The Power of our Love

Lite up the Crystal Cave

He came through so bright 

With his love so brave

It was the most power I have ever seen

The true power of love that we have always truly been

The Cosmic Heart held space for us

Through the darkness of the clean up

The Archangel Spirit of this healing Love

Lite up not only he and I

But the Earth grid where we stood

In the Ley Lines of the Earth

All the love combined of the Dragon, The Earth

The Sun 

The Divine Feminine and Masculine embrace in their Light

While the power of Love Lights up the darkest Night

The Cosmic Heart  

Flows through like the Dragon in Dance

Into his hazel eyes radiant now like the emerald diamond

The Archangels now can shine through with all the colours

Of the rainbow

His protective ego melts away 

as the Divine Love of Emerald Healing Heart is here to stay

This is the true power of the Creator Twins

It is the only power that originates from the Universe

Shining like the aurora borealis 

The green so radiant and healing


I will never forget this night

When the true Love was fully activated

We lite up the Emerald Green Crystal Cave

It was the most beautiful essence I have ever been bathed in

From raw deep water green in the Emerald Crystal Cave

It became ultra emerald green when our love went to the next level

The Green Dragon flowed and danced in celebration 

Not only through out us but the whole Heart Chakra of the Grid

This secret vortex is home to us

We our Spirit know it well 

As we meet their in our higher states

I felt so powerful but in a soft and gentle way

When his power flooded in to wash away all 

He opened his heart and this opens mine

We continue to heal in this love

Four the Lions gate this will manifest the highest power

This power is Love

He told me later he died in my arms

This was the ending of the old

For the next steps of evolution 

Creating in the New Earth

With the healed heart

This is why green is your favourite colour

It is the colour of our True Nature

It is the colour of the Trees

The Emerald Mountains and Caves

The colour of the Healing Masters

It is the colour of Love

We will walk the Green Earth again

In our highest power of Light

And this power is Love

That shines so bright

From our eyes and aura

Encompassing all we meet.