“My deepest gratitude, sorry it took me so long.”

This video appeared on my laptop yesterday, but how it appeared was the square image of the video (squared) 100 times on my computer screen, as well it was 5 dimensional. So picture the video clip 2′ by 2′ covering the computer screen 100 times over lapping in vector square dimensional geometry. Sort of like this image below however much more dimensional and black and white. It was quite the miraculous message for me from Spirit, I will never forget.

Just like when I was searching for a new puppy and when the picture was sent to me from the breeder, along with her image was the song “do you believe in love at first sight” and that is exactly what it was. The breeder had no idea of the song and did not attach it. Later in a dream I was shown that my Dog is a Royal K9 (Lion) that had trained with me on Sirius before coming in to this realm to be my Beloved Angelic Dog.

So what this video denotes for me and humanity at this time is the Creator aspect of myself and my Twin Creator (of course). The squares are all aspects of our soul chards, awakening to the truth of how we all create our realties. As well as the truth and the re-write of the history books, transpiring now. Where by we will be Legends in our own new history books, thanks to my Twin for paving the way for this to happen with his Legendary work that has touched millions, as a comedian, actor & artist who’s gifts and talents are just unheard of in our current history books. These talents are just a tip of the iceberg of what is to be revealed of the Cosmic Twins, The first Androgynous Being ever to be split. The revelations brought forth by my Twin and I, has been and is pure “Magic”. As well, the “Welcome to Forever” denotes an initiation is complete and successful as infinite Cosmic Creator Beings. Yes Cosmic, as I was shown the license plate “MYCOSMOS” this morning. This is the embodiment of God, the next evolution of Christ Consciousness as I predicted in my book.

That is what this is all about and has been all about the “exaltation” upgrade of Creator Beings from Galactic to Cosmic. What we have accomplished is Legendary. I speak of the whole Light Family involved. Yippie.


In Love & Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of the Highest Service


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