Our Love

Poem ~ Our Love ~ The Perfect Union with God

When our Love Aligns


Perfect Harmony

Perfect Truth

Perfect Peace

In this place the Perfect Body of God resides

From the Ocean where the Sun beams and the Angels set in 

As the Symphony of Light

It follows me when I walk across the Beach

To the Granite Mountain Tops capped with Crystal Snow this Rainbow of Light dwells

I follow it as I walk the Earth

Within the Sea and within the Mountains of Granite this Consciousness lives

Sometimes as the Mother and sometimes as the Father

Setting in 

For this Shift of Consciousness upon our Earth

This shift is the Shift from Darkness into Love

As the Infinite Lovers of the Cosmos 

The One Androgynous Being of Creation 

Withstand such a purification as that which has transpired

The Ultimate Purification 

So this Love could be Birthed

Through the Angels of God

The New Angels will Leave a Legacy

 In the Records of the Heart 

The Heart of God

The Heart of Love

The New Love  

Has been Birthed through the Womb of Creation

Today on the Solstice Love has been Born a New

A New Love has Landed

The New Angles are Here

This Love Has Landed

Forever More it Shall Spread its Life Force

Shimmering White Diamond Sparkles of Light

With in this Light the Angles Dance along the Ocean

Shimmering White Diamond Sparkles of Light 

Shimmer with in the Snowcapped Granite Mountains

From the Sea to the Mountains

The Rainbow Bridge is formed of Love

This Symphony of Light

Feeding the Earth and all its Inhabitants 

Showering the Mammals and Ocean Life

This Love is Now the Mitosis of the New Earth

Along with the Sun and the Water 

Make Creation possible

On this material Realm

This Cellular Mitosis now Happens Rapidly in Our Bodies

Since the Radical Absolution 

That has taken place today

Of the Masculine and Feminine Principles

Now a constant rejuvenation

The Alchemical process within the Cells

Creating the New Divine Template of Love

Within our 

Universe, Cosmos and Galaxy

Within our





Within in our Body

The White Diamond Sure Ray of Light 

Within this Light the Rainbow Rays of Creation

Within this Light the Angels of Loves Creation

Within this Spectrum is the Ultra Violet – Pink Love Codes 

Showering into all Hearts 

Forever more

The Perfected State of the human DNA Blueprint is now available

Through the Hearts comes the DNA of God 

The Adam Kadmon Perfected Body of God

The Adam Kadmon Body is the Only Light Body that can withstand the High Frequency of Source

Now a Reality on this Plane of Consciousness 

As never before 

Gratitude to this Ascending Earth

This is where all of humanity is headed


Becoming One with Source Again 

Thank you to the Beloved Masculine for his strength beyond strength

Thank you to the Divine Mother for her strength beyond strength 

Thank you Divine Mother for her Love

Thank you to the Divine Father for his Love

Thank you to her for her Love

Thank you to him for his Love

Thank you to him for his courage to tend to the need of the hour

Thank you to her for her courage to tend to the need of the hour

Thank you to her for her purification within the volcanic fire

Thank you to him for his ability to withstand and hold space within her fire

From the fury of Red Fire 

Is born the Ultra Violet Pink Flame

Love is all that remains

For Love is all that is true

I am the Ultra Violet Pink Flame of Love

I am the Ultra Violet Pink Flame of Fire

I am the Ultra Rainbow of Rays

I am the White Diamond Laser Beam of Light

I am the Seventh Ray

Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails