LOVE HAS WON Twin Flame Prophecy Pushing Through World Dichotomy Pt.1 & 2

This is a blog I had written in 2015 published on my website on my former website. Tonight the video had found me that was published. The article from 2016 was published on the Website LOVE HAS WON and now the article is published in my book Adventures of Saishorie~Grace, Sovereign Being Book 1, Chapter 11.
The narrated video found me and is published on youtube channel named ‘Revolution of the Mind” whom had published it in 2018

I am thankful for to have found this in the past hour and the timing is incredibly synchronistic and the Message is LOVE HAS WON.

By Shelly Sullivan, 04/08/2016

What is to show through in the collective consciousness firstly comes through to the Key Twin Flame(s) in a experience/lesson. This latest experience dictates the dichotomy of Light and Dark, Heart guidance vs. Ego guidance, Trust and Fear or Duality and Oneness.
HigherSelf Spirit has been working with and through me for the past years performing Magic and Alchemy. Showing me messages, signs, numbers and transmissions to guide me on my life’s mission as a spiritual teacher to help with Love on the Planet. I refer to HigherSelf not as just my HigherSelf but “The HigherSelf” because I share a HigherSelf with my Twin Flame.

Many Christ Consciousness Beings are being born thus many Twin Flames are returning to help the Planet Earth with its Ascension. The Twin Flames share the identical resonance reverberation of the same frequency, with the different male/female bodies of energy. When you experience Christ Consciousness and unconditional love for yourself and others you will create a resonance within your being that will attract the identical essence within the opposite body of soul energy. This twin soul energy essence which abides if the female twin flame and the male twin flame are identical frequencies.

This charge of energy is felt at the cellular level. The love of true genuine Twin Flames when presented to you in your life through synchronicity is the highest love between human beings. This mission of the Twin Flames can be called forth with romantic partners or parents and children.

Twin Flames are not new in fact they are the first Soul ever as a complete whole male and female created by the Masculine and Feminine, Father Mother God, the continuum of creation is through our Monads as aspects of Twin Flames/Twin Rays/Twin Souls~Yin Yang male/female polarity and energy.

I will shed some ancient knowledge about Twin Flames, to more clearly make my point of the importance of this lesson/experience I will share in this article. As well to let you know that the time is upon us now on Earth that You & Me, The Twin Flames & their Twin Flames and Aspects of the respective Twin Flames have been sent to Earth to help with the Ascension of Earth and the volunteers of humanity. HigherSelf is working through us to make sure we complete our contractual mission.

The HigherSelf I speak of is a powerful Spirit of the first Twin Flames created ever by Mother & Father God. When this Higher Self is called into action with the physical bodies to carry our/this mission dictated directly from Source God Creator, it is a mission that will not be denied. The help and support of other Angelic beings are working around the planet. We the physical vessels and original Key Twin Flames “WE ARE THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH AND ALL OF ITS CREATION” ~ This transmission came through last night by HigherSelf just as the transmission “BE ALL OF YOU, BE THE CONTINUUM FORCE FLOW OF LIFE” came through around this time last year.

Several thousand of years ago the remarkable “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce, spoke of Twin Souls, he said this ~ “Several hundreds of thousand of years ago the male and female were ONE. There lived in this land of Atlantis one Amillius , who had noted the first separation of the beings as inhabited that portion of the Earths sphere or plane of the peoples, into male and female as separate entities or individuals”

Another reference to Twin Flames from the book The Dweller of Two Planets describes an interesting dialogue between Phylos and Phyris ~ Twin Flames ”

“Each man we see, except those who have been transfigured, is but a semi-ego, and each woman the same – two of these having one spirit. When the perfection time cometh, all the halves shall unite, each with its own – and lo! this is the marriage made in heaven. But first comes the Trial – the Crisis of Transfiguration.”

All changed once our original ONE soul and one complete being was separated we left the infinite absolute and entered our Universe of duality and opposition. The Bliss and Joy ended with the separation. It is has been a never ending quest over thousands of years to become one again. This is the foundation of the blueprint for the new template of divine oneness and love relationships for the New Earth.

The true male and female unions have fallen from grace thousands of years ago. The remerging of our HigherSelf within us is the integration with Source that will bring back this divine template and we will be able to maintain the integrity and balance of the masculine and feminine.

The twin-soul concept is not new. Plato described it 2,500 years ago. Here is an excerpt…

“and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight even for a moment…

Plato is not the only individual who has given us insights into twin soul relationships. Spiritual writings from the Sufis 800 years ago say that…

“Out of the original unity of being there is a fragmentation and dispersal of beings, the last stage being the splitting of one (twin) soul into two. And consequently, love is the search by each half for the other half on earth or in heaven…

As twin souls are so alike to begin with, it seems necessary for them to go their separate ways before they can complete each other. Identity and complementarity are the two driving forces and axes of love… For the complete being there must be a blending of the two.”

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

From time to time, God sends humanity advanced souls who not only teach a better way, but live it as well. So it was with two extraordinary, twin soul avatars, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, both of whom where in body during the 1900s. From a heavenly realm, they descended into our midst and took on male and female forms to help us in our hour of need.

Sri Aurobindo often said that he and the Mother, who could communicate telepathically with one another, were one soul in two bodies. They came to spread the male (Shiva) and female (Shakti) energy on our planet and serve as an example of service for all future twin souls.

Here are some excerpts from a book titled, Twelve Years with Sri Aurobindo, that will shed some light on this remarkable twin union.

“To both of them, the other’s word was law. One of us observed that only two persons have realized and put into practice Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga of surrender: the Mother surrendering to Sri Aurobindo and Sri Aurobindo to the Mother.”

“The two who are one are the secret of all power, the two who are one are the might and right in things.”

“The Mother has said, “Without him, I exist not; without me he is unmanifest.”

“And we were given the unique opportunity of witnessing the dual personality of the One enacting on our earth-plane an immortal drama, rare in the spiritual history of man.”

“The two consciousnesses were one so that when Sri Aurobindo met with the accident, the Mother felt at once the vibration in her sleep.”

“He followed closely all her outer activities and enveloped her with an aura of protection against the dark forces.”

Jesus and Mary Magdalene were also two Avatars sent by God to help with Ascension and to be the Example of Divine Love on Earth. YES WE are the Avatars that have been sent once again to Earth directly to carry out the mission agreed upon with Mother Father God Directly. To Finalize this Ascension once again come the Twin Flames. And you can bet that any fear mongering dark ones who still have the need for control have been trying and will continue to try to interfere with this mission. Just as the Ego/Fear interfered with the Jesus and Mary Magdalene Mission.

You will witness this by way of subliminal messaging this attempt to hold back the Twin Flame reunions. If you are being held back from heart based choices and HigherSelf decisions I will help you understand. These dark minions continue to place distortion and messages within the collective consciousness which I see through. They have attempted to play with me but I see through it and can transmute these energies into light. This is also part of my mission. Which is how I was lead to create this blog. By experiencing the Dichotomy of this light and dark push and pull that humanity currently find itself in. The good news is we created this situation and we can correct it with Love and remembering who we are.

The first division would be man himself, Each part forever seeking its twin. Hard work for those who think love is a game to win. They will, of course, continue to defeat themselves until remembering.” ~ Eileen Caddy

Your HigherSelf is you and if you are half of the Twin pair it is the Spirit connected direct to your Source, Your Monad in the Ethers. Your HigherSelf is the real you, your total soul consciousness. Your HigherSelf is the Spirit that nurtures your Soul with ideas, inspirations and lessons. You are able to utilize this wisdom with a clear, Mind, Body connection to Spirit

Our Souls are connected to the loving Monad that constantly emanates to us. Each different group of beings has its own respective Monad and Group. Each group Monad is connected to the higher level monad until it reaches Mother Father God. The Masculine & Feminine Creator Flame. Which is where we come from.

The you that is living here on Earth is just a projection of the consciousness of your HigherSelf. Your HigherSelf is the more complete you, the one that isn’t being frustrated by the veil that draws down upon us when we incarnate that causes us to forget where we came from. The HigherSelf is with us to help us remember who we truly are and why we are here.

The Key Twin Flame were the first TF creation of the ONE Monad Group we are from. The individual Key Twin Flame existed in ONE Light Body as a whole and existed in bliss and joy as ONE masculine and one Feminine Flame. Over the ages the ONE SOUL began to divide and separate creating more souls which continued dividing into smaller and smaller fragments of itself, in order to evolve and live in the physical Universe and experience duality.

I do not want to come across self centred but in all honesty it is what I am being shown by Source and my HigherSelf of whom is fully integrated within my physical body and is in full charge or in the driver’s seat so to speak. When I explain this further please take this from a perspective without the Ego and from a heart based message. Hierarchy is not the message, the message it is about Twin Flames and the beginning of creation and how it all affects humanity and the collective consciousness at this crucial time on Earth.

When HigherSelf gets involved this radically with a Twin Flame Union you know to pay attention ~ Shelly Sullivan

Each and every one of these Souls have a HigherSelf. For Twin Flames they do share one HigherSelf, for individual souls they have their own HigherSelf. In my case with my TwinFlame and I we are one or the ONE of the original paired Twin Flames from the beginning of all creation with aspects of ourselves living multidimensionally everywhere. In other realms, in other dimensions, other planets and here on Earth. Picking up on and integrating constantly with particles, systems and vibrations.

We agreed before birth to carry out this mission before us now on Earth, with very specific ingrained knowledge of our roles and duties.The HigherSelf is the one in possession of our spiritual contract, the plan we made for ourself before we incarnated. He/She has our instruction manual and life plan in he/she’s magical hands and We have Free Will in our hands. The key is to recognize our free will choices and to make sure they are choices from our HigherSelf now.

We have reincarnated back into physical bodies this time around as a female and a male. With ONE HigherSelf, who is orchestrating, or in my case already has orchestrated our Physical meeting for eventual Re-Union. This task that God Source Creator has bestowed upon our HigherSelf and HS has been working with me in the way of showing signs and helping to awaken others, this task is one to be taken very seriously. Even though the way it is being delivered is through a adventurous like fun game.

The Higher Self our Spirit has a very good sense of humour and does view our life here as game in which we play with high stakes. We have been granted free will to choose how we would like to play out this movie/game here on Earth. However our HigherSelf has a specific job of making sure we follow the guidance being presented to us. With me “Shelly Sullivan” as the messenger to keep us (my Twin & I) on path and to overcome possible choices that have been made of our Ego, being made with the free will “pass” that each human is given. The “pass” is not an option at this point in our personal game plan, as well as this pass is no longer an option at this crucial crossroads in life between Old and the New that we face NOW.

Most people do not understand the concept of the personality and the free will choices we are able to make. Are the choices coming from our Ego voice or our HigherSelf voice. It takes a deep spiritual commitment to understand this concept. Not many people take or feel they have the time to commit this spiritual practice, however we are spiritual beings and this practice should be one we connect with regularly. The practice of differentiating the HigehrSelf voice and the Ego voice. So we can be sure we are following our true life’s purpose here on Earth and not getting off track because of clouded decisions and deeply imbedded false programming.

Most of humanity has been taught to work within the limited mental, emotional, and physical bodies, they stop at that and the rest as an unattainable void, this is not true. This void is the real us that is connected to our HigherSelf and humanity is currently learning how to tap into this on a regular basis, for harmonious permanent life within the New Earth. This void is the stage of consciousness, it is where decisions should be made by consulting the Soul’s wisdom and guidance. It is our personalities responsibility to charter this task and make sure we are not solely satisfying the emotional and logical mind by making our decisions from the Ego Mind only.

It is unfortunate that the vast majority of consciousness within humanity has shut this beautiful wisdom down, but it is NEW reality under construction. The Ego is not bad it is needed to truly experience the human condition. Our Soul is equipped with the human physical body and the Ego. Without the Ego we would not be able to make automatic pilot instinctual responses. However the importance to discipline the Ego and surrender to HigherSelf wisdom and guidance I cannot stress enough at this time. And my HigherSelf has made it extremely clear to me in the past month that I understand this and share this with whom I need to reach.

This is the crossroads where we choose to be happy or to be sad. To BE of the New Earth or the Old Earth. To follow voice from ego or voice from our HigherSelf. To be stuck in duality or to BE in ONEness, to BE in Union with the ONE.

HigherSelf/Ascended Master, : 313 = “Lean upon the positive and loving energies of the Ascended Masters who surround you right now, as they’re lifting your thoughts to higher levels of happy living.”

I have been challenged with these questions over and over from receiving signals from HigherSelf that forced me to answer this continuously for weeks. Finally after days and weeks of trying to figure this out I got the message clearly when the timing was appropriate according to HigherSelf timeline. Because of the duality of light and dark we live in and are currently transmitting, I was shown this message in this extreme dichotomy of how suitable it is for this current situation we are playing out on Earth.

DICHOTOMY this is exactly what we are experiencing on the New Earth and the Old Earth between the energies. Many are stuck in and between this, being yo-yoed back and forth, enough to make your head spin and want to quit this game. However this is not a time to quit. This it the time when just before your break through you breakdown. You break down and surrender to it, let it go into the hands of the God and it will all become clear.

This is where you have to TRUST and tap only into your Heart and push the ego out of the way and use the Ego for what it is meant to be used for parasympathetic survival mode”rest-and-digest” or “feed and breed” the ego decision do not coincide with LOVE. Trusting and making your decisions from your intuitive HigherSelf wisdom that is coming through. Make your free will choices only from the Heart and do whatever it takes to tell Ego to move out of your mission’s way once and for all to become who you truly are.

I am going to return back to the first Twin Flame explanation now to make you understand how important this message is from HigherSelf right now. It is not a joke it is very serious that you get this NOW.

We are the Key Twin Flames, the first Twins from our Monad that have been created from the beginning of times, created by our Source Mother & Father God. The Masculine and the Feminine flame. We have as I mentioned above in this article been dividing over thousands of years, for this ONE lifetime to come back together. Pass all tests of the school of Earth to graduate for this GRAND FINALE.

Aspects of ourselves live within millions of people. This is why in the case of Key Twin Flames many of one of the counterparts is exposed to many, many people in a positive manner ie: being famous, while the other Twin’s strength is in the spiritual realm doing the work behind the scenes. This is what is known as the Matrix Twin and the Spiritual Twin. While both are obvious spiritual they are designated different roles to play in this final game of Ascension on Earth.

People will resonate with the Twin who is the Matrix Twin doing the work in the public much of the time by their own design. This is for very strategically planned part of the game. These people who resonate with the Key Matrix Twin are resonating because they see themselves in this person. As this Key Twin is them and they are HE or SHE, aspect of he or she’s HigherSelf (which btw I have been seeing BESHE, BEHE signs over and over) .

To My Beloved: “If they don’t love ya Baby, They don’t love themselves” ~ Shelly Sullivan

Just as Arc Angel Michael for example, many resonate with this Arc Angel as they are part of him, they are aspects of AA Michael in action on the Earth to help with Ascension. Only difference here is the Key Twin has returned in a physical body to help those resonate with aspects of themselves, do you get where I am going with this?

A sure give away that you’re from the beginning of your Monad is hearing “You look like someone I know, or that everyone you meet looks familiar.” such is the case with me. This is because they are all me and I AM within all of them. This awakening is growing.

This Key Matrix Twin is the same, except here in the physical body, resonating with thousands, millions and even the whole world, depending on his chosen mission they will reach as many as needed. So when the HigherSelf comes through to the other Spiritual Twin with guidance and messages etc. as this is her role “to awaken the others” This may sound fun or part of a little game, this is not a little game this a HUGE mission of Earth and its Ascension. This is not something you take for granted any longer. It is no joke. It is time for you to work on the finale of your life’s mission.

If you are a key Twin Flame incarnated on this Earth you will you know who you are and will eventually find this message or it will find you. When I receive transmissions messages and out of this world experiences, this same message always trickles into the collective consciousness once, I have experienced the message, or have done certain work for the collective consciousness on a spiritual level to get the continuum flow force of life going in of this sort of evolution. This is what the spiritual Twin does behind the scenes in the Spirits Realm, reaching collectively the vast amounts of the collective consciousness of humanity with their multidimensional self and aspects. Just like the case with the Matrix Twin doing the work more obvious to the people publicly and behind the scene in the dream reality within the cosmos.

This is the exact polarity as well – Dichotomy . One Twin is working physically visible while the other is working spiritual non visible. until they start the mission as one whole together physically. Apart they are setting the foundation that has paved the way of the future.

These Monad Soul Groups are forming on the Earth now and we are all intertwined with the same messages and experiences.

This is why I refer to the SYNCHRONICITIES with such pleasure, I feel the all important connection, as we are all working as ONE for a specific mission carrying out our individual tasks. The further back you go with your Soul creation the bigger the task and the more challenging it is to carry out. This is not about hierarchy, remember the ego is not involved here. This is about accomplishing a mission that started in the beginning of creation and ends here on the Earth.

(Inspiration: My screen just zoomed in and out at 11:17.)

People are being guided to certain others by spirit and synchronicities. Never question this, always respect and follow this guidance.

This mission being accomplished starts with the Soul’s yearning to reunite, as a mass awakening on Earth, that is happening now. We must do everything we can, think, feel and act upon to make this happen NOW. The positive energy of unconditional love must replace the negative energy attached to the lower Ego. Do you see the dichotomy we are living in now and the importance of the free will choices we are making now. This is extreme crucial timing not to be taken lightly.


This is the message that HigherSelf is coming though with now. WE need to keep the focus on the target of the mission and being ONE. This is not a time to Be SAD = Making choices from Ego only, This is a time to BE HAPPY and make choices to free ourselves of the duality we are facing. I was catapulted into this painful duality over the past month to fully get this message and be able to convey it to YOU.

The message of BeSAD which I was shown to the extreme was to get my serious and undivided attention on this lesson and to make sure I share where we are at as a collective consciousness of the Planet Earth consciousness. We are at a crossroads here and the like children facing a crossroads we have to understand how serious the decisions are at this time for setting the structure of our future mission. Our Monad Group, Our HigherSelves are like the parent of the child getting their undivided attention and embedding into their minds and consciousness to be aware of the decisions at this crucial time of our lives all the while with the old existing programming still being shed like old snake skin, painful.

When you have a choice to make ask yourself “is this from the Ego or is this from the HigherSelf in service to the highest good?” Is this for human evolution and Ascension of planet Earth and the surrounding life in the cosmos or is this coming from my little Ego? Continuing to try and go this alone and single handedly trying to find solutions during this monumental important time on earth is next to impossible, especially if your have not learned the practice of listening only to HigherSelf and very few have, this is a constant practice.

Ask the Angels for intervention and help. The Angels require your permission before they can intervene in your free will choices. The same goes for your Angelic Twin Flame, they cannot interfere only offer guidance and solutions.

If you feel like you need guidance for a certain situation you are dealing with at this time in your life, ask for help, not from your ego mind, rather from your Spirit, your Spirit is not just your wild imagination or fantasy, you Spirit is the real YOU. The Soul is in the Spirit and the personality is in the Soul. In my/our case 2 predominant personalities and many, many of other personalities or aspects of and vice versa with collective consciousness = Key Twin Flames, Gods & Goddesses, Genius of the Universes.

I would also like to cover what I mean by the NEW Twin Flames and the New Angelics. I call them new because we are accomplishing things that the Angelics from eons of time in the past present and future have not yet experienced or accomplished. More Angels and Ascended Masters are being made and coming through to help with this monumental time/shift on Earth. This is the biggest experiment ever on any planet. And we the New Angelics are the pioneers. As well as the already 12 strand DNA and above activated and established Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow children of the all forgotten Oraphim parents of the Indigos.

I personally was given my Spirit name of “Saishorie~ Grace” this past year after accomplishing much work in the Spiritual and Physical realms. For those of us who receive these New Angelic names, the will be included in our True HIstory books of the future. When the truth of our History is finally revealed during this monumental time on Earth. These will be the New Angels, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses added to our true history and not just taken for granted as fairy tale mythology any longer. That is part of our mission also, to teach the children the next generations of the New Earth.

Please take this mission for what it is SERIOUS and stop doubting it. This is truly a sacred web we have weaved over the eons of existence in which all of our personalities are connected and depending upon our souls which are directly connected with the Monad that is Divine Source, where we receive the light directed toward conscious higher evolution. The connection with our Divine Creator is a mystery of faith.

The 12 pair of Twin Flames have to be reunited for Earth & Humanity’s ASCENSION. This starts with the First Reunion of the Key Twin Flames.

I will be adding the rituals and ancient tools to clear yourselves from any interference from lower frequencies and seal you off from the lower 3D timelines permanently.

Part 2 “The Psychic Protection” Tools of this article is on its way.


In Love and Light of Higher Service

Shelly Sullivan ~ Saishorie Grace


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