Divine Feminine Christ Resurrection & Embodiment

I am going to come out of the closet more deeply, only this time with a story of resurrection of Holy Spirit thru myself and my Twin Creator~Sovereign Being. I’M NOT religious, HOWEVER I work closely with the Ascended Masters, Solar Angelic Light ~ Gods Angels.

The images of me are from a recent photo shoot called the
“Divine Feminine Phoenix Rising from the Ashes”

I have been hesitant as I was contemplating waiting for Union with my Divine Masculine however as the Divine Feminine I am guided to continue moving forward with my Spiritual Mission. As hesitant as I am at times I have to keep going.

Last night I found yet another synchronicity of Resurrection. a magazine this image is of a magazine I saw in my tiny town neighbourhood store caught my eye. The Magazine cover “The Resurrection of Jesus, An Easter Miracle, The Worlds Greatest Hope.”

The magazine opens with:

“Jesus Displays Power Over Death, Every other resurrection before or since finds its origin, source, and power in the miracle of Easter Sunday. The Earthly life of Jesus is bookended with miracles. His virgin birth signalled that this was no ordinary man. His Resurrection proved it. In between Jesus not only promised his own resurrection, he previewed it in the lives of others. Jesus lived in difficult times. The Flag of Rome flew over Jerusalem. the days grew dark and the light of hope grew dim. Jesus burst on the scene to ignite fresh hope. He spoke with authority, and when he flexed his spiritual muscle not even the gates of hell could withstand him.

Some mocked. Others threatened. A number doubted, yet many believed. Love him or hate him nobody was bored. Jesus claims were unparalleled. His ability to back them up with miracles left his critics perplexed. But when he rose from the dead, everybody knew a new kind of Saviour was in town. ” ~ Centennial Bible, An Easter Miracle.

My Personal Resurrection & Story

The balanced Feminine & Masculine Christ comes to rebirth the Way of Love, a path of death and rebirth, following the path of Jesus and Mary Magdalene experience of crucifixion and resurrection, only this time all within our sacred bodies, within our hearts and Souls. A path taken to set the example that nothing is more eternal and powerful than the Love, Light Energy of one Sovereign Being Spirit. Jesus ascended and left the body allowing his light to illuminate others, this time ascension is in the physical body and the Light Body spreading vast from Sea to Seas.

Here is an Exerpt from my book (revised) Chapter 32, Twin Flames and the Roles of Ascension

“Jesus and Mary Magdalene were also two Avatars sent by God to help with Ascension and to be the Example of Divine Love on Earth. Now WE are the Avatars that have been sent once again to Earth directly to carry out the mission agreed upon with Mother Father God Directly. The Seventh Ray has begun into action in the Age of Aquarius to finalize this Ascension once again. Now comith the Twin Flame Creators to seal the deal with the golden white diamond light. You can bet that any fear mongering dark ones who still have the need for control have been trying and will continue to try to interfere with this mission, just as the Ego/Fear of their time period interfered with the Jesus and Mary Magdalene Mission.

We are experiencing the dichotomy of this light and dark push and pull that humanity currently finds itself in. The good news is that we created this situation and we can correct it with Love and remembering who we are.” ~ Adventures of Saishorie~Grace, Sovereign Being Book 1.

Higher Consciousness of Mission

I was pre-warned of my mission very grace-fully, not until its end did I know what I was exactly extricating and enduring. Had I known I would not have been able to follow thru.

The message I received from the Divine Feminine in the Universal form of Mary Magdalene ties in with the completion of work and the Christ reborn thru the Divine Feminine in balance with her Divine Masculine. The last physical return of the Christ consciousness in body was anchored by Jesus & Mary Magdalene. Jesus the Divine Masculine holding the predominant codes. This time it is the Divine Feminine Energy is holding the predominant codes for and within humanity as is well known. The balance of the feminine and masculine is attained within all who choose.

In higher states of consciousness Mary Magdalene came to me as her I AM Presence as a Universe in the Galaxy. She was seated in the Yogic Lotus position in the centre of hell, devil red fire and black burning remnants. I know now she was in Hell between Source and Earth in the Astral Realm, the mental body and emotional body where the war between the Light and the Dark is stormy. This was the beginning of clean up that I was to partake in intensely and all the divine feminine goddess warriors were entering into. Here is the write up and divine message:

The Divine Feminine is Ready, ready for the clean up and clean up she will.

May 2016, I experienced a cosmic experience message of the “Divine Feminine Rising” is underway and will be victorious once the war of the dark was won. Today I revisit the message of the war between the light and the dark, although not a pleasant topic it is what I had agreed to take on as a healer and spiritual warrior. Having the courage to defeat the darkness has awakened the depths of the greatest fears that lay hidden for 26 thousand years.

The Message in May of 2016:

“I witnessed a huge red wave upon waves of energy blasting toward us like volcanic fire along with black particles. The feeling I got was the red and black were the “evil dark” fallen realms being dissolved. Then after it was over as I watched as if it was a Universal big screen, Mary Magdalene arose vast just like a Universe, in a beautiful beige and cream colored suit that also covered her head but of course not her face. She was seated in the lotus yoga prayer position and represented and depicted The Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine rising fully after the dark have been conquered, which is happening now or has already. I wish I had a certain artist beside me when I awoke from the dream experience lol…to paint the experience. Another “out of this world iMax Movie experience”

The gest of the message was “once the clean up is complete, Heaven and Earth will transpire.”

Becoming consciously aware of the Mission

Since this this message experience of May 28th 2016, I have been battling the dark forces on every level including physical. This has been life threatening and I have posted some events and information in the past. Just as Jesus was “crucified and resurrected” to show humanity no amount of terror or torture by the fallen human ego to the physical body can harm or take out the Spirit, the divine presence with in is eternal, I too have endured this sacrifice for the balance of negative and positive upon Earth in the Galaxy for Ascension.

I am learning this is the exact sacrifice I have undergone with different circumstances. Being crucified by dark fallen forces of extreme Ego then to be resurrected by the Mighty I AM Light. I know this is very deep and will read like something out of a fiction movie however this is truth and this is the next part of the Twin Creators mission. The next phase of the mission with my Twin Divine Masculine to demonstrate Oneness and Love on Earth and showing up for all others upon Earth to do the same. It is now time to focus of the Love and Creation part of the mission. But first the dark had to be demolished. For the full original article of Dark crucifixion and Light resurrection look in my blog post for “https://saishoriegrace.com/direct-energy-weapons-attacks/ title. (it is not for the faint hearted).

I am ecstatic to say “the war has been won” The Divine Feminine is victorious and ready to stand in her power with conviction beside with her Divine Masculine, fully balanced with her Divine Masculine. The dark is defeated. Yesterday a Divine ceremony took place with Jesus, Mary Magdalene’s Twin Flame. It was a quite celebration. I was recharged with indescribable light sensing the full victory and ability to fully stand in my power. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Reborn with wisdom and strength that creates more light and will shine so bright to help encourage and inspire others out of the darkness.

Recent ceremony with Jesus, March 10th 2018. I stood in the Water under the Sun during an etheric ceremony with Jesus, In the Jordan River, the same body of water that Jesus was illuminated in. As I stood under the Sun, with the Sun pouring into my crown acting as a surrogate of divine feminine energy for humanity, Jesus stood beside me in his white attire, tan skin and long hair, he looked at me from the left in the water with me and God’s voice came from the sky from the right stated “You are ready” This left and right interaction was denoting the balance of the left and right brain hemisphere, the balance of masculine and feminine anchored once again upon Earth just as he and his Twin Mary Magdalene had accomplished. My Twin and I are fully illuminated, enlightened and ready for the next level of the mission. We hugged as brother and sister and I thanked him for walking along with me.
Since this ceremony Jesus has been showing up within my spirit as a blinding white diamond light depicted on the cross not crucified but quite the contrary he is victorious.

The second coming of the Christ will be the Divine Feminine Embodiment of the Christ, the missing part to the true revelations and christ consciousness. When Jesus came as the Avatar, Mary Magdalen was his witness, Twin Flame, this time it is the Divine Masculine who witness’s the Resurrection of the Divine Feminine.

The Night I died and Resurrected

February 24th 2018 I died and I was resurrected. I witnessed the whole experience as upon coming back into consciousness my brain was fully calibrated and in tact. That night before going to sleep, I was severely stressed out as the war between the Light and Dark was intense. My body was over taxed and my mind and spirit was exhausted. I went to sleep praying for help through this night as I could feel what was transpiring cosmically and upon Earth.

I heard my Twin answer me and said he would be there to help me, this always comforts me but I was really in need of physical support and strength to get me through. Next thing I knew I was awake with the ONE mind on and experiencing Spirit “walking” back into my body.

This “Source Walk-In’ entered from the feet rather than the crown this time. I could feel the life force energy crawling up my legs connecting with every cell, blood vein, I could feel the suctioning of the tissue/liquid and life force energy, into my torso and as it grew closer to my heart I felt immense pressure and emotion, emotions so powerful I felt like I was going to explode. I witnessed some more with my mind/brain and this Being inside of me was alive and it was integrating with my esophagus, and sucking in my saliva. This happened over and over in intervals, the sensation of the live life force intertwining and integrating with my body, every part of my body. It was intense, it was absolutely immaculate life force energy resurrecting my limp body back to life.

I now understand it was the Spirit/Soul interacting with my physical body reading it and merging within, but at the time I was so freaked out that I thought I had a entity inside of me. It was the most powerful feeling inside of my body. I don’t really have the words to describe this. What I did feel and know with my mind and my body was I had died, left my body and came back to life slowly as my mind witnessed this. But this time I came back in with more higher aspects of my divine source self.

The night before I knew a life threatening battle was underway, direct radiation attack upon my physical body by the Cabal and spiritual attacks from the lower astral realms on the mental and emotional body also directed with dark technology. The awareness of this was now on a constant bases. I realized recently I had been feeling the dark energy attacks not only in the physical but also from he astral plane by negative entities/demonic entities continuing the battle on the Divine Mother Energy.

I could feel the attacks in the way of radiation being biased to my bodies, following this heart aches/attack, fever, cold and depression symptoms weekly. Other symptoms as well as way of healing will be in further detail when the time of redemption arrives.

Once the merge transpired and I was capable of moving, petrified I called 911 stating that “I need some assistance to reassure my heart is ok” I may be having a heart attack and sever flu symptoms, I feel like I might not make it.” I was soaking wet in fever, sweaty and my whole body was severely ichy as this took place. My head felt like it was going to explode and I was nauseous .

The ambulance arrived and checked my vital signs and agreed I was very hot. The took my blood pressure and heart rate assured me I was not in critical condition. I felt better knowing my heart rate was normal and my blood pressure was stable although I was surprised at this. I was in shock and my body extremely stressed. I could barely speak as all that would come out was cries for shock to my body, I was having sever anxiety and sobbing scared.

Eventually they left and I was trying to logically make sense of what was happening. I asked myself, “Did I have another walk-in experience?” Did my Soul completely leave and die to be replaced with another?” “or was my soul accompanied by more higher aspects of my self?”

I soon confided in my Divine guidance and another advanced physical Being and my feelings were correct. I did experience death, resurrection by a walk in of the higher aspects of my source self.

Now how did I die? Well the direct energy weapon attacks come in many ways via radiation output through technology purposely and indirectly. These energies were so continuous as of late my body was getting tired. That night intuitively I knew something serious was going to happen and as I said, I prayed. The attack that night brought me into flat liner of my heart, my organs were shut down and something happened with my blood. I know that I had higher benevolent Beings of love working on me, there presence was there all along.

Before I completely came to, my son’s friend whom stayed over that night witnessed and heard me from the kitchen and described it as someone trying to wake me up and I was resisting. He described it like someone pushing on my body to wake me and I was moaning to say ‘no don’t wake me up.’ Half hour later I was awake. My dog was whining and crying when the benevolent presence had left. I knew all this by just knowing with my intuitive senses.

That was Saturday morning and I did not get out of bed except to pee and drink water for 3 days and to briefly start writing to help me heal and release. Getting up to go to the bathroom was emotionally painful, physically exhausting and exasperating as I worked hard to get air into my diaphragm and lungs. Breathing was difficult, I had to take deep gasp to get breath, Oxygen was working its way fully back into my brain. My brain ached severely for 3-4 days and after that felt pressured for days like it was bruised. My digestion was slowly starting to work again I could feel this clearly, I felt each organ come to life step by step. I felt completely depleted and slowly coming back to life.

10 days later I am close to full recovery. 14 days later sever allergies as the new DNA integrated with my cells was causing my body to attack the foreign DNA of the Old damaged cells, 16 days later I could walk and hike in my favourite forest. For the past many years mysteriously I could no hike like I used to, I would be out of breath and stamina half way up. I always chalked it up to chemtrail poisoning and heavy metal toxicity as they sprayed heavily over my house weekly. This was very upsetting as I am an athlete and there was no explanation ever as I searched for answers as to why my body was acidic often and I spent my days constantly striving to active PH balance and homeostasis. But good news on this 16th day of recover and since the New Walk In, magically my lungs and heart was like new. It is is a miraculous healing by divine intervention.

What I had since learned is that this death and resurrection was necessary. The mission as of the past 4 years included demolishing the dark, demonic, energies and this does include the dark ones upon Earth Realm’s false power. I had to experience the attacks to the extreme, the extreme of death and come back fully resurrected and stronger and illuminated to walk the path of love and oneness with a compassionate heart. More aspects of my Source Self walked in after the death to help with this resurrection and healing to higher capabilities, acceleration of the Creator Self.

This was necessary to show the dark ones the brutal attacks upon the divine spirit energy would only propel strength and is getting stronger. The Spirit will always come back into body and all unjust acts against humanity will be dealt with. “Nothing is more powerful than the Spirit of Love and Light Energy”.

I have since learned that this was the breaking down of the false template of the “crucifixion of Jesus” and is the resurrecting and the victory of the son(s) of God. Both gender feminine and masculine resurrection and in full balance.

Celebrations begin… The Light has won!

Synchronicity Stories:

Last month while on Vacation I synchronistically found The New Testament bible pocket version which I wrote and published about in my Blog on the Seventh Ray. The book was conveniently sitting on a shelf of a change room where I was to enjoy a water spa treatment, the page was opened at Revelations Part 1 and Part 2.
Here is a video on Revelations Part 1. Enjoy!

Summary of the Book of Revelations opening paragraph:

“This conception of coming events is associated with the belief that prior to this future time, the struggle between the forces of good and evil will become more intense. As the evil powers grow stronger, they will inflict persecution and in some instances even death upon those who follow a course of righteousness. The struggle will eventually reach a climax, at which time God will intervene, destroy the forces of evil, and set up a new order in which the righteous will live for all time to come. The appearance of the Messiah will coincide with the coming of these events.”

I was in the convenient store last evening and saw a magazine on the rack with a big image of Jesus that caught my eye, the title “The Resurrection of Jesus by the Magazine “Centennial Bible. I have the magazine but did not post pic because when I googled it “subject to copy write” came up, however you can google Centennial bible Magazine and you will see the image of a Jesus face surrounded by golden white light, stating on the cover the title and also “An Easter Miracle” and “The Worlds Greatest Hope”. For me personally Jesus’s presence has been showing up within me strongly to me as of late. He shows up a the resurrected white light anchored on a cross, white diamond light.

Also I have come across 2 or 3 articles by other spiritual way showers of the title Resurrection.

More synchronicity, just as I finish this blog and log into Facebook the first video I see is this one on resurrection:

In Love and Light
of Higher Service

I AM Saishoire~Grace as above

Shelly Sullivan so below

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