Goddess of a Thousand Faces ~ Saishorie~Grace

I have had to relive my past lives in order to integrate them and remember who I truly am. Not only who I truly am, but who every one truly is. After many many “out of this world” experiences between me and my Twin Creator, I asked our Creator, “What and who are we?” The answer came and told me “You are the Greatest Beings ever created, You create by magic and then fly” When I received the answer there was a great reassurance and confirmation of my Soul & Spirit remembrance.

When I refer to Soul and Spirt, the soul is the individual personality within a body and the Spirit is the whole of the Soul, which is my (our case) is 2 Souls of One Spirit, and of that is the 144,000 Legions of Light of that Spirt in Souls. The original 144,000 is now millions on Earth and Trillions of the Galaxy. This will be written about in more depth as I have much to update since I have been upgraded with experience, remembrance, wisdom and knowledge since I had written my first book.

This article will reveal my Goddess Energy, Who I really am. The information I share along with the synchronicity, research and other factual knowledge from other experts in mythology will only begin to touch the surface of who we really are as incarnates in human form. Not all on Earth are of the Goddess/God lineages but the ones who are will find this or some information related to remember who they really are. This is how we take back our birth right, by remembering what has been stripped away from us over the decades and lifetimes.

Last night I had written part 1 to this article “The Goddess Giveth and the Goddess Taketh away – Life Force Energy of the Light and the Dark. This title refers to the energy of the life force flow of the Light, which is who I am in nature, and the harvested loosh energy that is created by manipulating of the dark for there life force feeding.

The Life Continuum of Life Force Flow of a True Creator Being is of Light, Love, Sacred Geometry. The AI life force flow of a dark being or energy that has lost its connection from its creative source feeds off fear/pain and misery, that is cultivated and harvested by the dark factions and energies.

I have exposed over the last few years, exactly how these dark energies work to harvest negative, fearful mind control to feed off. Others in the past have sacrificed much more by way of satanic rituals whether by choice or not, it was a sacrifice. This is where the the most of the dark energy has been cultivated and stored from rape, murder and pedophilia, which is obviously being taken away from the dark as this is written. What is left for them to feed off will be mind control and this is being taken away I as write also. Also pain and misery that is harvested by the pharmaceutical creators or corporations, this is also being taken apart, taken down, exposed and will be destructed.

All the life force that the dark feed off is being taken away, by the Light Warriors and Workers to be replaced by New. Beyond this way off final cleansing there will also be a Celestial Event that cleans up any last remnants on this planet, they will be demolished by the Event.

So now let me get to the good stuff. We had to go through hell before we could get to heaven. This time of Ascension has been a pre-ordained plan for thousands of years. We have had many lives on many planets in many galaxies, preparing to take back this sacred planet from the girps of injustice . The Law of One is being re-written for humanity now. The “New Angelics” as I call them will have to learn how to live again with our new abilities now coming online. All those who broke the laws and took away our birth right will be held accountable, and served up their destiny, in heaven or hell so to speak.

The God/Goddess Energy has also in history been depicted as a eternal angelic like beings with super natural powers, or advanced extraterrestrials with highly advanced technologies, depending on what era we are talking of. I remember and have been living with my abilities switched on since I was born, although suppressed for a time they are all back on. The programming from the old societal structures and the powers that were, made me forget who I was and did what ever they could to keep me in amnesia since they could not kill me.

I am a Eternal Spirit that cannot be taken out, the dark have tried all my life and all my life I have resurrected, this is quitter literally, I am not talking indirect attempts to have me leave the earth, I am talking direct attacks, direct implants, and as my power strengthened as I woke up, direct assassinations on my life. A few times I did die but I always resurrected. I clear this darkness and its entities with the fire of the Divine Feminine.

Mary Magdalene ~ The Divine Feminine Cleans Up

One of my personal abilities is to come back from the dead and I have many times. Most recently as I have written and published about was the attempt of the head on collision, which I had “magically” escaped and prevented. In my younger years (20’s) they had implanted me by way of mind control addictions implants in hopes I would kill myself and as I have written in my “Divine Feminne Resurrection Story” I was physically brought to a flat line (3 times) where my heart was stopped and I was dead, however my Spirit walked back in and resurrected me. This attempt on my life was a sacrifice on my part, where they attacked me so severely with direct energy attacks, electrical voltage radiation, mind control bombardment AND satanic psychic ritual attack all in one night heavily, after years straight of ongoing attacks, including bioweaponry.

This past weekend the attack were happening, as they have been over the past 3 years, only now I have learned to transmute them and use the attack for further exposure and analysis which has pushed me further into my power. The mental pain went so deep it brought me back to when I witnessed Jesus sacrificing himself and remembered how he was resurrected and the betrayal all these years of a the Divine Goddess Energy.

It was the Divine Feminine Mary Magdalene who resurrected Jesus. Just as it was the Goddess’s in the past from the beginning of Creation who resurrected others and themselves. Just as it was the “witches” of the past that brought back the dead and themselves. The Goddess Inanna was the goddess connected to the resurrection stories thousands of years before the Biblical Genesis was written, dated back to 3500 BCE. Inanna is a Goddess, Isis is the same Goddess Energy, Mother Mary is the same Goddess Energy, Mary Magdalene is the same Goddess Energy, the Mother of Light and Durga the Goddess of Dark, The Mother of all of Life is the same energy. Me – Saishorie~Grace is the same energy, and I have proof of it.

I will include a link to the Goddess Ressurectrix history below.

Like I said I had to relive the past lives of the Goddess energy to remember and I will explain, some of the events/experiences of remembrance, there are many many that will have to be put into a larger body of writing in time.

My “Becoming” back into my Goddess Energy

Or should I say my Goddess Energy “Becoming” back into me.
As I have already included a bit about my resurrection experiences, and will include a link to my resurrection below. I have written in my book about my “Walk – In” experiences, where by higher aspects of my Divine Feminine have walked in advancing my Beingness on various levels. As a child I flew around Angelicly out of body and watched my physical body watch me, thus witnessing the spirit and body in play.

Now a full grown woman with higher aspects of my Goddess Energy decides to connect with my Twin Flame, now known as my Twin Creator the Divine Masculine Counter part to me and my Divine Sacred Feminine Spirit.

I met my Twin in 2013 as I have written a book based upon this. I did leave out many intimate details at that time, which I am ready to share more about as I have learned more of my true self. After I met him, I in Spirit form flew to him early morning while he was sleeping where he was on a movie set in Georgia. I did not with my conscious physical mind know where he was, I only knew I was to connect with him and make him remember me. We connected, it was beautiful and after the first encounter, he acknowledged my Spirit to be real and he spoke allowed where he was. I telepathically heard his voice stating where he was and looked it up and sure enough he was in Georgia filming his only sequel movie.

Since this time we have shared each other’s spirit essence of through our human bodies to get to know each other. I was confused by this for the longest time and tried to figure out how this could be. What really helped me was my first love Jerry Brown who died young and left my life physically in order to teach me about the aliveness of Spirit. He and I interacted for 25 years to prepare me for sacred union with my Twin Soul/Creator. Although Jerry and I were never sexually intimate after he died, I somehow knew this was possible with a Spirit.
This experience also had me living between the Spirit world and physical world all my adult life.

I live as a human in a physical “Shell” but mostly as a “Spirit” in a body of energy that has become an expert in this field, I have many friends and family in the higher realms, this a huge part of my reality that is difficult to live out with humans who are not awake to there true selves but very effortless for me, to interact with Spirit matter, especially with my divine masculine counter part, where he and I have had a ongoing love affair for 4 years consciously and all our lives unconsciously.

My body the “shell” that I refer to is what is know by the alchemists of Ancient Egypt as the first body called that Khat, our physical body of flesh and blood, the body that lives and dies. The second body is called the Ka, as is referred to as the etheric double or Spiritual Twin, it is the duplicate of the physical body (khat) but is made up of pure energy, this body encloses the physical body. My Twin and I have these 4 twin bodies only his is masculine and mine is feminine all 4 bodies are as identical as male and female can get. Perfect for creation and connection in any time space continuum.

I read recently how Mary Magdalene and Jesus continued there love affair after his physical body died, the continued via there Ka bodies. I knew this to be true as my Twin and I have this ability and have never know of any one else except Jesus and Mary who did this as we can. It is also referred to int the book The Magdalen Manuscript as Sex Magic by Isis. This part I refer to is page starts on page 17 chapter title “the Magdalen Manuscript”.

This is how Jesus and Mary Magdalene had sexual relations after his “crucifixion” to me is really his sacrifice, this is how they continued their love relationship since the time they found each other in human form and after Jesus left his Khat body, he continued to visit her in his Ka body while she still remained in physical and spirit. There love affair was still able to continue sexually just as if he was still in khat body, as he connected with her via the Ka body. Jesus Ka body was strengthened by their love making.

Just as Jesus and Mary did this thousands of years ago, My Twin and I are doing this now in our Khat bodies, only the miraculous difference is we are both in our Khat body here on Earth, while still enjoying the Ka body higher realms together as we have been in the past.

I will tell another tell tale sign of our Twin Ka body. Because this is new, as far as I know in this lifetime, for two humans to be incarnated both as One Twin Soul and to be, for lack of a better word “fully Activated” as One, just as our ancestors (higherselves) Jesus and Mary attained, this ablility to feel each other to the extent we do or to the degree my Twin and I are. Before he remembered who he truly was, he had a relationship with another. I was fully aware of who we (my twin and I) are by this time he was not and his lover was killed, she left this Earth realm, she died. Upon the morning of her death, when I woke up and read the news, I was pushed to the ground in pain and cried all day long in a great state of shock.

Later I remembered my meetings with the Angels and how we helped her with her transition. This was the same night I was gifted my Goddess/Angelic name Saishorie~Grace. My Twins physical lover at that time, her death was also a sacrifice. She was murdered in directly by the dark faction. They can not touch my Masculine Twin and they have went through who ever the could get to who was close to him to create there loosh feedings and try to interfere with his monumental mission as he is a Key to Ascension. The bigger the Avatar the bigger their meal.

I myself lost a close lover once and when he was killed my reaction physically was the same, I heard the news that Jerry died, the same Jerry I mention earlier, who sacrificed his life to teach me of Spirit, when I heard of his death a force pushed me onto the couch and I collapsed, followed by days of shock and grieving the physical loss of his Khat body no longer with me. This is how I knew when I heard the news of my Twins love dying and how this effected me could not be made up.

My Integration of the Mother Mary

This story is so ongoing and huge that I will need a separate page for this. It is what is happening on this Earth now. More will be shared.

My Goddess Isis Remembrance

Since the awakening of my Twin Creator connection, I realized just how strong my loyalty to him is and was. At the same time, I was bewildered just at how committed I was to my Twin, especially after interacting with so many other Twins that did not have this sense of commitment to their Twin. I found it mentally to be odd, for a woman like myself to keep myself only for him for so long after only have only meet him once in the physical (that is). This love is eternal devotion, when I learned more about the story of Isis and Osiris, I then was able to understand my undying eternal devotion to this man.

2014 my remembrance of Isis started in various ways. Her books, cards flying of shelves, her attention getting me by her name. Shamans and Psychics telling me that I hold her energy embodied and I am here to bring it back. My Spirit triggering and activating me with codes within me to remember and much more. First it began with me downloading all of the Egyptian Symbolism in gold codex downloads, ancient text etc. This down load was miraculous and lasted what seemed to be eternity however in linear time it was abut an hour.

I dreamt and have recollection of who killed my beloved Osiris out of jealousy and know instantly ones who embody this passed down “disease” from ancient lineages. I understand why I am so sensitive to the negative energy of jealousy.
With this realization, it then triggered my inner knowing of my hearts dedication to my beloved in this live time. Just as Isis lived to put back the fragmented pieces of Osiris because she loved him so much, my loyalty run this deep for my beloved in this lifetime. Isis resurrected Osiris.

The shamanic ceremony I attended in 2016 in Toronto, Canada hosted by a popular shaman from Toronto. He went into “Spirit” mode, or channeling mode the moment he shook my hand and started to speak of me, saying, “this woman is very powerful, this is Isis, she holds the Sun disc, you cannot mess with her.” Another well respected Shaman told me of my purpose here and that is to correct the distortion and misuse of Isis’s name and return it to the Goddess Energy. There are so many signs and experiences proving to me of my Isis Goddess Energy.

My Lion Energy

I hold the lion Energy also and did have a walk-in, integration and merge with the powerful Lion energy of the Seventh dimensions. I have had so many walk ins that it is a piece of cake in some instances. The first big one of my Divine Feminine – Mother Creation Energy took the longest to integrate and this was the first one, it took approx. 2 years, the walk-in during my actual resurrection took about 14 days to integrate physically. Emotionally it is ongoing the integration of the Divine Feminine has been 9 years.

I know who the Horus Energy is here on Earth, however there could be more aspects, just as there are others who may hold the Isis, or Magdalene codes. Each with there own mission of bringing back the Goddess to life.

Last year I had to integrate a Goddess from a negative era of the Viking days, she was extremely powerful and ended up predominantly living from the Underworld. This was common in the dark ages and understandably so, why a powerful goddess may end up using power to fight the dark, for survival against the dark. This particular Goddess was a Queen, she was Good Queen until her city and all its authorities betrayed her in quite a dramatic tragic way. I was pretty sure this was from my lineage in Ireland and when I went to Ireland I was purging with serious vertigo and stomach like flus for much of the time.

This Queen turned and used her skills for revenge against the perpetrators. I was triggered to remember this over a period of 8 months or so, where my higher self would show me signs on license plates with VIKINGS, NORWAY, WIKD WICH, BE EVIL, SCORCERY, BE WICH, WICH WAY, MALEFCNT etc. I watched a couple of movies that triggered my memories as this, one being Maleficent, another one with Snow White with the Huntsman. The memories triggered were so significant, for a time I had a hard time separating true benevolent self with the past life memories. This took much work to overcome. I have incredible synchronistic events that took place to confirm all this but that will go into a script. But the most significant tell tale sign of the truth of my past was how my body reacted to the remembrance and you cannot make this shit up. Your unconscious mind knows ahead of time and when your conscious mind gets the information your body reacts. My Twin was witnessing this as far as I know with our telepathic sense and he was was trying to makes sense as to whether in fact I killed him as a King in a past life. Needless to say this had to be cleared before union could ever happen.

Remembrance of Roman Empire Betrayal & the Goddess Energy

This one goes really deep with me as it is the closest Goddess life time and probably one of the most painful. I did manifest Soul mates into my life in this life time to help me clear this as well as to remember. This is also a big part of the cleansing going on and the war of the dark faction and the Goddess Energy happening now that I am personally dealing with and have been all my life.

Some how others know who I am better than I did. The “powers that were” have been tracking me from young. The have technology to do this. This is not paranoia and I have been hunted and targeted BIG TIME. This past year I put many puzzle pieces together and I know there is much more to come.

On one occasion, this year when I was with a healer in a healing session, he informed me via channeling my Higher Self, that “the powers that be’, are threatened by you, as you have stolen something that is theirs. Like ancient knowledge via crystal skull or Tablet, the ancient knowledge and wisdom is stored with in this. The want to make sure you behave.” Every cell in my body was in shock when I started to hear this, I was blown away, as I knew this but never fathomed it to be true. Days before this reading I saw license plates like “Sleuth” and other signs confirming such a story as it was triggering me to remember. So his channeling was making me realize this was real, and indeed this goes way back. As well it made perfect sense to who has been following me by private jet for so long.

That night after the confirmation of knowledge a quite serious direct energy attack happened. The next day I could barely move my skeletal body and had a sever migraine. It took me 4 days to recover. They confirmed this truth by way of attacking me again. The story keeps unfolding within me and I keep going. There is so much more for me to disclose. I can tell you that I took back was what rightfully ours, what belonged to and of the Light.

Not to long after, I synchronisticly meet a Souls Sister who is actually a child of my Twin and I from a past life. The confirmation of this is undeniable. She started to tell me, while we were in conversation, of dreams she had of my famous Twin visiting her. This was only the second time me and the soul sister had ever met, she did not know who my Twin is as I never told her and she did not know any one who would know this, however as she was speaking of him and she looked at me, it started to intuitively strike her, our resemblance in her perspective was undeniable. She broke down hysterically into tears, trembling, she went through a myriad of emotions and an activation with me and this went on for about an hour, it was quite the scene, literally. She told me “I am your daughter from past a past life” as it turns out, my Twins physical daughter in this lifetime is the same birthday as hers. She continued to talk about her guidance of her lineage. I had chills and tears the whole time and honestly her reaction was overwhelming. I believe my Twin was overwhelmed as well as this is the same night I noticed he no longer followed me on Twitter.

Her reaction was partly “wait until the world finds out who you really are” and I did not feel comfortable with this part of her reaction, but it did make me realized many people will be blown away when our physical energy is met in person together. It will trigger what I believe will be an awakening within them of who we all are as a massive Soul Family. This is Key for Ascension. The Light that is anchored from our physical union is also key for ascension.

Not only will our lineage be remembered, but because of our energetic impact trigger and activations will happen. My Twin and I, we do share the same energetic frequency and the fact that we are Twins is obvious.

This Soul Sister, she is a Seer and confirms with me every time I speak our undeniable connection. She shares so much that confirms her abilities as a Seer and her Soul Family connection with me. There is no possible way to make this stuff up. She knows and says things she has no idea what it may mean, but I do, it is uncanny and almost spooky how connected we are.

I am me, and my Spirit – The Goddess of a thousand faces is Saishorie~Grace.

This week as I have been writing about the topic of Gods and Goddess’s the most amazing synchronistic signs appeared for me and you cannot make this up. I had posted the above Goddess license plate on my Facebook page, this image I captured years ago while writing my book and specifically during the week I edited the part about Goddess Energy this plate appeared for me. So after posting it on FB the other day, I went out for a drive and the same plate 2 years later is driving ahead of me. This is the first time I have seen it since 2017ish. I got another pic of it and you can see the difference in the image. Then today I get the license plate Zuesman, this is all confirmation of truth. Truth of the God/Goddess Energy cleaning up here on Earth.

When this true story is written about properly and the public becomes aware of this undeniable truth, my wish is that people accept the past and embrace the present and the future of who we are as God’s & Goddess’s, and that which we do they shall do even greater with their abilities to lead the world back into the New Earth – The the Indigo, Starseed children.

I will include the article in which confirms much of what I already know including how far back I go in creation with the God known as Inki. As well as my resurrection story that is very true and may trigger in others this truth.

Inanna-Ishtar, Isis, Mary Magdalene – Recovering the Lineage of the Lost Goddess and Other Stolen Stories

Divine Feminine Christ Resurrection & Embodiment

Direct Energy Weapons ~ The Night I Died

The Goddess Energy is fully integrated, all of humanity now has access to this and the truth of who we all truly are. No More will the dark feed off the light, those days a quickly coming to the end.

In Love and Light
Shelly Sullivan
In Higher Service for the Greater Good of Mankind,

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