sacral center and sexual organs.

The Mother Arc protects the Indigo’s specialized 6th dimensional coding in their blueprint by inherently key coding all Indigos and the collective Indigo Shield into the Emerald Order Shield and the Arc of the Covenant gateway system. Thus, the Arc of Covenant Gates are also called Mother Arc Gates because they were stepped down to support base 6 blue ray harmonics designed to support the mass Indigo population.

This is designed for the Indigo population to gain access into the Arc Gates and supports them to act collectively as the host matrix for other earth inhabitants to pass through gates or help transit into the corridors.

With the Arc technology, when it is in divine right order, we are able to help transit biological family members and colleagues into their highest potential timeline, even when they remain unaware of the war over consciousness and the ascension cycle.

The Aquamarine Ray is the blue diamond chalice frequency of the overflowing golden cup of divine love found within the sacred crystal heart, this represents humanity’s real parent and Cosmic Mother resurrecting herself in the fallen realm to be able to fully protect and reclaim her children from the phantom.

She is the Aqualine heart beating to reclaim the vertical spiritual connections that make up the Great White Lion grid, the Feline genetics of the Mother’s tetramorph pattern that represent the Sophianic wisdom of the Sphinx being returned back into wholeness through the knowledge of the divine trinity.

When we comprehend that the ascension process is what leads us into consciousness liberation, and we know that human beings must achieve inner and outer spiritual marriage (hierogamy), in order to become free, we know that we must achieve the unification between the inner polarities that exist as male-female parts.

With the reclaiming of the solar female aspects, the shift it generates brings more integration between the inner masculine and inner feminine, which holds the spiritual potential that has been buried deeply in the walls of the personality and hidden behind the pain body. This means that in order to open into a world of new expression with the female principle surfacing, a healing and restoration is taking place. This is restoring more balance inside our body, allowing these hidden aspects to move past the pain body in order to find some kind of form of outward expression. We may find that we need to circulate this new found light and energy from our Mother aspect and Solar feminine, with more people around us.

Our Mother principle gently guides us to know the truth that in order to deeply heal, one must be able to deeply feel, and to empathize with the feelings of others. The Mother aspect of the Godhead, and the Sophianic female principle are what gently nudge us to feel safe enough to look inside and feel our sacred crystal heart again. As we merge with our Mother’s Cosmic heart, she holds us stable in a field of omni love, so that we can fully discover the hidden contents of our own crystal heart. Our Mother God parent returns to us in order to show us how to create the beautifully harmonically arranged music that is recorded deep within our Soul and Spirit. These musical tones can only be felt with our heart, and this blossoming of love from within our sacred crystal heart is what allows us to merge with the God Worlds, to know the Edenic blueprint. From within this field of omni-love, we live in harmony with the Universal Natural Laws and live in harmony with ourselves and our creations. Therefore, we are given the spiritual power to co-create our own peaceful place, to live in an Edenic state – as we are one with the Godhead.”

In Love and Light
Shelly Sullivan
Of Higher Service

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