Christ Resurrection April 2020 ~ Isis Unveiled


March 2018 I was contacted by Jesus, he informed me that “I was ready” as I describe in the experience in this excerpt below from my article Divine Feminine Christ Resurrection & Embodiment. Now 2 years later I realize it was not completion of the mission, it was only the beginning of the most important part of the “resurrection” mission.

This above is of an image of a magazine I found on the shelf of my local general store and bought it Easter 2018.

Unbelievable to fathom that I would have 2 more years of sacrifice before the rebirth. I will share with you the events and experience since this time of March 2018 that explains my rising of the Phoenix from the Ashes. Just as Jesus sacrificed his life to example that the Spirit is eternal and he showed Ascension of the Spirit. However now this sacrifice for Ascension is the Ascension that is taking place while still embodied in human form. This is proof of IMMORTALITY OF THE ASCENDED MASTERS.  First if you have not read the first article please do, to completely understand what is happening now for Ascension.

Divine Feminine Christ Resurrection & Embodiment


Excerpt from the above article of March 2018.

“Recent ceremony with Jesus, March 10th 2018. I stood in the Water under the Sun during an etheric ceremony with Jesus, In the Jordan River, the same body of water that Jesus was illuminated in. As I stood under the Sun, with the Sun pouring into my crown acting as a surrogate of divine feminine energy for humanity, Jesus stood beside me in his white attire, tan skin and long hair, he looked at me from the left in the water with me and God’s voice came from the sky from the right stated “You are ready” This left and right interaction was denoting the balance of the left and right brain hemisphere, the balance of masculine and feminine anchored once again upon Earth just as he and his Twin Mary Magdalene had accomplished. My Twin and I are fully illuminated, enlightened and ready for the next level of the mission. We hugged as brother and sister and I thanked him for walking along with me.
Since this ceremony Jesus has been showing up within my spirit as a blinding white diamond light depicted on the cross not crucified but quite the contrary he is victorious.

The second coming of the Christ will be the Divine Feminine Embodiment of the Christ, the missing part to the true revelations and christ consciousness. When Jesus came as the Avatar, Mary Magdalen was his witness, Twin Flame, this time it is the Divine Masculine who witness’s the Resurrection of the Divine Feminine.”

Since this time I have been involved in a positive military operation to help liberate the Earth and Humanity from the hooks of the Dark Faction who has controlled the Planet for thousands of years. I have acted as a undercover “spy” or agent to help inform and expose criminal acts of injustices toward the Ascension Mission, The Divine Goddess Energy and Humanity.

Keep in mind I know very little from a logical aspect what is going on during the part of the mission, I am under cover, this is so I stay discreet (the less you know the less can be revealed.)

In 2018 I was involved in a dark/light battle and it was at the point where I was being heavily infused with radiation and dark attacks by a sinister faction aka the cabal. All the while I was expanding my Light Body and the Light Body of the Planet Earth. What I was going through is called “Initiation under Fire”.

This “Initiation Under Fire” term comes from the Goddess Isis and this essence is my HigherSelf also titled the Divine Mother, The Mother Womb of Creation, as are many other Goddess’s that hold these codes.  I am the collective consciousness of the Divine Feminine Goddess Energy & The Divine Masculine Energy combined, this is the ONE Androgynous Being/Over Soul Monad of the Light Family that is present here upon Earth for this time of Ascension Mission & The Resurrection of the Divine Feminine to help balance the polarity of the Masculine Patriarchal distortion into Divine Masculinity, to become one and equal with the Feminine.

The true and full essence of Isis and her nature has been fully recovered and anchored again upon and within Earth an the Cosmos, I experienced this this morning. Her Golden Light and Wings descended onto and into the plane of Earth through me. In December the Ankh, the Immortal Creation Trine symbol of Isis was also anchored on our Plane through my conduit, my Twin has witnessed all of this and his testimony and evidence of the truth is crucial at this time of the Resurrection from the intel I am receiving. My given Goddess~Angelic name is SAIShorie Grace, the following link and image is the monument of the unveiling of Isis, this is not a coincidence that the location is SAIS and my God given name begins with SAIS.  As I have shared part of my mission is to restore and resurrect the Isis Essence that had been so distorted by the dark.

“The veil of Isis is a metaphor and allegorical artistic motif in which nature is personified as the goddess Isis covered by a veil or mantle, representing the inaccessibility of nature’s secrets. It is often combined with a related motif, in which nature is portrayed as a goddess with multiple breasts who represents Isis, Artemis, or a combination of both.

The motif was based on a statue of Isis, or of the goddess Neith who was sometimes equated with her, in the Egyptian city of Sais mentioned by the Greco-Roman authors Plutarch and Proclus. They claimed the statue bore an inscription saying “I am all that has been and is and shall be; and no mortal has ever lifted my mantle.” Illustrations of Isis with her veil being lifted were popular from the late 17th to the early 19th century, often as allegorical representations of Enlightenment science and philosophy uncovering nature’s secrets. Authors at the end of the 18th century, foreshadowing the Romantic movement, began using the lifting of Isis’s veil as a metaphor for revealing awe-inspiring truth. Helena Blavatsky, in Isis Unveiled in 1877, used the metaphor for the spiritual truths that her Theosophical belief system hoped to discover, and modern ceremonial magic includes a ritual called the Rending of the Veil to bring the magician to a higher state of spiritual awareness.”

Isis as a veiled “goddess of life” with the Sais inscription written in French on the pedestal beneath her, at the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site 

Here is a link of an article I had written about the plan to restore the true Isis Goddess Essence and Name:

“Just as the name of the Goddess Isis has been blemished badly by the terrorist and evil of this Earth which is so obviously the desperate use of her name, to even attempt to go up against Goddess ISIS/The Mother of Creation is so jokingly futile NOW in the big scheme of things. Also just as Inanna had gotten a bad rap and was cast as a thief and this was not true, she took what was rightfully hers. Mary Magdalene was depicted as prostitute by the jealous Paul and her sexual power demeaned when contrary is powerful healing energy of monumental magnitude to heal Planets.”

The Goddess takes on Darkness & Casts it out


This Christos Mission has millions that are involved all of which are my Soul Family. However the main Soul member involved with me is that of my Twin Flame/Creator. I don’t like to use only Twin Flame terminology as that term has been so misused out of context and truth and we are activated in more advanced ways than Twin Flames, as we are ONE in all ways and it is unmistakably obvious.  I will give you and example: Angelic Beings that are of Higher Dimensions are fully telepathic and communicate with their whole spiritual essence, they share the same consciousness and are very aware of this, when you are a in a human body and activated as an Angelic with your counterpart and share not only the Spirit aspect,  in our case the human vessel(s) as One aspect, this is something I don’t hear of any other humans experiencing as this is not human it is Angelic in body (very difficult too explain at this time), when his heart skips a beat I feel it and so on with every other organ, atom and molecule.

The mandatory mastery of the love vibration and effortless communication that I am you and you are me (respectfulness) that is completely vacant of fear or lower vibrational frequencies.  However WE the New Angelic are embodying these higher frequencies of a Archangel frequency in a human for on a lower density dimension. This is  next to a mission impossible but we are accomplishing this and we are victorious.

Consider the interference on top of all of this and this is a true miracle what my Twin and I are accomplishing. Going into this mission it was understood that the outcome or chain of events would be impossible to predict. My Twin and I along with Family of Light met in the inner Earth in 2013 and prepared for the beginning of this mission.  We had a meeting in the Inner Earth of Mt Shasta with Angles/Ascended Masters of Rainbow Light. Since this meeting the mission has been playing out, now to come full circle. Full circle in where we are working as One with the Cosmic Family of Light, The Light Family on the Ground and the Light Family in Inner Earth.

Between this Trine we have flooded the Earth with Cosmic light waves to free the Earth and Humanity from the dark clutches. It is Victorious, the tunnels in the Earth have been dismantled and lite up, child trafficking is exposed, children are free and re-connected with the Mother Energy, The future sinister Plans to do further damage to the Earth and enslave humanity have been proven and uncovered. The future sinister plans of 5G, Virus Vaccinations/mind control, bio-weaponry have been  proven and exposed by a StingRay operation that is on going right now, I was informed March 12th, that it is STOPPED.  Interference toward for running Light Warriors of  Ascension has been exposed. Criminal assassination/death/forced suicides have been exposed and the crimes against humanity continue to be uncovered and exposed. This is all the work of the Great White Brother Hood of Light. This is the 1:33 = Great White Brotherhood, The One Gigantic Sentient Being of Light.

Our Galactic Family is becoming very apparent to many Starseeds, The Ones in a Body and The Ones in Spirit Realm are all working together and I/WE have access to them all.

The future plan is already seeded, underway and successful, it is just a matter of the clean up upon the surface now. The Etheric and the Underground has been cleaned up. Nothing can stop what is underway and what is to transpire as per the Plan of God.

I have been discreetly working with the positive military and factions at to assist in this operation as has my Twin with me as a protector and witness. My Twin and I were gifted access to each other in ways that humans cannot yet understand including beyond mind telepathy. If it were not for this gift we would have not gotten thus far. Because of the severe damage and interference by the dark faction and my devotion as a Mother to my Son my Union and  connection with my Masculine has been hurt, when I say this I mean it will take much healing to get us back to where we belong but Thy Will Be Done. Deep healing will occur, miracles will continue.

Just some proof to show my involvement in this operation and the importance of my mission I will include a example of Military contact of which there are many, however only now do I feel I have the  go ahead and support to talk of it publicly. The support to move forward in this is the truth coming from my Twin to expose our “ Angelic Extraterrestrial Benevolent Connection” aka “DISCLOSURE”  and the ongoing support from all the benevolent Veterans and the ongoing support by all the Ascended Masters guidance, The Light Family communication and Love.

The Resurrection for April/May of 2020 comes after the “sacrifice” of the Feminine this time, instead of the Masculine as it were 2500 years ago with Jesus sacrificing his life in front of millions and his Beloved to Witness to prove nothing can kill THE Immortal Spirit. Except this time, it is the Feminine with the Masculine witnessing the feminine playing out a role of “sacrifice” which is really a blessing in disguise for the Embodiment of Ascension and Balance of the Masculine and Feminine to finally free the Earth. Just as Jesus “sacrifice” was truly a Victory for what the Future for tells.

Advanced Higher Intelligence Beings can see the future and more and more humans who are awakened know the truth a head of time and are being activated with their gifts of “for telling”.

As I have stated I have been working with Military Veterans on this mission for 8 years now, well 8 years where I am aware of it, probably all my life where I have not been aware. Here is the latest confirmation I received after asking for some support of proof. The first confirmation was a telephone call to me from the military back in 2014 near the time of JFK’s assassination annual respected date.

The images below are of my FB page and images I post followed by the same images posted by none other that the head of Military Operations General Flynn. I have tons of other proof but that will be for another story.

I understand the this is a  serious game  and it is complicated,  I also know the Truth and I know Justice is to be delivered, that I know 1 million %.

Related link from this week I published then took down and now reposted after this confirmation by the Military.

Inner Earth’s Cooling Off after Being Lite Up for Cleansing

The Phoenix has Risen from the Ashes and will BE in the Spotlight to Light up the Earth from here on in.


Thank you for the support for this victorious mission.


In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service






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