August 22d Turning for Humanity

I am sharing Georgi Stankov’s recent post on the battle and clean up of the dark entities. As you know I have been in the depths of the Clean-Up for Earth and have undergone many battles. Mentioned in this article below by Georgi Stankov “Eliminating the Atlantean Heritage of Energies of Betrayal and Envy in all Lightworkers and Humans on August 21st / 22nd, 2020″is the date August 21 – 22 as a turning point in history as you can read below in his article. I agree with this as this is the date that my ceremony with the I AM Presence Divine Golden Lion Energy fully integrated with in me. I experienced the merge with he Lion Headed Goddess Christ Golden Light, all the while some serious dark entities were being cleared away.  Georgi describes his recent battle on August 22 as the last battle.

The Feminine Christ Crowned with the Golden Lion Head


The image that is chosen for the article Eliminating the Atlantean Heritage of Energies of Betrayal and Envy in all Lightworkers and Humans on August 21st / 22nd, 2020 is Zeus as the Thunder Bolt of Lightning. I have been working with this Archetype Zues for quite sometime as well as with Thor. It is with this Power Hammer of Light that the clean up is possible.

Another part I fully resonated with was how when they were doing this cleansing work ALL the Ascended Masters and ALL the Archangels with present to assist. I know this as I was firstly shown how the Ascended Masters and Archangels walk and work with me(WE) every step of the way on this mission. I was clearly shown this when I had one of my first initiations “War in the Sky” which is included in my book. Here is the link below.

War in The Sky


In Georgi’s write up he’s talks of the Betrayal and Envy being cleared away. I have known since my awakening that I had been and will continue to be clearing the “jealousy” energy. I feel this energy as one of a very dark disease of humans and know it started with he fall of Atlantis as well as he describes below. My War in the Sky article also includes the symbol the “Hand of God” this symbol is know for its blocking of jealousy as well.

Follow-Up on the Shift August 15th – August 23rd, 2020

Shelly Sullivan

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