Time to Execute the Divine Mother Mission on Earth

I synchronisticly came across this pdf article from Elizabeth Wilcock’s Priestess Path page on Facebook. I am thank full and give much gratitude to Elizabeth for posting this and reminding me of its importance. It came at the perfect time. Today is the 3rd week I have been in Costa Rica on a nature retreat in one of my grid points.

Although it’s apparently “a blessing in disguise” I find myself having to travel away from my home over and over to avoid the unhealthy effects of a city/rural lifestyle. There is way more to it than how politely I just put it. I will say one thing on this topic that is key. The way that humanity is being suppressed most is by way of mind control and attack on the immune system.

Here is a excerpt form my book Adventrues of Saishorie Grace, Sovereign Being book 1.

‘Saishorie~Grace knew that a healthy digestion system was the key to a healthy immune system. If the adversaries were doing their best to suppress these systems, this explains why so many are getting the flu and cold so easily and so often. These greedy ones who only care about power and control were trying to make the world sick and helpless. She knew this to be true. Her knowledge was as a Nutritionist who studied the Digestion and Immune system in depth. She knew exactly what was going on here. She knew the truth, so help them, God.”

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I found this article as super inspiring and I will tell you why. It is not necessarily because Isis could have been black (which I agree she probably was) its more about the last time the “Dark Mother” was reincarnated as a physical Being. Over 500 years or so before Christ and the Magdalene mission. And the synchronistic SIGNS I am shown rom the Divine Feminine Energy/Mother Creator/Highest Self.

The Divine Mother is one of a Nurturer and Creator from the Darkness into Light, the “Dark” connotation that comes from this article, to me depicts the “Dark Mother” as dark in colour, this is the truth over any of the “victimized dark mother” depictions in the past. She is not victim but will become wrathful when attacked.

As I was reading this article I noticed how many signs I have received that are present in this article. I will include the license plates I receive as proof of this energy working through and within me. So I will post the pdf here and after you read this you will see how the signs I receive go along very well with the presence of the Mother Energy here upon Earth. I hold this energy as do many others, male and female. However some missions are more focused with the Divine Mother Energy than others. Needless to say my energy is one with the Mother.

I am doing this because it is the Truth of what is happening here upon Earth. The Divine Mother is in charge with the help of God, The Angels and all the Ascended Masters of Light. To me the Divine Mother Energy that is leading the Earth in its transformation at this time is the balanced Divine Masculine and Feminine in ONE as one Androgynous Being. This is also the Twin Flame Union of the Key Twins, such as my Twin and I.

The Article:


This excerpt is very telling. First of all, the whole battle currently between the Goddess Energy – Isis is with the roman empire. This is where it stems. I have received “intel” or “downloads” from my Highest Self of messages from the Mother Energy in various ways and one is the license plate signs. The only significant license plate I did not capture images of that I have “created” for me to see and guide me is Black Widow 1, Black Widow 2, Lilith and Kali.
These two aspects of the Goddess Energy are truly not what they have been made out to be in the past. But I can tell you the current Divine Mother energy does hold the true codes of a Black Widow, Lilith and Kali. These codes/names are about strength, standing in ones truth against all odds, persevering against great adversity and super powers that are fierce and feared by some, and for good reason. The Dark Mother is the Justice of a “Earth Mother” wrongly done by.

The Signs

The Synchronicities:

So to start here are some examples of excerpts that pertain to my signs.

“The image of Isis most popular at the height of the roman empire appears to have been that of Isis nursing her child, Horus. Besides queen of the sea, Isis was considered queen of heaven and of earth, and was easily transmuted into the christian holy mother. Legions of the roman empire, whose ranks were drawn from subordinated dark peoples of three continents, carried images of african Isis, as well as images of Isis melded together with west asian divinities Cybele, manna, and Astarte all over the known world, from Africa to Asia, to Rome, France, England, to the Danube.18 At Benevento, where a great iseo flourished in the roman epoch, her followers were later called witches.”

“The Horned Cow, the many-teated Sow,
the queen bee, the Mothertree, the Pregnant
Womb, the Grain-seed broom, the candle’s
wick, the matrix, and woman, you are
my daughter.’

“With hellenization, Isis
became the great mother; her consort Osiris,
or “the great black,” became Zeus, Pluto,
and Dionysus. The enduring truth of Isis,
whose civilization centered in nubian Meroe,
may be that she embodied veneration of all
life…trees are sacred, so are birds, crocodiles,
the dung beetle, the hooded cobra, and all
living creatures.”

Here is a sentence that rings true for me and my knowing of holding the Sun Disk, not only have other psychics informed me, I have also seen and felt it personally and have captured images of it.

“Like Isis, Sekhmet originally carried a sun
disk on her head and an ankh, signifying life, in her hand. The ankh is said to
prefigure the christian cross, although the
christian symbol has no female oval.

In this image it depict clearly the Dark Mother above my head, the Sun Disk above my head and the ET ship above the broken down Rome Coliseum. I will include the excerpt from my book regarding my Sun Disk below pic.

Central Sun Excerpt of book by Shelly Sullivan Adventures of Saishorie~Grace, Sovereign Being:

“We entered into the lower level of the beautiful hotel in Rome. It was a dark bar with a band set up to play that night. The first thing we noticed on the wall was this painting of the Rome Colosseum also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. What was hovering over the Colosseum is what really got our attention. It was an Extraterrestrial Space Craft. We could not believe our eyes. We took many pics that turned out to be very incredible with a light that appeared so bright like a Sun.

The first picture I had taken of me the space craft was not visible, but the second and third and fourth pic it was visible along with a high frequency of the Sun Light in the paining. The wild part is that light was coming from my heart centre. I felt the light zap through my crown and out of my heart into the image. Not once but 3 times. I hold the Central Sun Light with in my Heart, “I anchor the 7th ray of Sun here on Earth, I am holder of the Ancient Sun Disk, I am a chamber of Light, I am a carrier of powerful frequencies of Light for the New Earth, where I go the Central Sun shines” Beside the sun in this image the spiritual presence of the feminine goddess also appeared (top right).

As each day passes we are witnessing more and more signs from God Source my Higher Self, to let us know that the higher energy is among us helping us with our New Earth or should I say New Earths Realities. The DNA encoding pouring into Earth now via the Galactic Centre from our Galactic Heritage is example of this. We are also becoming very aware of our contributions to Earth with our work. Italy is one of my Grid points much clearing
and cleansing work is being done here. Although when I do cleansing and clearing work for the Earth and collective consciousness, I am not consciously setting down and doing a meditation and visualization of this at all times, the clearing is done by my Higher Self/God Source through my One Soul and human vehicle. Ley lines and Portals were opened in Italy, this is what partly the earth quakes were signs of. The space has been made and opened up for the ancient energies to come through. The energy healing continues as they are still receiving tornado’s and torrential rains”. ~ Shelly Sullivan

article: https://saishoriegrace.com/central-sun-heats-up/

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