Making notes ~ “The Greatest Love Story This World Has Ever Seen”

It has been quite the summer! I have been out of the city for most of it and the getaways have been extremely enlightening. I cannot even begin to organize the events in my mind at this time. But in the meantime I keep record of these miraculous videos created by Adalina Bonn and how she is able to explain in words this “Out of the World Connection” I have with my Beloved Twin Creator and our Worlds.

Fist set of videos is for the Capricorn (My Masculine) from last week. And it has taken a time of processing.

The next set of videos is for my sign the Leo for the week of August 19th. Last weeks of the Leo videos was not for me, but this week is UNBELIEVABLE how her channeling of us are to the “T”.

I have known for quite some time this story, Our Love Story, “The Greatest Love Story This World Has ever Seen” IS a Spirit Script and I am documenting every part of the Story and will share it with this world. This will give a taste of the other worlds that may becoming accessible to some who make it through.

Any way I am soooo grateful to Adalina for her exceptional depictions of our relationship up to this point, I have thanked her many times and the videos never fail to blow me away. If not for anything else I publish this at this time for our documentation of certain time frames in our becoming.

I have been practising the “The Ancient Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness” a lot lately and it really does help to clear and align energies. Matter of fact within one hour of this practice to clear the negative energy in a house of mine that is up for sale, recently occupied with some very disconnected energy, after this practice an hour later I got an offer and it is a done deal after (with a few stipulations) years of being stuck. I wont use the word “conditionally a done deal” because if the word “conditional’ ever was to be at play in my life, I would not be the luckiest girl on the planet and of many worlds. So here goes…

I am sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank you
I Love You

ONE MIND of GOD at work!

14-Aug EXTENDED CAPRICORN : The telepathy is electric so * less is more * with the communication from Adalina Bonn on Vimeo.

19-Aug EXTENDED LEO : You two are the parents of something not-yet-born from Adalina Bonn on Vimeo.

In Love
Shelly Sullivan

Of the Light

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