New Awakening ~ 2020 Vision

2009 is when my Awakening started as did many others, since this time of 2009 -2012  the “Clean Up” ~ “Purification” followed. This thesis on stress management pdf apa style psychology paper example after depression recovery see writing to argue techniques go to link narative essay contact hypothesis and social policy natural viagra options thesis doctorate get link buy zovirax tablets online follow essay topic categories is viagra legal in russia here enter walmart tadalafil canada thesis paper meme dissertation littraire exemple rdig apa thesis statement example housekeeping essay cce model papers english medium source scholarship essay doctor enter common application essay examples clean up has brought up the depths of shit that has had to surface in order to cleanse the collective consciousness.  This is what we have been doing, alchemizing the darkenss into pure gold.

Since I met this beautiful man Jim Carrey, I have mirrored his transformation as he has mirrored (vice versa),  the clean up FOR the COLLECTIVE consciousness and this is successful . Upon my activation this is one of the first videos that kept coming into my life, now upon Victory it showed up again.  It is so beautiful to see the completion through the depths of darkenss and still have unconditional Love for all of it. 2020 is when the New Awakening IS.


The New Awakening is Upon Us.


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