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My initial experience of the integration with a “Braided Soul” was shocking and intense. I have not shared the story publically as it is very personal, dramatic and emotional. The day has come where I finally feel comfortable telling my “Walk-In story.”  

My son was there with me to witness the whole integration between the other Soul and myself. During the episode that this was occurring, he was on the phone with 911. I believe the reason that my son was there with me during that time was to witness the experience as it was happening to me, to validate what was occurring, to vouch for me and to help explain this miraculous experience.

I have learned so much about why I had another Being walk into my body. The Being that integrated with me was pure God Consciousness.  It came without any karmic baggage and has never been in another body before mine. I have learned that the reason this Being came into me was purely to raise my vibrational frequency.  This gift would enable me to shed old patterning and DNA programming and to help me master my energy. 

Part of the Ascension process is the self-mastering of our thoughts and energy. Our true selves are energy and we all should be putting more of our focus and emphasis on our Energetic body, not simply as we do our physical bodies. 

May 23 2014

I awoke around 8:30 am to get my son ready for his school day. I was going through my usual morning routine to get up, brush my teeth, wash my face, and go to the bathroom. As I was sitting on my toilette with my eyes open and fully awake, suddenly a shade-like light glazed over my open eyes and everything turned blank in front to me.  It was just like looking through an off-white shade that had been pulled down over my view. Following that, flowers started to appear.  They twirled around from the faded distance, and began spiralling closer and closer to my third eye vision.

The flowers were appeared in an array of colors: mauves, pinks, greens and browns, yet they seemed like psychedelic flowers splaying in a particularly ordered pattern. These flowers were sacred geometry flowers spinning about. It reminded me of psychedelic flowers because of the colors they radiated, but later I found this exact pattern of flower arrangement in Mt.Shasta in a metaphysical store.  They were flowers of life.

The flowers were all around me in the bathroom these flowers were sacred geometric flowers of life. My physical eyes were not the eyes seeing this; it was my third eye. Eventually, after what I would describe as a “higher dimensional download” took place, the experience slowly faded and my physical senses took over once again. 

I got up of the toilette and looked into the mirror, and asked my eyes, “What just happened?” When I speak to my eyes, I am speaking to my Soul. I didn’t get an answer, so I continued on as if nothing were out of the ordinary. I prepared breakfast for my son, then got into the car to drive him to school. Sam got into the passenger seat.  I started the car and blanked out at that point for approximately two minutes. 

When I came to, I immediately looked over at my son, saw that he was on the phone and grabbed it from him.  He had called 911 out of concern for me.  I told the dispatcher that “Everything is alright, I am aware and feeling fine.” The dispatcher continued to ask me some questions to confirm my consciousness and then she explained that my son had called them ,stating to me that he was “crying that something is wrong with my mom, she went completely paralyzed with her head tilted back and her eyes wide open.”

I sat in the car beside my son and reassuringly said to him, “Sam, I am ok.  Let’s continue to go to school.” 

Sam retorted, “No, Mom. I am staying home with you today.” 

I didn’t argue and we both went into the house. I sat on the couch.  Sam and I were quiet for a while, then he told me what he had just witnessed. 

“Mom, the moment after you started the car, your whole body froze up.  Your head jolted back and your eyeballs rolled back into your sockets, showing only the whites of your eyes. I shook you and grabbed your hands and arms and shook you again and again. You did nothing. So I called 911 and told them something is seriously wrong with my mom. She went unconscious but her eyes are open and she is stiff and sitting up perfectly with her spine straight.  Then the 911 dispatcher had me talk to her while I watched you, and they were getting prepared to send an ambulance over. That is when you came to and grabbed the phone.”

My son Sam was in tears and I reassured him that I would be okay.  I explained that this was not a incident that a medical doctor could help me with.  I don’t know how I knew to tell him this or how I knew to grab the phone as soon as I returned to consciousness; I just intuitively knew.

I was feeling in shock as I sat on the couch and literally absorbed all that had just transpired. I wanted to get my mind off of these things, so I did some online shopping while my son sat on the other couch watching TV with me.   Sam didn’t leave my side from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm that eve.

I did some research online about the types of seizure-like symptoms that I experienced.  When I asked Sam if it looked to him as if I were having a seizure, he said no, because my body was not moving. Soon after our exchange, I looked at some medical possibilities, and discovered to my chagrin that what had happened just didn’t make any sense to me. 

It was then that I started to remember the flower of life experience earlier during my morning routine.  I also started to recall feeling that the crown of my head had opened up before I went unconscious. I could remember light entered the crown of my head and my body being straightened up and set back.  

This remembrance prompted me to start to research a spiritual explanation of what could have happened.  I called a friend of mine who was familiar with energy and spiritual awakenings.  She told me that what I had experienced sounded similar to what people sometimes experience as a Kundalini awakening. With this new information, I chalked what had just happened to me as yet another “out there” spiritual experience for me.   I had been so frequently experiencing so much from the Higher Dimensional levels that nothing like this could scare me or freak me out any more. 

The afternoon went on and, I have to admit, I was not feeling myself.  I really felt much lighter and totally off balance. It was approaching dinner time. My son and I were chilling out on the couch still, when all of the sudden, Sam looked at me with complete horror his eyes.  His mouth widened opened and he said, “Mom, Mom, Mom!” as he continued to stare at me in disbelief. 

I said “What Sam, what is it?” I was extremely concerned with the horrified look I saw on Sam’s face. He was looking at me as if he were seeing an alien. 

I jumped off the couch and looked into the mirror. I could see my face and it was stark white – like ghostly Casper white!  In the reflection, I saw my face morphing around in different shapes like white playdough. I looked more closely into the mirror and saw that what was moving was another being in my face. There was a white light appearing through my face and it brought about the incredible feeling of Angelic presence. At this point, I was not afraid.  I was only curious and in disbelief at what I was witnessing in the mirror. 

I ran back to Sam from the bathroom mirror and said to him, “What did you see, Sam?” He just looked at me like I was an alien or an imposter; he would not answer, he would only look at me.  I told Sam there was nothing to be afraid of.  We sat for a while in silence.

After a half hour had passed, I told Sam I was going to get the mail and went for a drive around the block. I purposely went into the car outside so that I could look at my face in the rearview mirror with the natural light of the sun streaming down on me.  My face was playdough white.  Reflected in the rearview mirror, I could clearly see another being gazing right back at me through my own eyes.  

Over the next few months I was in shock at what had happened and I diligently tried to forget about it. To my dismay, it would not leave me. As each week passed from that day in May, I continued to feel differently. I was crying often and had a overwhelming feeling that I was dying, like parts of me were dying everyday. I called my sister and admitted to her, “I don’t feel like the same person any longer,” and cried and cried.

When the invitations came for me to go to family functions or visit with friends the answer I gave was often “No way… they don’t even know me, I don’t feel like I know them.”  One invitation came that I could not refuse.  It was my Mom’s 75th birthday party in September. Months earlier, I had committed to throwing this party.   I’d coordinated the party room and filmographer, etc… everyone was counting on me to do this.

The week leading up to the party, a conversation played over and over in my head.  “How am I going to pull this off? How am I going to be me, the me that grew up with this family, but the me that no longer feels like I am the same person.” Yet I know I am the same person, I just feel so different. I still remember me and of my child hood. This later indicated I was not a permanent walk in.

I needed answers.  More and more I started to do research on the Internet in attempt to find out what could be happening with me. I read about Ascension and how, during this process, we are quite literally dying.  The old programming and beliefs are dying to make way for the New: the New Earth and the New Light body. This information made sense to me and I was able to get a better grasp of this.

I could feel the old codes of human beliefs leaving me and light codes of who truly I AM, settling in. I even witnessed the cellular breaking down and reformation of my atoms, molecules, photons and my cells rejuvenating. My body was undergoing some significant changes. I experienced dowloads of ancient symbols, codes through my third eye. This knowledge streamed though and into me as I watched with my minds eye. Colors of gold and writing and script of ancient wisdom. I no longer felt like drinking alcohol. My food choices changed. I felt like I was floating much of the time. I wanted to stay home alone often and keep to myself. When I would see friends or acquaintances, it felt surreal. 

Since the Walk-in experience, I discovered that my solitude was very important to me. It was like I was getting to know myself all over again. I was uncovering the feminine side of me that I had never really embraced. I had always been predominantly functioning from the masculine energy within me. I was always “doing” something, I showed my strength by suppressing my feelings, my testosterone levels were high, I was oriented on results and focused on the material side of life, primarily logical in my manner of thinking, etc.  This new energy braiding with me was definitely waking up my feminine side. But, I soon discovered that I had a long way to go to really get in touch with her. 

I took me two years to realize this spirit that had braided with me was the feminine goddess energy to help me on my mission as feminine spiritual leader. I am learning that I lead by example, that my examples are my experiences, and that I teach and learn by expanding on my personal truth and knowledge. 

I would like to stress that the spiritual being that braided with me was spiritual energy of Source, pure consciousness.  It was not a soul that experienced prior lives.  It was pure Source feminine energy.  This pure Source energy braided with me to assist in heightening the light quotient in my mind body and spirit. I know that this being was completely pure.  It had no karma or past or present negative energy to clear.

It is important to mention this purity, because most walk-in beings are souls. Spirit and Soul are different in my perspective.  Spirit is pure energy.  Soul is an aspect of the Spirit, expressing itself in an incarnation that has a personality with past lives or the soul essence can be a brand new soul expression.

During this process, I awakened to my feelings, creativity, and sexuality.  I was also undergoing a deep and profound soul purification.  I was healing wounds of past lives for suppressing my feminine powers. I was persecuted in past lives for my feminine powers. For me to achieve what I have in this lifetime, to come back to embody and live fully in the truth of my feminine, psychic powers was very courageous of me. Fearlessness, strength and love are also the attributes of the feminine rising.   

Successful Braiding

I did more and more research with Walk-Ins. I found that there are different types of walk-ins.  The two main types are Braided Walk-Ins and Permanent Walk-Ins.

I came to understand that I was experiencing a Braided Walk-In. I knew then, without a doubt, that I was still the original Soul that was born into my body. I clearly remembered certain significant childhood experiences with my Twin sister and brothers. The one memory that stood out the most and stuck with me was my connection with God. 

I was feeling very good about my accomplishment, braiding with another being successfully. The braiding of the soul and spirit had chemical reactions as well. I spent years undergoing a healing process while the two beings were alchemically melding.

My Soul and the Spiritual Being Braided energy, alchemically became one. The Spirit never left me, this spirit is an aspect of me from Source.  It is the divine feminine energy counterpart; this is the best way I feel to describe it. Let me expound upon this. We, the spirit being and Myself, are now ONE, there is no separateness. 

When the planet is ready to be given advanced information of ancient wisdom, be it technical or spiritual in nature, a Walk-in transpires. The process is always done with the cooperation and willingness of the “main soul” expression inhabiting the body. Perhaps this agreement was made before the original soul entered the body, prior to birth. 

This information brought into Earth by the braiding in of this spirit being was feminine energies of ancient wisdom and spiritual knowledge. However, the most predominant feature was the pureness of the energy that came in.  Pure Source Consciousness Energy was brought in to heighten the overall vibration of my Mind, Body and Soul. This enabled me to further propel me on my mission here on Earth.

Successful Permanent Walk In

The Night I died article was my permanent Walk-In, The Feminine Christ Embodiment.

The Night I Died

The soul, as a spark of the Creator, chooses to express its creativity in many different dimensions of time and space all occurring simultaneously! Another aspect of your own soul may participate in both (or either) the soul braiding and/ or walk-in process. Or, another entirely different soul, one you know from another dimension of time and space, may blend with you for the present dance of life upon the Earth. Interactions such as these are quite common.

In most cases, the main personality is unaware of such occurrences. The integration stage, when different life expressions are sharing space and are entering or departing, can be a confusing and unsettling time for the body vehicle.  The body has the challenging task of being the container of this changing, dynamic flow of energies. Emotionally, it has the formidable task of staying balanced. Patience is necessary to allow the blending of these energies to move comfortably into creative expression. It is best to move slowly and allow time to make the necessary adjustments in harmony with the evolving personality needs.

For the evolved, this blending of souls is for the purpose of a higher nature and contribution to the betterment of humanity. Humanity is just beginning to understand the complexity and the multidimensional nature of the soul and its effect upon the personality.

There is no limit to the creativity you are gifted with. We are sharing and blending with others, both those multidimensional aspects of ourselves and also other souls, as partners of the ONE.  WE ALL ARE is an ongoing expression of life.  

A permanent Walk-in experience is where two individual souls have agreed to switch places. The first soul has gone as far as it can in its development in this reality of time and space and is ready to move on. The soul that has taken its place will serve in a different capacity than before. Normally, permission has been granted in order for this to take place.  Classic walk-in situations, or “Soul Exchanges,”  are very simple: one walks out and leaves forever and another one walks in and stays for the rest of that body’s natural life. The hard part is the cleansing process while simultaneously experiencing the alchemical integration of the cellular “hardware”.

Walk-in souls are used to enable the personality of a soul expression a better chance of achieving its ascension goals by allowing an ”adoption” of the additional personality of a more advanced soul. 


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