Virus Attack via Wireless and Internet Devices



Last night I watched TV for the first time in over a week and I was hit with a nasty flu virus. I watched a scheduled show on HBO and this is how the virus was contracted via electromagnetic wifi waves, I sent text about the show I planned to watch and this was monitored. I know that if I watch the show after it has aired and is recorded the attack is not there. I did this on purpose to test what I had suspected about the dark tactics. My TV is wireless as this is a new residential area I live in, and that is all the Cable company offers. It was quite telling when I entered into the Cable company store when I first moved in and the customer service guy explained to me of the exceptional deal they have going for the new residences of this newly built area is extremely cheap for the best internet, wifi and cable and he even used the words that “BELL CANADA, wants to attack this area with as much internet/wifi/cable possible. Yes he actually used the word ATTACK!

These types of attacks are set up via corporations such as (BELL FIBE & ROGERS IGNITE. Any smaller companied that offer internet are under these umbrellas. HYDRO ONE is also involved with the weaponry. Every city and suburban city is designed and structured to constantly bombarded and hit people with these cancer causing, immune breaker systems. This is happening from internet to lamp posts of your street, blue tooth in your car and any hydro system along main streets designed specifically to make people sick.

One of my new abilities that has come online this past 2 years is the ability to get others to speak my Higher Self truth, the Over Soul of the One Mind of God, while we are in conversation. This gives me information and truth to my mission. This is a mission by God and no one can stop the justice that is coming, no one.

In order for me to be able to watch a show on TV without getting bombarded with negative radiation I must get my TV cable hard wired. So for now I just don’t watch TV. Same goes for Wifi, so I usually leave my house as of late to do work on the computer. I do have ethernet cable but and a desk top, but I recently realized this is useless as my internet is all wireless wifi ie: the cable tv is wireless.

Any way I am updating any one who reads my blogs to let you know that these types of attacks are still going on. I can feel when the heavy energy attacks come and it usually happens on the weekends. I have tried to get away on weekends however this weekend I just wanted to relax at home, looks like that is not an option any longer.

I feel like what I am experiencing is sort of a “test” for the other higher frequency beings to be able to see how there frequency will react to the electromagnetic fields at this time upon Earth.

This is a operation I am part of and there is like everything a positive and negative polarity involved. There is the dark faction that does not want the planet to ascend and there is the positive military who is helping with the Light Workers here for Ascension.

The problem is most of the spiritual light worker community is they do not want to face the truth of the Dark interference and they want to focus only of love and light which is simply denial.

My point is sharing this message is to show that in fact this is a military operation I am involved in. It involves the light and the dark. I am exposing the dark and working with the light via technology.

Also I want the dark faction to understand that I KNOW WHO YOU ARE and they are in a great deal of trouble for what they have done to me, Earth/Gaia and Humanity. I am working with the Galactic forces of Light as well as the Cosmic Creator and the positive military. My wise advice to you is stop interfering with me as you are only getting yourself in deeper trouble.


I feel like this weekend was another attack as all weekend while in my house the negative weaponry was present and by getting a head ache and the flu/chills/fever this morning confirms it is via the TV and internet once again. Other symptoms I have but do not need to go into details except the head aches.

I am going to continue to speak my truth and justice will prevail without a doubt.

Lastly here is a video by Alison Coe that explains to some extent the crucial point we are at on this Earth and how we must start speaking our truth.

Shelly Sullivan

I AM Saishorie~Grace

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