The Event ~ Solar Creator Part 1

Many have been speaking of the “Event” the Solar Flashes of Light to Flash upon Earth etc. I have experienced the/an Event already in February, 28 2015. I wrote about this Event in my book in CHAPTER 29 titled THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT. I was guided today to go back and re-read that excerpt after I read more about the Event in other Spiritual Websites and Channels. All who speak of the Event all have similar feelings and information about the Solar Flash Event. I have made a video on it as my intelligence has showed me this year and today it dawned on me I have experienced what everyone is speaking about and more.

The positive premonitions people are explaining are similar to what I experienced as flashes of WHITE DIAMOND Light from our Solar Galaxy, flashes like a galactic flash from a vintage old style camera, particles of light upgrading Earth and humanity causing great change, shifts and illumination for physical bodies. From my experience of the Event in February, 2015 these Solar Light Flashes will be of Angelic Solar Beings of Light and yes huge upgrades.

The Angelics I speak of are The Prime Creator Solar Angels of the Cosmic/Galactic Central Suns and will be visible to those who’s frequency is in alignment with the Benevolent Beings of Light. With this Light will come great purification and acceleration of photon particles of light for the Light bodies of humanity from carbon based into crystalline as well the remainder of humanities consciousness, helping to raise Gaia/Earth back to 7th Dimension. The population of the Earth will need our assistance as well as others to help them through this and this is part of my work for the future as an Illuminated Solar Light Being of the Cosmic- Sun & Creators Light.

This time around for the Age of Aquarius, anchored and embodied upon Earth are Key Twin Flames holding the light and mission to resume where Yeshua/Mary Magdalene left off in the Piscean Age. When the World is ready for both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to reveal the truth about the One Androgynous gigantic family of Light then the reveal will happen. This family of Light is comprised of all the Masters/Angels/ET Being/Soul Monad. The Creator is Real and is embodied upon Earth at this time. The Twin Flame Union will trigger this event as will other significant on goings upon, around and within the Earth.

The Illumined Light Being/Cosmic Creator, here working with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Mother/Father God Principals, Elohim, White Brotherhood and God Supreme Creator. Here to share the abundance of Light, Love Unity, Peace & Compassion as a Divine Feminine Goddess/Mother Energy.

Enjoy my experience below of the Event as experienced and written by me followed by years of purification work toward illumination, and also see the further insight of a video I created this year of the Solar Sun Light evolving Earth and its inhabitants into a Solar Light Being propelled by the Light of the Twin Creators for a new Planetary System of Light.

Below is a video I created of the visions of the Light:

The Mystery of the Event

I was shown the Creator has had a plan for millions of years
The unite two its most precious creations
Mother and Father of Creation created

“A New Solar Sun, A New Earth created equally of the Feminine and Masculine energy
However, each predominant with the polarity yin-yang energy
Will Unite into ONE
Two becoming ONE, Flash of Light
Raising the Beautiful Mother Earth into Oneness with the Seventh Ray of the Central Sun
The Earth and Sun will become the ONE they are
The Planet will Ascend with the Light of the Sun
Embarking on a journey
Back into the pristine planet of the Seventh Dimension
New Earth
This is the Event.

In Love and Light
Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service

Angelic Transmission Excerpt from book chapter 29 = The Future Looks Bright

“I am so excited! I have to share this with you. My Spiritual Journey has been so full of adventure and “out of this world” experiences. I share many of the stories on YouTube. I have had visions, signs and dreams of this being a part of my future, working with Angels to spread awareness of their presence and raise consciousness with their and our presence together. The dreams are coming true. I am finally ready and the Angels are showing themselves to me.

Much of the Journey has been ME remembering who I AM. The Angels work with me and show me new experiences as I become ready for them. One night, while I was lying in bed and off to dream state for the evening, a BRILLIANT flash of light came through my bedroom window. My Heart started pounding, beating rapidly and I was freaked out. I calmed down and absorbed the energy and experience. I knew it was a blessing. Then the Light Flash came again further across my bedroom window. The light was so brilliant you could not look at it for long. I describe it as not a human type of light; this light was not manmade, it was from the Heavens, from Divine Source.

The next morning I hesitated to talk to my Son about it, as some of the things I see and experience are unbelievable to those who cannot see it. But low and behold, Sam witnessed the same flash of light in his bedroom down the hall. It woke him up and he felt there was a huge light surrounding our whole house. The next night it came again. After time of processing this, I realized through mediation and discussion it was Benevolent Beings preparing me for the future.”

I took it a step further to receive a message from my Higher Self and Beings. Here is the answer they explained (which was exactly as I suspected):

Channeled Message By Ron Head for Shelly Sullivan’s Guides, Angels, Teachers, and Higher Self:

“Preparation. The answer to your question is preparation. Although you are more ready than many others to begin perceiving the presence of other conscious beings, it would still be quite a shock for you to suddenly see everything around you. We showed you a few short glimpses of what will begin to increase for you and become your everyday reality. Be aware that you are not seeing what most people see. You will see us, others will not. This does not signal anything other than one being a painter and another playing music. It is just a useful tool which you will have a need for in your service. It also will allow you to be ever more aware of our presence. Blessings, Dear Sister.”
The future is very BRIGHT!!!!

I AM Saishoire~Grace
As Above
Shelly Sulivan
As Below

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