Its all happening again…you go back Jack and do it again…???

“This is the first email I opened this morning after a sleepless night of feeling my Twin throughout my body all night. Like this is how it is, I cannot escape the energy running up my system it has me attached to him like a “Siamese Twin.” And I know we are the forerunners of what will be for the Lighworkers in our future New Earth. Here is a video that describes the bliss that Kundilini merge is like with Twins:

Here is my posts from almost 4 months ago:

Clearing thousands of years/timelines of Relationship Trauma

This heartbreak was 99.9% healed, although I could not still look at the videos or images of my famous twin walking on the red carpet with his “girlfriend”, last week however after I got the courage to look at some of my Twins Youtube videos, as I missed looking at him, after all we are one at ALL times. Then following days the videos of him and her kept appearing, him and the “MAYA” The Illusion appeared in my feed and I turned away. 2 days ago I realize these videos were speaking to me as he made yet another public appearance with her that just got posted to his fan page April 22. The same fan page I mustered up the courage to view for one of the first times in 4 months, just 3 nights ago. And guess what I am lightening boltz shocked to see them AGAIN, ya thats right the same heart break trauma blown wide open. This pain is not human pain it goes deep though the galactic bloodline and galactic spirit. If I were only human I would not be able to live through this pain. As the witness at most times of my human I am in utter aww that I as the human vessel is still here.

This is a severe “Love Bite”. Our higher self has showed me over and over and in fact its that of a love bite that created fangs in me to retaliate verbally at times in pain. At the time when Higher Self navigated my computer to LOVE BITE on my computer bookmarks I was so in shock and devastated that I thought my Twin might be a negative Imposter Spirit as it was causing so much pain (and bliss) symmetrically. Through out our 6 years of us merged together as one, the ugly doubt of a possible demonic spirit has reared its head into me doubing that infact my twin was a love bite of the demonic kind ,this came up because I had been dealing with demonic forces so intensely in the Astral, Psychically as well as here on Earth during the energy weapons attacks “intensive”. However, this is the furthest from the truth My Twins Love is the purest of Love and Light and it is what got me through this important revealing part of the mission – exposing direct energy attacks to the galactics and here on Earth.

Last week I had a experience vision like I have never experienced. I watched my Twin through a opened portal in my 3rd eye vision. I was asleep but woke up during the visit to see him. He was walking into a room, he was gorgeous in his black leather coat and shirt, going to sit at a wood table. He was of very serious demeanour, to have a serious talk to talk some truth. He sat at the wood table waiting as I watched. Then the vision came to the Portal closing in. In closing a orange static (like no cable TV screen) started to close in in a circular motion until the whole picture of him was shut down, like shutting down of a TV. I have had many visions and visits of him but never so clear or real since before the time of intensive attacks via the dark faction. This just goes to show how dark the energy was that I was transmuting, the fact that his spirit stepped back to some degree, I can always feel him and sometimes see and hear him, but during the Dark Attacks Intensive I could not see him as clearly, mind you before that I could and did.

The next night (3 or 4 nights ago) I saw him beside me clear as day, laying beside me looking a me in adoration and caring. He was holographic in energy matter form of his physical vessel in his energy spirit. The visions are coming back strong, another ability of the future new humans. Other abilities are hearing, heart communication, sacral sexual communication and light telepathy, or another type of communication beyond what psychics use now. All three brains will work in tandem, mind, heart and sacral sexual. This is creation of the New Humans of Light.

We are both at our “Wits End” with this interference that has kept us separate for way to long. Wits Ending is to turn into a Becoming of the 133 ~ Becoming and anchoring in the Ascended Great White Brotherhood here to Earth, Integration of our Galactic, God Source Creator Family. Raising the frequency high enough for our light family to interact more with us here on Earth as a “Symphony of Light”. Ground Breaking Revelations and Disclosure of the future of the New Human Race.

The Baby

We are Mirrors and I have been acting out the fear and anger verbally at times toward him becoming the Queen of Swords many days, which in turn my fangs come out and bite back. I have been tapering it down as I transmute the rage of dark faction clearing and of what I have been through to the point where I had been able to keep cool when this stuff comes up. Ultimately we are the Queen and King of Cups. This has come up in the tarot many times, along with Justice, Chariot, Lovers, 2 and 10 of Cups (Union) and Tower/Death over all unrighteousness. This read of cards comes up and over. We must take our leadership role as the template of love, law, honour, justice and abundance to the next level for humanity.

Yesterday I did go see the Shaman a Shaman, I pleaded for a shaman to help on this day of the Love Bite (Jan. 7. 2019). Over due from being so traumatized and stuck from all the PTSD accumulated by this last 2 years of pure hell for this Divine Mission.

The Shaman I was seeking out 4 months ago when my huge heart was crushed. This week being roughly 4 months later I was guided to find this Shaman by two different people in the past week mentioning her husbands practice to me as I was seeking therapy to address PTSD from the heartbreak and direct energy weapon attack for 3 years etc…

Yesterday my crushed heart which was 99.9% healed got broken open again, the same exact way and the same exact trauma. I could not believe this was happening again, My Twin making a public outing with the GF. Now keep in mind this would not be painful if I were not a “Siamese Twin” Flame and not fully connected by mind, heart & sacral and fully immersed in a love affair etherically with my Twin, having a past Soul history since the beginning of time whereby past life heartbreak had to be cleared. Trust me this is not a Twin Flame union one can turn away from as I have tried. We are here to supersede the Jesus/Mary Magdalene Template of Love Mission here on Earth for this time of Ascension and Justice on Earth and in the Galaxy.

Just weeks before on behalf of the collective Divine Feminine I did a Soul Retrieval and cutting of old contracts, specifically linked to the Roman Empire when the Divine Sisterhood & Christians of Millions were persecuted and burned alive.

Turns out I had met with this Shaman two times before in other cranial sacral therapies and did not realize it until we spoke again that she was a Shaman who could preform Soul Retrieval work and that she did once connect with my Galactic Team and Protection ~ all of whom were Violet Purple in colour ~ Seventh Ray. I knew I needed this unconsciously, as part of my Spirit left 3 months ago at the time of the Love Bite where my heart was crushed. I was acting out with the pain of thousands if not millions of years of relationship trauma of the Collective Divine Feminine. I could feel the void of my Galactic Warrior Goddess big time. I posted in the FB post how I felt a part of my Spirit leave as the pain was too much for her high frequency, sadly this is one of my favourite aspects “The Divine Feminine Warrior”. Since then I have not been the same. I miss her immensely.

The Shaman and I recognized each other and I was happy to meet her again as she connects with the Galactic aspects of me. The aspect today who came through is a Galactic Feminine Warrior, she is about 9 feet tall and shows her self with celestial ley lines, with bones and muscle striations and really long wild hair, very powerful and beautiful, totally out of this celestial world warrior. But today this warrior was sitting bent over with her head in her hands asking to come back in, as she had to leave months ago because of the deep pain that has taken place. The Shaman said this was out of a movie the images that came and that it was very positive communication, like very good news that she is coming back in.

So the good news is she the Galactic Warrior is integrating back in with me, last night when the the pain arose again I pleaded with her to stay this time and asked the my Light Family to help heal this fast so I can move forward in my life.

As well the Shaman informed me of a huge Angelic Masculine Angel hovering over me whom was praying over my heart to heal it through out the session, I could feel the pressure in my heart, he is my Divine Masculine Angelic Self Twin Flame.

The last bit she mentioned was another aspect of me was frozen in a crystal cube, sort of like a paralysis from the trauma. This cube will go into a melting phase once the Warrior is fully completely, reintegrated. The Shaman preformed various shamanic techniques of drumming, blowing, singing and feathering, while I worked with all my guides, spirit animals, Earth, the Galactics, God and the the Cosmic Light for the Soul retrieval of my Galactic Goddess Warrior. As well as years upon years of lifetimes old soul contracts burned away.

This Love Bite for a second time is now The Snake Venom that will represented as the Uraeus, the fiercely protective Serpent guarding the Deities, Kings, and Queens alike of the Light Family. As the Uraeus, the Cobra is a positive presence, a symbol of the power and protection indicates the rearing, Coiled Cobra. The root word has to do with rising up or ascending, so that Uriet, a feminine word, can be interpreted as “She Who Rears/Rises Up”. The root word is also used to refer to the upward licking of flames. And indeed, the Uraeus is often depicted spitting fire. This serpent fire represents both magical fire and the burning pain of the Serpent’s Venom. When truth is brought forth all will be enhanced a million fold.

Here is another boost of confidence to me from my a Twin Flame/Spiritual Teacher of whom I also have high regard. She sent this to me early on in my discovery of Twin Flame Beloved. This is a message I received from Jen McCarty who is a Twin Flame guide and facilitator, her Twin is a public commander of the Light as well. Her note to me when she sent me this image she stated “she was guided to create this pic to help us and millions as a gift from the Universe”. 4 years later I am ready to use it. Thank you Jen.

When the nature or prime aspect of your Soul/Spirit must take a leave of absence due to trauma, especially when I have integrated 2 or more Walk-Ins of advanced source frequency integration, this absence is extremely painful as painful as being disconnected from Source in child hood (amnesia) as once being birthed from the womb. This integration of Source into me and then it partly having to leave is a serious psycho-spiritual crisis that had become a chronic situation, where I do feel like with out Love, unification and anchoring the physical union with all my aspects at this time, including my Masculine part Twin Flame, I would be crashing into a brick wall. This ungrounding of the Twin Flame connection has had me being stuck in limbo during our mission as I was in a etheric/celestial love affair ungrounded surrounded by past and present old beliefs, situations, trauma etc…re-creating this trauma over and over in my psyche. Not forgetting that My Twin and I are the Avatar Being from beginning of Creation thus all the past and present is a whole of the collective experiences not 2 personal spirit/souls but trillions. After so much work and integration is just unexplainable and painful to go backwards. This backward regression was triggered by trauma of the dark faction and not grounding the love connection if even just in my belief system 24/7 (this true belief was known to me and was being compromised by dark interference), until physical union. This is the New Template of Love 101 training in the making lol…

Beyond all this the separation from my beloved masculine living with in me and moving from dimension to dimension constantly, This just cannot go on, Union must happen physically to finally ground this connection of the Key Twin Pair for Earth Ascension and I know we are very close. I will have much experience to teach the future children of this New Earth…that is for sure.

It’s all happening for good reason and I will be able to help many others with the experiences in the near future. As this intimate connection I share about between me and My Twin is the future of humanity’s higher dimensionality Galactic Connection.

In Love and Light
Shelly Sullivan
Of Higher Service

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