Dismantling of Mind Control into the One Diamond Mind


Dismantling of Mind Control 

We are living in the extinction of the reptilian mind control. Residing in a state of the higher all knowing mind is seeing through the Artificial Intelligence Agenda (AI). One of the ways of staying in your Sovereign Mind/God Mind which is imperative during this war of Organic and inorganic life is to be in nature and a practice of quite, mindfulness and meditaiton. If one is constantly in a concrete building on technology whether it be a iphone, laptop, tablet or TV or even just streaming music from a bluetooth radio or satellite system you are being exposed to AI and it can influence the weak mind.

Millions of thought forms can be transferred into the lower minds of humans and they are all the time. If certain humans are on a higher mind mission they will be challenged by the old reptilian mind trying to interfere. This is what is being dismantled in a huge way at this very time in our evolution. The not so good news is the ratio of the higher mind vs. The lower mind at this time needs change. The higher mind will heighten in quotient the more this awareness gets out there to the masses. Delivered by the purity the One Mind, this will activate other quickly.

I have been dismantling this program for quite some time and although not pretty I try to do this in the most graceful way possible as I do everything. I am faced with the truth on a program and work through it, clear it and make way for the new to come in. From my experience I break it down and I will help others understand.

 Starseeds who have the inner knowing and are in there sovereign power will not even resonate with lower mind control tactics. However many children do not have the support from a trusted peer or guardian to help strengthen their inner knowing. We the Parents to the Starseeds must help these powerful children stay on bright path. We as the Parents of the Starseeds know full well how we had been moved off the bright path and for a time went into auto pilot mind control.

If you have lower or negative thoughts appearing in your thought you know this is a program of mind control. It takes discipline but you can easily switch the thought to a higher timeline and loving presence of a reality. 

The challenge is if you are one of the “Shining Bright One’s” then the manipulators will try to sway your mind set, especially at this time. This is why it is best to stay neutral with any of the drama playing out in the world at this time. This includes politics, scandals, picking sides, truth exposure etc…unless it is part of your job description of the mission, you most likely will not have the wiring to be immune to the mind control. But if you feel that it is part of your mission to understand the undertakings of the 3D events taking place then you know it. 

For example, many in the Spiritual communities are paying close attention to the phedo news, or the political movement etc…ask yourself why are you giving your mind and energy to this? Is it because your future purpose it to help neutralize our world or is it to feed your pain body. 

The future of our government will not be run by any man or woman who is similar to what we see now as this is part of the reptilian programming and is also being dismantled. It will be run by enlightened natural leaders who will show the way of that which they have paved and model with the acquired gift of True Light Magic, those who know and do work with True Light Magic. These “Shiney Ones’s” work with the Ascended Masters and the Archangel’s and all other Benevolent Beings of our Galactic Family. 

Learning the Language of Spirit, and working in alignment with Divine timing is crucial for maintaining personal sanity and staying integrated during our Ascension transformation!  As we are leaving 3D mechanics into the higher octave spiritual layers and their corresponding dimensions), this means the old behavior and way we have lived life is not currently working and will not work for us in the future. There is no forcing it or controlling it. Adaptability and flexibility are behavioral keynotes that are vital for us at this time.  

It is imperative to have some kind of practice, exercise or technique where one is connecting/communicating every day with our inner spirit, preferably AM and PM, until one has accomplished life as a walking meditation. Inner peace and neutral association to the increasing external chaos will be maintained once you reprogram your body and mind to be in its natural state and stay centered there.https://energeticsynthesis.com/resource-tools/ascension-tools/clear-negative-ego/1781-dismantling-process

One last note on this update. I wrote a article years back when the Black Panther Movie came out, an inner knowing became apparent to me at the same time when I became a surety (gaurdain) to a orphaned black teenager who was friends with my son and I had just been to Jamaica. This young teenager (Starseed) whom I was his guardian while he was in the throws of the unjust legal system, his energy assisted me to see this knowledge from my higher vision which I share in this article below. The “coincidence” at this time that the lead actor of the Black Panther dies IS NOT a coincidence, in fact it is NOW part of plan to change the belief system that keep African/Black people disempowered. Although a sacrifice this man did the good news is, he is a Ascended One helping from beyond the veil. All who sacrifice are assisting beyond the the 4D realm which is as I say being dismantled now.

Black Panther ~ Higher Perspective

All twisted, negative thought pattens and beliefs are coming up now and must be exposed to the Light in order to to dissovle what no longer can go into the higher mind of God. The old controlled lower mind is under pressure of the Light to transform into the Diamond Higher Mind.

I Love you and the Best is Yet to Come, I just hope it comes Fast.

In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service


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