Spirit into Matter Union ~ Rainbow Rays

November/December 2023 Update

November 14

7 Rainbow Rays – Family of Light anchored into the material realm of Gaia – “Spirit into Matter”. These Rainbow of Rays integrated from the Cosmos into me with my masculine counterpart.

The Message of the Feminine Christ coming through the following day.

I was a Universal Solar Angel (SAISHORIE~GRACE) looking at the Earth through the eyes of God Consciousness. Golden Eyes viewing the Planet as the Master of the Seventh Ray. In all of this the masculine is always present. 

Significant date for November 11. I moved out from a apartment where I had accomplished a intense clean up for the collective consciousness. Not a pretty situation so I will not reiterate however massive clean up took place. I moved out on 11/11 and synchronistically my mother moved the same day.

This denoted to me the communication of the Divine Mother coming in strong as usual. This anchoring of the Light of the Divine Feminine Goddess/Mother Energy/Feminine Christ Energy is to compliment the already anchored Divine Masculine codes from when Jesus/Yeshua and Mary Magdalene walked the Earth. This is the Time of the Mother.

These anchoring of the 7 Rainbow Rays also did anchor into he physical divine masculine. This was a ceremonial union that took place from the Cosmos into the physical realm and bodies of the Star Parents (he and I). Very powerful light integration. To further confirm this ceremony of Union I was gifted a message via a man at the gym.

The next morning I went for a swim in the local gym, not a usual thing for me to do, but I did on this day of November 14th. While chatting with the life guard and on my way out of the pool, he said to me “You just got married?” I said “why do you say that?” He said that is just what I heard, just now in my ear, that is what I heard. And then he said yup you just got married.

I smiled to myself and said yes we did just have that marriage/union ceremony. This is real.

That night I pulled a Love oracle Card from the “Journey to Love” deck and this is what it read:












November 18th


3 Keys assist in the clean up

Following this message a clean up was completed and the Mother took back her personal power from the dark past. Good work has been carried out with the help of a some of my friends to hold light for this to be carried out. It was an Light Intervention to clear massive past karmic darkness.

The colours of the Rainbow Rays are the colours of the Rainbow. Another way how I was informed of the already anchored divine masculine codes was in the Rainbow spectrum. I runs from green, yellow, orange, pink, ultra pink and then purple. When I asked where is the Blue it is in the purple already fully anchored. So again the feminine colours are the focus for anchoring at this time. Later on that week I did see the ultra blue divine masculine ray and ever present with He and I just as the pinker rays are present within He and I.

That week I was gifted from the Universe a very nice pair of Rainbow Ray – Ray Bans Sun glasses. They just happened to be sitting in the gym locker where I thought I had put my gym bag. I knew this was a gift and I did not hesitate to accept it. I utilized these beautiful full spectrum rainbow ray bans often to gaze at while I anchor the Light & Love codes. 

Eye glasses have been a big theme for me since the release of Mission Impossible 7 with Tom Cruise. I arrived at my Moms place one afternoon and these series were on the television that day. My mom and I watch 2 or three of the movies, which I had not watched all of them before (maybe 1 movie.) I was intrigued when the movie came on about when Tom was a character that had magical technology eye glasses. It reminded me of my own bazaar eye bug that bugs me and makes my eye twitch. It is a pain in the you know what but it is very weakened now, I suppose as my nervous system adjusts to my light body upgrades.

However I was interested as my Eyes are very much One with the Mind of God and are also a technology. 

Any way funny thing later that happened was I was watching a YouTube discussion with two men who are affiliated with the Venus – Venusian’s extraterrestrials, and he spoke of a man who is from Venus and has these magical eye wear that helps him to see into the Akashic Records. I thought this was all interesting. 

I have written and spoken about my eyes and my technology of my eyes and brain and pineal gland, and how they are indeed one with the One mind of God. This started in 2014 or 2015 when I experience the Universal Brain merge with my Divine Masculine Brain/Mind. This is also in my book “Brain Merge” the merging of the right and left hemispheres, masculine and feminine merge.

3 Keys again are the Father, Mother and Child which another ceremony took place of the Trinity in Union for the Family of the Collective Consciousness upon Earth and for Gaia.

Later this day I walked into a Crystal shop. Immediately I spotted a Pink Crystal Skull. It is a big one and I approached her. I asked the store manager “what her name was?” She replied “she is LOVE, she has no name , you give her a name” I named her Sure Ray as in SaishorieGrace.


Later in the same metaphysical store I walked to the back of the store to find this massive rock of Raw Amethyst. It was approx 3.5 feet wide and 2 feet height. Although it was amethyst it looked very ancient and brownish. I inquired about this. The store manager informed me it is amethyst from the amethyst quarry in Canada Ontario. She went on the say it is over 60 million years old and that the Great Canadian Shield is the oldest most ancient and first ever mountain of Granite to be formed upon the Earth. The first ever Gem and Rock Mountain to ever be formed upon this sweet Earth. My jaw dropped. I just put 2 and 2 together and realized why for the past 7 years I have been anchoring the Rainbow Rays into our Great Canadian Sheild. I am so committed to this path that I moved up North to Muskoka exactly as Covid was announced. 

I knew covid was happening before it was made public and the Earth needed me up north. I have been anchoring the Divine Feminine codes of the Mother via the 7 Rainbow Rays since 2016 consciously. However this Light work of ours started from the time myself and my masculine counterpart had been born into this realm physically, as I had written in my book. 

In 2018 or 2019 spontaneously travelled for 11 days by car, with my dog and I to this amethyst quarry. All along the drive I was anchoring white light into the leylines while driving. I kept envisioning what was happening and it was like a bolt of lightening was accompanying me on the drive and anchoring this lightning bolt where I drove. Each town I entered I went to the water with my beloved dog and we anchored more. 

When I arrive into the town where my hotel was at our final destination in Ontario, Canada at the Amethyst Temple, I was greeted with a massive message of gratitude. Literally a huge boat/Yacht was sitting in front of our hotel and the name of this Lady was GRATITUDE. This was in huge lettering along the side of the Yacht. I smiled with the Angels. 

I had much information and visions/experience that came to me during my visit to the Amethyst Temple that is sacred and private at this time. After returning from our Trip my White/Golden Labrador Honey showed herself to me in a nap as the Lion once again. Very satisfied and renewed on this trip. She is a massive Sure Ray of Light also. 

The Lion Family Christ Consciousness has been also coming through strongly again denoting and reminding me/us of our Royalty at this time as we walk this Earth. 


1010 Sequence Number

This past month the 1010 has come in with messages. I went into a place of work one night. The password I was given was 1010. Later that day a Mother, Child and Husband were at the table eating and I over heard her talking to another lady. She was saying how her newborn Son’s name is Tenzin. This “Ten” caught my attention and I kept listening. She was saying how she received the name as Tenzin as the name denotes The Holder of Buddha Dharma named after the Tibetan Dali Lama. I just had to greet the family and share the synchronicity of 1010 along with that I shared that by chance I recently google the Dali Lama and his name not to long ago. This was very fascinating to us. 

This Dali Lama incident also told me that he is indeed a God Soul and it was not fair that scandal that recently took place. 

Then I happened to look up a Leo Tarot/Oracle Reading the next day or even that night. I looked up a lady reader that I have not viewed in a while. Her reading started out as Leo, you have the 1010 number. Right of the bat the reading started like this. It went into how the cards read over and over the depths of my strength and how I am indeed the Sun. Through out the reading I felt the presence of the Mother and her Mother. 

I intuitively picked up that her Mother was helping her in her reading and that she had just transitioned to the other side to continue to assist in the God Consciousness Work. The next day the tarot reader did a short video to explain that indeed her mother has passed and is very much assisting her. Again this denoted the power of the Mother that has anchored and is fully in her power once again. 


December 2023

Becoming One with Source

A ceremony took place December 13th (I think) give or take a day. This was My beloved masculine and I in energetic union. This experience I was curious why I was not connecting with a physical man, instead I was taken into the Spiritual KA body of ours. We ascended higher and higher with our Soul intertwined like a DNA strand and Angelic Light Body. Very beautiful. I saw us as pure light and atoms of energy that became one Light Body. All of our Cellular, atomic and light KA structure became One Sentient Being. We went into the Light Abyss of Source. We became One with the The Galactic Sun, The Great Central Sun, The Alpha and the Omega, The Creator Womb of All of Creation and finally into the Source of all Creation. I am familiar with this as I have travelled here many times and have escorted many back to this Golden/White Diamond Light of God Consciousness. 

Over and Over I cleared any spaces between us and into One Sphere of Light. It was quite the Ceremony and best described a bliss of Love. This Union into Source carried out through the whole day and evening. 

Before I forget I must mention the street I live on now is called UNION. The street I lived on this time last year was called VIOLET. We are the Seventh Ray.

Next I will be writing on the Womb of Creation and our Connection as the Divine Womb of Creation and the Oneness with the Womb of Gaia. Last year I was given the name TWOmbs. As in 2 wombs. The masculine and the feminine Womb space which is very much a key part of this journey of the Star Parents of Ascension aka Twin Creators ~ Celestial Counterparts.

In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service