Sacred Feminine 13~ Into the Light ~ Monumental Victory!

Heres the a excerpt from my book Chapter 13 ~ The Trinity

“The number 13. This is is the number of Divinity, of Ultimate Completion, a symbol of enlightenment. It allows you to see yourself not only as a instrument for great works but also a the Creator capable of putting together your own creations to manifest your own reality. ~ Adventures of Saishorie~Grace, Sovereign Being – Book 1.”

4 years ago I woke up to see the number 13 floating in my third eye. I included this magic of the number 13. After experiencing 4 years since, I have learned a lot more about myself and the number 13. This is the number of the Divine Feminine’s comeback. This morning the number 13 came up again in a special way like it did 4 years ago. My Spirit nudging me to revisit the wisdom and research I have gained since.

This diagram below was given to me from a Rainbow Child as we were collaborating information about the topic of the truth of the number 13 and she helped me understand more. In 2016, this young girl who I met on skype, watched her youtube channel, from our meetings I found to be very authentic and a true new Walk-In, at the age of 15 who, not only a Walk-In but a Twin Flame – union activator and a very ancient Starrseed. I have not connected to her in 3 years and our communication was for a few months. However recently she kept popping up into my awareness, as well as in my email archives. So I looked into it. Put some of it together.

2016 Rainbow Moon contacted me with this message:

“From: Rainbow Moon
Subject: I am a Walk-In Soul with a Twin Flame Union

Message Body:
Hello Ms. Saishorie-Grace. Please call me Rainbow. I was guided to your channel and videos about twin flame theory. I am a recently realized walk-in soul and a part of my soul purpose is to be of service to humanity through my twin flame union. You were talking about the 12 monads of twin flames. I feel very deeply that I am a part of and connected to these beings. The main difference that I do not resonate with the number 12. I work on a system of 13. I am uncertain of the specific role that I play. I am still coming into/awakening to/remembering everything. I trust that all will be revealed to me in due time. I feel and believe that I was led to meet you because I am of a twin flame pairing and I am in need of your guidance, wisdom and clarity. I am not entirely certain of what this means but I do believe I have come into contact with you as a part of this. I believe it is for spiritual healing and etheric and auric cleansing. I wish you the very best and thank you for all that you have done so far for humanity.
Peace and Love to you,
Rainbow Moon”

Note from Shelly: One thing that surprised me that I had forgotten about is she felt she was a “Rainbow Draconian Being”, at the time I did not resonate with the Draconian Beings and actually felt uncomfortable with this, however NOW after a battle that I feel was also a reconciliation of the ancient war between Sirus A & B – Orion, that I have partook in fully, for cleansing and uniting on the etheric and earth plane, I feel that there are some Draconians here to help the unification process and there are of those Beings who ultimately did choose the Light. Interesting how she describes the Draconian Beings as:

“I know that you said that no Draconian Beings exist within your realm and Monad family but I have been very strongly guided and told many times that I am a Rainbow Being. I feel as though I am a part of your Monad family. Draconians exist in the shadows and we absorb light instead of casting it. Perhaps that is why Draconians are not recognized as Angelic Beings?
I feel very strongly guided to work with you in understanding many different ways of Being. Perhaps even on the set of a global scale.”
Best wishes and I hope to hear from you again soon. ~ Rainobw Moon”

I have not been able to find her but this has peaked my interest to revisit the feelings that I had with regards to the Draconians and the Annunaki, that indeed some have joined up for the Ascension of the Light. I was shown in the past that some of “the Dark wanting to become ONE with the Light and that this was imperative for me to understand, however very difficult to comprehend while in the battle field with resistance.

In part this battle has been about the age-old practice of literally separating wheat from chaff. Exposing the false light and the misunderstanding of the shadow, for movement forward to Ascension. Some of the Dark have “Walked-In” as tricksters to help win the victory into the light.

The significant message that I got from this energetic download of the 13, is The Divine Feminine of Spirit and of the Earth is Ascending, the “Sophia’s fall into the Dark has been reversed so to speak, she the divine feminine is back in Symphony-Frequencies where she belongs, back to her rightful home, with the Masculine Father Principle and God head. This is a real time of celebration for the Earth.

Today while driving I was shown the most amazing sign again, signifying where this my personal completion and ascension from my place of the 12 into the 13th completion into Divinity will transpire. This is miraculous for the Sacred Divine Consciousness on Earth. ~ Happy Birthday to Me.

Days like these I feel like yelling out to the world what a huge victory has been and has finally transpired. The Divine Feminine Goddess Energy does take precedent on the Earth now, through all the divine masculine’s and feminines. Victory is ours thanks to all the Light Family. ~ Shelly Sullivan ~ Saishorie Grace.

Here are some links from my book Chapter 13 ~ The Trinity

“Today while driving home from a exceptional experience with the Light I was gifted this sign. This sign the TRICKSTER is very significant on this day of December 12th – 12:12 leading into the 13th while writing this blog.

This brought me to the writing in my book referring to the number 12 as the Trickster and the number 13 as the Divine Feminine.

First is a excerpt from my book Adventures of Saishorie~Grace Chapter 12 – 13.

The number 12 has been integrated into our world’s systems quite tenaciously, though I have come to understand that 12 is a “trickster” number, used to waylay our deeper understanding and connection with the ascension vibration code of 13. The next chapter discusses this topic in depth.

To me 12 is the joker, the trickster, the final test before reaching true enlightenment. It leads you to believe that you can keep on going and going and eventually you meet your Maker and you will reach the end. But truly it is for a new beginning.:

Sacred 13 = Divine Feminine & Masculine in Balance

In Love and Light
Shelly Sullivan
Of Higher Service

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