War in The Sky ~ Initiation of an Archangel


War in the Sky

It was 2014 and Saishorie~Grace spent a lovely 2 weeks under the Sun, on the Earth and flowing with the rhythm of the Moon cycles. This was very healing for not just the physical vessel but the mental, emotional, spiritual and etheric body. Rest and rejuvenation are imperative for humans to honour their bodies’ cycles.

Upon extending her vacation, Saishorie~Grace witnessed her Higher Self synchronicity transpiring over the course of 2 days of attempting to re-book a flight. She could not escape the feeling of a perfect flight time being orchestrated in Divine Order. Each time she spoke to an agent, some weird incident would happen and no flight arrangements could be made. Some type of stalling was taking place; even her name was being misspelled on the booking. She started to realize something else was at play here, something bigger than her physical action toward rebooking a flight home. Instead of resetting it, she went with the flow.

To take a break from extending hours on the phone back and forth with the booking agents, she went for a walk on the beach to recharge her energy fields. A man selling jewelry approached her. Immediately a pendant caught her eye. It was so shiny and gleamed into her eyes from the reflection of the sun. She asked him, “What does this symbol mean?” The man explained to her, “This is a beautiful symbol of the Hand of God, it is protection.” Immediately Saishorie~Grace bought this pendant as it felt very right at the time. It also was the exact symbol she had on a sweater she wore on the plane to Mexico. However, she did not know it was the Hand of God, she thought it swore of feelings of jealousy toward her. She could feel this negated vibration of jealousy whenever it was projected to her and was learning to protect herself from this low vibration that beautiful Princesses often deal with. So, for her it was very synchronistic and meant to be.

Later she returned to attempting to arrange her flight. Finally, all fell into place. She booked her flight and her seat, and knowing her seat was a sequence number gave her a sense of safety. The next day she was off to the airport feeling really good to be on her way back to her Earthly home with her soul mate son and he Angelic embodied dog. Much healing had taken place on this vacation and she felt great.

While sitting at the airport, she was going to have a cerveza beer when a lady sat near her and peculiarly asked about her sweater with the “Hand of God” on it. Saishorie~Grace almost fell off her chair, staring in disbelief that this lady was asking, and the feeling she got around this woman was intense. The lady who brought up the “Hand of God” symbol on her shirt began to explain where this symbol originated from in more and more detail. She went on to explain that it originated from Israel and the name of it was Hamsa Hand, an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. She said, “In all faiths it is a protective sign. It brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.” She was laughing with joy. This interaction and dialogue was very unexpected and well received by Saishorie~Grace, until this lady started to explain the shadow side of this symbol, the Evil eye side. She said, “The evil eye is a look given to inflict harm, suffering, or some form of bad luck on the person that it is cast upon so wearing this symbol will protect you from any enemy.” As Saishorie~Grace looked at her, her vibration immediately dropped and she sensed this. She ended the meeting and dialogue with the words, “You are safe and protected,” and then she left.

From that moment, Saishorie~Grace antennas went into full receptivity. She opened her senses on every level and her keen third eye examined the surroundings every level of consciousness. Saishorie~Grace put her full beer down and did not take another sip of alcohol for a very long time. This game has gotten serious. She continued to proceed to the boarding of the airplane, very conscious. She found her seat and sat down calmly, until a big foreign man approached her and said “Miss, you’re in the wrong seat.” Bewildered, she looked up and replied, “No this is my seat, the agent told me when I checked my luggage in and confirmed B22.” The man pulled out his ticket and showed B22. Saishorie~Grace’s head started to spin, cold sweat took over her body and she left her body to scan the airplane and get answers. She connected with the pilot’s energy and the other assisting staff. Soon her physical body would follow and her eyes locked into the woman’s eyes whom she met while almost having a beer before boarding. The lady’s blue eyes pierced into Saishorie~Grace’s eyes and were telepathically communicating to her “You are protected. You are safe.”

This moment was surreal. Saishorie~Grace, on an emotional and spiritual level, was preparing for an attack, a war in the sky. Her intuitiveness captured the truth of the energy that was transpiring. There was a force that would interfere with this plane’s flight. This was an attempt on Saishorie~Grace’s life, to take her out of the physical reality of the Earth Realm. Her power would be significant to the New Earth and a threat to the ones who have previously been in control. Her adversaries were here in physical form as well as in the other dimensions. She knew she needed all of the assistance she could invoke from her family of light, the Archangels and Ascended Masters. This was War in the Sky. She was not sure what kind of force they would use to try and take the plane down, but she knew what powerful forces she would use.Sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie? Well Sci~Fi is reality.

Saishorie~Grace went back to the stewardess to get her seat. The stewardess politely took her to the seat that is the main seat over the emergency exit. Saishorie~Grace was in complete parasympathetic mode, fighting in her mind for her life. The male steward walked by her this time, giving her a Alien like look, and she felt he was an Alien for sure, and of the adversary kind. Things were very strange, quite surreal and intense. Let the War begin, she thought. She visualized her Spirit above the plane with all of her other Angelic family of rainbow light. She called upon Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Sandalphon, Archangel Raphael. She called upon Archangel Uriel, Archangel Azrael, Archangel Gabriel and all of the nameless Archangel family as well as all the Ascended Masters to help her during this War that would transpire in the Sky, the Final War… or was it?

She sat with her eyes closed in meditation for 4 hours, not moving. Her physical body was in the seat, however her mental body was in the Galaxy and her Spirit was everywhere. The plane ride was tumultuous, the passengers at many times were asked to stay belted in their seats while the plane and pilot worked feverishly at maintaining its flight. The War was in full sway. Saishorie~Grace knew this but the Pilot and the passengers did not know. The passengers thought it was an uncomfortable, shaky flight, and the pilot was using every bit of his training expertise and known tactics to keep the plane in control. Saishorie~Grace did not physically speak with the pilot but she knew psychically what was going on.

Finally, as the flight landed, the whole plane of 225 passengers clapped extensively while the pilot rushed out and immediately connected with Saishorie~Grace’s eyes; he was sweating, flush red like a tomato, and in an extreme state of disbelief. This woman he gleamed at, had raised a big stink when her seat was changed and he had heard all about it. The pilot knew. He was fully aware that he was the pilot who just help to survive a War in the Sky.

Saishorie~Grace got home that evening and hugged her dog and son so tightly, hoping she would never have to let them go.


Shelly Sullivan

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