WE ARE CREATORS ~ Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine Twin Creators

I have published my book of my Journey into the Twin Flame Awakening, what I have come to learn as I delve deeper into my Multi-Dimensional Self and experience who I truly am, I finally understand that I am a Twin however not a “Twin Flame” but I am along with my Masculine other half, we are the first pair of “Twin Creators”. Although I have remembered our creations, not until recently do I see more clearly the difference between a Twin Flame/Twin Soul/Soul Mates and what myself and my “Twin Creator”. We are the first Pair of Masculine and Feminine split as I describe in my book hence Twin Creators. Twin Souls/Twin Flames are our off spring so to speak. At the end of this blog please check out the video by Laura Eisnehower, where she summarizes very nicely the process of creation stemming back from the very beginning.

“Remembering our Spiritual Selves as Universes birthed from the Central Universe/Central Sun/Mother Womb and my self as Divine Mother Creator & My Masculine Counter Part as the Divine Father Creator ~ The Seventh Ray White Diamond Elders”.

Here are some excerpts from my book:

Chapter 32, Twin Flames and their roles in Ascension

I will shed some ancient knowledge about Twin Flames which will more clearly support my point of the great importance of this current experience. It is important to know that the time is upon us now on Earth that You and Me Twin Creators, The Twin Flames and their Twin Flame Counterparts and Aspects of the respective Twin Flames, have been specifically sent to Earth to help the volunteers of humanity with the Ascension of Earth. Higher Self is working through us to make sure we complete our contractual mission.

The Higher Self of which I speak, is a powerful Spirit of the first ever Twin Flames created by Mother & Father God. This Higher Self is called into action with the physical bodies to carry our divinely ordained mission, a mission which was dictated directly from Source God Creator, a mission that will not be denied. Know that there is help and support of other Angelic beings who are also working around the planet. We are the physical vessels and original Key Twin Flames. “WE ARE THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH AND ALL OF ITS CREATION”
This transmission came through to me recently by Higher Self just as the transmission, “BE ALL OF YOU, BE THE
CONTINUUM FORCE FLOW OF LIFE” came through around this time last year.

When Higher Self gets involved this radically with a Twin Flame Union you know to pay attention
Each and every one of these Souls have a Higher Self. Twin Flames share one Higher Self and individual souls have their own Higher Self. In my case, with my Twin Flame, we are one or the ONE of the original paired Twin Flames from the beginning of all creation with aspects of ourselves living multidimensionally everywhere. We exist in other realms, in other dimensions, on other planets and here on Earth. We are constantly picking up on and integrating with particles, systems and vibrations.

We agreed before being born to carry out this mission before us now on Earth, and were given very specific ingrained knowledge of our roles and duties. The Higher Self is the one in possession of our spiritual contract, the plan we made for ourSelf before we incarnated. He/She has our instruction manual and life plan is in his/ her magical hands and we have Free Will in our hands. The key is to recognize our free will choices and to make sure they are choices in harmony with our Higher Self, our true Divinity and soul purpose.

We have reincarnated back into physical bodies this time around as a female and a male. We have ONE Higher Self, who is orchestrating, or in my case already has orchestrated, our Physical meeting for eventual Re-Union. This task that God Source Creator has bestowed upon our Higher Self and Higher Self has been working with me in the way of showing signs and helping to awaken others. It is a task that is to be taken very seriously, even though the manner of delivery is through an adventurous-like fun game of being embodied on Earth as a human being.
The Higher Self of our Spirit has a very good sense of humour and does view our life here as game in which we play with high stakes. We have been granted free will to choose how we would like to play out this movie/game here on Earth. However, our Higher Self has a specific job of making sure we follow the Guidance being presented to us. I, “Shelly Sullivan,” am as the messenger to keep us (me and my Twin Creator) on the path and to overcome possible choices, options that have been made of our Ego, for we are given the free will “pass” that each human is
given. The free will “pass” is not an option at this point in our personal game plan, as well as this pass is no longer an option at this crucial crossroads in life between Old and the New that we face NOW. One eventually comes to realize that our free will is (and always has been) in accordance with Divine Will and that is when Peace is recovered and balance is restored.

Chapter 1 Creators of Destiny

These ancient God creators created with their pure consciousness of love. The Divine Plan for the New Earth has come. Mr. Extraordinaire and Mrs. Saishorie~Grace are more than prepared for their mission at hand for the New Earth Realm. They are the future of the New Earth and its reformation for the planets new grid field into the pristine vibrant green and blue planet that it was once upon a time.

These two Gods at times became lonely and had the desire to procreate. They configure to create, seeding the Universes with all the wonders of the New Earth, replicating over and over. Mr. Extraordinaire creates with his acute third eye flower of life, measuring out precisely with his magnificent binocular vision. He knows the rule of third energy, the oneness and the trinity, and uses its supremely. Universes create by using the trinity energy to manifest. This is the Earth, Sun and the Moon procreating along with the feminine Saishorie~Grace Mother energy.
Saishorie~Grace assists on spreading their legacy across the galaxies and stars. Her energies propel her speed of light to move her swiftly through the biosphere. Her delivery system makes strides across the Milky Way. This manifestation would take centuries in lower dimensions, but where she resides here in the 7th – infinite dimension, it is instant manifestation.
Saishorie~Grace received her God Creator Archangel Status by demonstrating her trade mark of balance and speed that teleports her planets where they needed to go, by gracefully orchestrating the Divine planned trajectory moment by moment.

Together this Extraordinary Twin Flame pair predicted the future using his imagination to give options alongside her acute ability to see the options and piece together the worlds around them. They recognize everything in the atmosphere, not missing a single molecule, atom or light particle. He senses whatever may be out of view from the masculine third eye and she senses through the vision of God Source Creator’s mind.
Together they will remove the limits from the Human genome, thus allowing the humans to now build through the One God Mind of Unity Consciousness, using the human’s minds and hands. This is the turning point in human history. The Twin Flame pair are ready to take their physical place together and take their place in history. Other Colonies in the Solar System will follow this prototype as the New Earth inhabitants begin to awaken like sleeping beauty. This is the time of Triumph!
Their wisdom and spirit will live on in their children, the millions and billions of Soul Chards they have created and continue to create and the millions of worlds they give life to. Humility is on the shoulders of this giant sentient being.

What they have worked so hard for has and will pay off. The personal Plan of this last dance on Earth will bring the two Key Twin Flames together in this lifetime. Every minute detail has been seeded, planted and manifested of their lives from birth to the extent of their origin of birth as it is in the very close vicinity on Earth Realm. Mr. Extraordinaire incarnated in Earth’s year of 1962, following Mrs. Saishorie~Grace’s incarnation in 1967.
These beautiful sentient Beings of light are so powerful their Soul Being had to incarnate into two physical bodies and millions of Soul Shards, aspects of themselves incarnated into millions of physical vessels. Their mission was to become their original Sovereign Beings of Light and to raise the consciousness of the New Earth, breaking the karmic cycle of the dark ages once and for all.

From day one, they knew of their superpowers, for these two Twin Flames are Master Manifestors of the Universes. Saishorie~Grace enjoyed her Earthly childhood years flying around and was aware of her Masculine Counterpart in spirit. She could see and change the future, she could make it rain, create a storm or bring about sunshine with her heart-based intentions. They could shape shift, they could read minds, they had knowledge of just about everything under the sun. They lived off the Sun and flowed with the rhythm of the moon. This was just the beginning of their remembering of who they truly are and soon, by the Earthly age of seven, it would be the end of their Remembering for a long while. All of the inhabitants of this far, far away land called Earth, had these abilities, but there soon came a time they would all have amnesia.
When a soul would incarnate onto the Earth, they would very soon after birth get amnesia. Saishorie~Grace remembered who she was until the tender age of seven. By this age and this time, the dense programming from society and authority figures was what brought the onset of amnesia.
This Planet Earth was far, far away in quarantine because of abuse and destruction. The Earth planet’s sentience, Gaia, endured it and had to be shielded if she were to survive these constant attacks due to the wars of control. Prime Creator had it protected as everyone wanted a piece of the beautiful Planet Earth. The game was: Who will control Earth?


The placement of Earth within the Solar System had shifted vastly. Earth was no longer in the same place it once was in the Milky Way. Very few know about this fact, but Saishorie~Grace does. She witnessed the birth of the New Earth, The New Sun and the New Solar System. She was well informed while this birth was taking place. She was well informed of the knowledge of the Astronomy. A fellow ally of Planet Earth worked with Saishorie~Grace in the Milky Way. He was once an inhabitant of Earth and was given the Soul name of Carl Sagan. He was one of the greatest astronomers to ever incarnate. He mentored Saishorie~Grace and prepared her for this monumental time on Earth just in time when her amnesia was lifted in 2012. ~ Saishorie~Grace.

Here is the Video from Laura Eisenhower http://cosmicgaiasophia.com

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