Clear Sphere into the Oceans 999

Happy 9/9 Portal. A spontaneous activation happened this morning and is occurring now, after months of “testing the waters” it is time. A Clear Sphere of Light entered and emitted substantial light codes into the Waters of Earth, this energetic crystal sphere was surrounded by the Dragon Energy swirling around the the Crystal Sphere of Light.

This activation of the waters started 9/9/2019 morning and continues for the next while until the next level into Earth is ready. The iron of Earth is alchemizing into crystalline, just as our light bodies are. There are many crystalline spots around the world activating now via the inner Earth and Light Beings within. As well the Light Beings in the water are expanding the light for Earth.

Calling in all the Dolphin Angels, Whales and Sharks, to circle around this transmitter of sonar frequencies and light, these Beings of Light receive upgraded White Diamond Rainbow Light Frequencies from the Cosmic Creator. They were called in and circled around the Great Sphere of Light for miles assimilating and will amp up the Light into the Earth at the appropriate time, for now the adjustment is being made. All Beings of Light are increasing with Light.

~ Saishorie~Grace

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