Writing’s of a Future Timeline Script of the New Earth ~ Angelic ET Contact

Writing’s of a Future Timeline Script of the New Earth that has already occurred as of this now moment ~ Angelic ET Contact.

In this video post I speak about my experience upon where I entered into a timeline where I had written the first Chapter of my book titled “Creators of Destiny” Chapter 1 from my book Adventure of Saishorie~Grace, Sovereign Being Book 1. In this Chapter I am writing of a future timeline in which I experience the battle unbeknownst to me that has now occurred. So in 2017 I wrote about a script that would start to play out after it had been written. Here is the video to explain as well as the 1st Chapter that I had written originally as the 33rd Chapter of my book.


Chapter 1 Creators of Destiny

Shortly after publishing this, I read Georgi Stankov’s update on hi Universal press page. I am including this as he is probably one of the few on this Earth who truly understand the intensity of the battle that has been taking place upon and around this Earth. I guess not many are meant to know. I am also writing this for future reading  for those of my family and friends that I wish for them to understand the seriousness of what I have been involved with and what has pulled me away for the time, while all has been healed.

Here is the email I sent to George along with his article:

Hello George

I read your latest and have to tell you, although quite disturbing what you had to deal with I can totally relate and happy to hear I am not alone. This is what I have been dealing with for 4 years consistently, hence my “crimes against humanity” chronicle.
Dec. 23rd I experienced the worst attack in the night that I have ever felt yet, but knew it was part of the clearing process. Yesterday as I was watching a video by Phil Good-Life whom channel the Arcturians also, the video glitched out at the word “derail” and immediately knew it was confirmation of the derailing that has been going one for years with me. I wanted to send you the confirmation and thank your for the update and reassurance of the victory of the light.
Also I read your article with the man who experienced interference with his Spotify, to unreal as I have had the same experiences with my music. Only after I started writing about if publicly “the benevolent” technology interference did it eventually become of interest to the dark and they constantly interfered later with my music at certain negative words in songs.
I have been anchoring the Light across the Canadian Shield for 4 years straight now. Ontario is quite lite up and that is a magnificent portal/gateway for the Stargate.



The Stargate For the Shift Early 2021 Is Fully Opened

In Love and Light


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