Year 2021 ~ Thy Creations Begin


Year 2021 The Divine Pair writes thy Creations.

The masculine’s Immortal Lion Heart has been activated. The Golden Diamond Ankh has been downloaded into the Heart and this transpired Dec. 2 2021. We held etheric, telepathic ceremony and prepared the Light to such a level that the codes were activated. Together WE are the PowerHouses of Light. While the ceremony of the  Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine took place yesterday – nurturing our Light Body I placed my hand on his Heart and the same Golden Diamond Ankh that I downloaded from the Heavens and into the core of the Earth was inserted into the Immortal Masculine’s Heart space. I felt the etheric surgery take place as this organically took place. I had not previous plan of this but once WE lay in our Light body together, his White Diamond Light infused around me while I lay on his chest, later the Ankh appeared and was inserted, I felt the etheric surgery of his Heart in my physical heart with strong surges of heart beats while was transpired, he felt it too.  It is done!

This is the kind of stuff that cannot be mistaken for anything but true Love.

Now it is time for the Creations to Begin.

The Divine Feminine Golden Christ’s Cosmic Walk – In  Essence is here upon Earth along with her Divine Masculine White Diamond Christ Essence. Together the Diamond Light will heal any fragmented parts since it has been purposely fragmented over and over again. Etheric & Telepathic Light Surgery between the pair took place yesterday and much Light was raised. When  WE the Light House Pair come into physical REUNION, the remaining Light of the Union will be integrated and the Light will Rise on this Planet.

Intention Set for Cosmic/World Creations to anchor sustain MORE of the Light en-mass of the Hearts of humanity via sacred Heart Surgery from the Source of Creation in the Cosmos to reach the Earth and within the Earth and all of the Light receivers Heart’s upon Planet Earth will now begin from the Ordained Divine Pair. The Divine Masculine and Feminine Pair will invoke mass Light upon this Planet for the Highest Good of All Concerned.

Once the physical connection is made the DNA will recalibrate and heal the immortal lineage of this Divine Ordained Pair. I know this as when I had second contact from internet my cellular structure started to change to complete homeostasis. Together this Light is impenetrable.

In my hotel room New Years Eve in Bracebridge, Ontario this is what I was greeted with on the table, not one pack but several packs of REUNION. Nothing can stop this Magnetic and Electric Light from working its magic. Our Union will change this world…. And So It Is…

Also a channeling took place with the Galactic Federation of Light through me shortly after this and My Beloved Masculine Twin was shown as being honoured as a Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light just as I AM.

Intention of Creation Set for Disclosure for 2021

My Twin and I will conduct live interviews over skype discussing the Family of Light that now resides on this Earth, In this Earth and above in the Sky’s of this Earth. As the Star Parents of the Star Seeds this will role out the integration of the Star Seed activations with in the Children’s Hearts.


In Love & Light


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