I found this blog I had written back in 2016, after returning from one of my grid points Italy. I was guided to a blog I had written after reading an article from Georgi Stankov recently of Universal Press. This article is on Carl Sagan. It reminded me of my spirit connection with the Ascended Master Carl Sagan. Carl was my mentor in the etheric realms for years, teaching me of the Astronomy, Galactic History and all about the Cosmos. This reminder comes at a synchronistic time for humanity as we are reclaiming our true Galactic History and we are returning back home to our Galactic Family. Here is my article (rough draft), the published draft is in my book. Below find the article from Georgi Stankov of Universal Press.

It Is Time

Shelly Sullivan
October 26, 2016 ·

Disclosure of our Galactic Heritage happens from with in. When your surround yourself with like hearted people the synchronicity will happen faster for learning and networking with eachother ~ unity consciousness. The same goes for our galactic family, we work together for healing the Planet Earth during this monumental time of Ascension within our Galaxy’s Solar Systems (notice I use plural). We are of many solar systems. I have been being shown this for years now: who we are and where we are now within the solar system. I have worked with Carl Sagan in HigherRealms going back 4 years now for this Spirit Script. Edgar Cayce is of the Arcturian Race also. I am of the Angelic Race and work with the Arcturians, Sirians, Lyrans, Pleiadians, Gaurdian, Elohim, Seraphim, Oraphim etc…

I am in Italy, here with a group of friends (6 woman) for business and pleasure. The business is healing technology conference of cutting edge healing technology of the future. I have come to Italy (again) as I was heavily guided last minute many times to join in on the service, fun and good will. Upon returning from Italy my last time, last year in Italy, I had written a blog with some fascinating synchroniciites and fun stories to share. And its is happening again.

This is how disclosure works among friends. My friend upon awakening Oct. 24th morning, hesitantly asked me “Shelly, do you believe some dreams are real, or can you tell if a dream is real or not?” “Because I had the most real experience last night” So I explain…”Yes dreams are very real much of the time, you can usually feel and tell if it’s an experience or thoughts.

My friend explained her dream experience to me, please note she is a practicing psychic healer/entrepreneur. She said “huge DNA columns were present in the sky along with spiral strands, many of them along with green/blue light, lighting up everything. Then Aliens appeared and stated the water will no longer be contaminated, this has gone on far too long and the water is to be healed… My friend described this as like “out of this world real”. The message was that the ETs were claiming to heal the water to restore it’s purity with the help of humans- humanitarians.
The Arcturians are the most advanced ET race neighbors of ours here on Earth along with Pleiadian, Lyra etc…The Arcturians and Angelics are the 2 primary frequency spectrum, I feel the home frequency: the Arcturian System and the Angelic Realm. We work together for Planetary Ascension. This is now become apparent as to why my close connection with the Arcturians and my interactions with them as the Angelic/Human. My soul contract included being a human communicator for them in various ways.

Today we go for our tour in Florence, Italy at the Piazzale Michelangelo Square showing the panoramic view. This includes statutes of Michale Angelo, as well as DNA Columns we noticed. We were sitting at lunch and found it kinda freaky, Kim, myself and friends were looking at DNA Columns with strands running down the columns. So we went and took pics, knowing this was a definite sign of the “dream experience”

I snapped a pic and in it we saw what looked like a crescent green star, moon, orb, planet??? from the picture I took. Our friend Kate then went to take the same pic but the green light (planet) did not show. We knew it showed on my image for a reason. My friend started to inquire more about the Arcturus Planet, and Arcturians. I pulled up a image for her on the internet. She immediately said “thats what I saw, that is them” Later on the on and off bus the driver announced people in Florence had been witnessing the green crescent in the sky behind the structures.

I began to explain to the group of friends who they are and how we are here to help change the world and heighten our consciousness to join again with our Neighbours of Higher Dimensions. I only opened up with the information because of my friends dream and everyone wanted to know, otherwise I keep it to myself. Well they are all believers now. This is personal disclosure. We don’t need government authorities to tell us. It’s happening now along with Ascension.
As each day passes we(the group) are witnessing more and more signs about the DNA encoding pouring into Earth now via the Galactic centre from our galactic heritage. We are also very aware of our contributions to earth with our work. I will be writing a blog upon my return of this trip, as it turns out Italy is one of my Grid points much clearing and cleansing work is being done here.

The Epiphany of Dr. Carl Sagan – A Gnostic Remembrance

In Love and Light,
Shelly Sullivan
Of Higher Service,

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