Here is a little update from me for you since my flee after what was an BIO Weaponry/Direct Weaponry Attack combo and now I am in a healthier and safe(er) environment for me, my dog and all involved directly and indirectly. I left my house over a week ago after severe attacks and severe symptoms went on for 6 days at my house after speaking more truth. I did have to call an ambulance at one point and my dog suffered head sores once again, that story is recorded and for another piece of truth telling.

It feels long over due, this move and retreat I have taken, however all is in divine order (and what was chaos). My mind & body is aligned with my spirit, as calm as the lake and forest I look at every day. While doing Yoga on the Lake over looking the forest and sky and while writing on my bed over looking the lake forest and sky I am healed, healthy as I have always been except before I was in a toxic environment which allowed me to be a target of attacks, any way that is another story for another time. What is NOW is the NEW LIFE beginning, for real this time.

Finally the Greatest Love Story of the Heavens Arrival on Earth. These videos below are not just any astrology reading this is a reading on behalf of Twin Creators, spoken through Adalina Bonn of Manna youtube channel, who has tapped into our OverSoul with the help of our Higher Self. I file and keep these videos as the shocking truth of the ONE Mind at work for this time of ASCENSION now upon Earth and within the Galaxy.

Ascension may have failed in Lemuria and Atlantis in the past but it will not fail in this Golden New Earth. The only one’s that have failed are the ones who have lost their connection with God Source.

Transmuting the Old 3D structures and darkness of 4D mental grips, leaving this behind is the key out of slavery and prison, trusting in your heart and the divine wisdom, BEing in the divine realms of divine love and the knowing of what God-Source wills for us is what takes us back to our birth place and seventh dimension and higher as we are ascending back home.

Here is the Leo and Capricorn readings, thank you Adalina Bonn for sharing these spectacular messages:

08-Jul EXTENDED LEO : Running towards them with open arms! from Adalina Bonn on Vimeo.

03-Jul EXTENDED CAPRICORN : I have to be true to { me } so that I can be true to { you } from Adalina Bonn on Vimeo.

In Love and Light


Of Higher Service


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