Proof of Energy Weapons Attack

First I would like to highlight that this operation/mission I have been on with the Virus and 5G – Energy Weapons etc… is all part of the dismantling of this sinister plan, this is proof of the sinister scam as a reality in the highest timeline for Ascending Humanity and Planet Earth. All my sacrifices upon this mission are to reveal and take down this plan. This is the Divine Plan being carried out at this time.For example in my video Energy Weapons – Virus’s I have words running on the bottom of video explaining that Class Action Law suits will happen for the crimes agains humanity and since that video many, many law suits have manifested.

Below is an image I share of the proof of the paraphernalia I found by following my intuitive guidance.  I would also like to share the experience of the last severe attack on me by the minions. I was feeling very up beat this Saturday August 22nd 2020 morning and made my way to my scheduled Yoga Class. I reserved my place of an application for fitness classes in the Muskoka area, the app is called mind body spirit app, where the studio pays for placement so their members can hold a spot in the class by paying for it. 

This was the second class I booked the other one was on the previous Friday. As I walked to the studio on the lake in the marina I noticed a peculiar looking man sitting in the chair directly across from the Yoga room. He looked so out of place as he was not in summer gear and he was intently and obsessively looking at his phone that he had held up in front of his face. 

I began to take some pics of the waterfront and my phone freakishly slid out of my grip and sank into the water. I felt it was really odd how it fell out as it was securely on me. I attempted to get a net to fish it out. When I walked to the office and past the weird man, he now appeared very disturbed to me. He almost looked mentally retarded  or sick in some way, at least this is the vibe I got. After not being able to find a net I decided to jump in the lake, with hopes to find my phone and I did. It was still on in the water (5 min later). I had a feeling now, that I was not suppose to be on my phone as I have been attacked numerous time via my iphone. But I ignored the intervention of Spirit and I continued to use the phone in the Yoga Marina Lake house. So I posted these pics on Facebook of the beautiful setting I was to do Yoga in. I then turned my phone off. The sick man was off to the left of this first pic seated just before the Mat House in a red chair, completely out of place.

10 minutes into the class I started to feel really week and off, 20 min. In I was feeling aches throughout my body and very hot. I moved my mat into another location as I had been attacked in this way many times and know the feeling. However now I know its not just me and started to put the pieces together of this particular attack. The attack was from the disturbed man outside. He was very much out of his element surrounded by a bunch of Yogis and exercise buff in work out summer wear, he was in grundy dark clothes and he looked creepy, exactly what you would imagine a minion to look like. 

The following days I had realized I had been hit with a very serious bio-weapon that I had to intensely clear and felt every minute of it very consciously.  Not only was I hit with a bio weapon (flu virus via iPhone) They also used direct energy weaponry the 2 following days toward me in my apartment on the water. This has been going on for years, however I couldn’t understand where they could be located as I am on a huge lake now, but I had my suspicions.

After a couple months of living up North on the Water I could start to feel when the minions found were I was. I felt the radiation directed toward me various days, especially weekends and the head aches as well. My dog and I when we would walk near the town where this was all taking place, on some days we could not barley make a short walk, where as other days it was completely easy. This has been going on so long I know it inside out.

This particular hit on me felt like the last, I had guidance working with me very clearly and I knew where to go look for some answers. So today August 27th 2020 I put the guidance and intuitive pieces together and went for a little drive by. This is what I found directly across the lake that faces my apartment.

I found this paraphernalia of a Bell Satlelite, a Smart meter set up with the smart meter taken out ,temporality until they go to use it again. Also lots of cable and other technology. This was shown to me telepathically and other ways on where to go. This stuff was located on a empty lot of land that is up for sale. The address is 1099

BOOM! So here is the winning factual images I took today to finally prove my truth.

The same group or faction that carries out this kind of operation is the same faction what lights the California Fires by Direct Energy Weapons.



In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service


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