In Honour of Honey, The Golden Labrador

have been attacked for years similarly and I have miraculously survived. My dog was not so lucky. Since 2017, Honey my Golden Labrador has been enduring the same attacks as I, however here Light Body was not such as mine and thus she was hit very hard in the temples and brain for 4 years straight.

The first year in 2017-18, she was taken to the hospital the night before I was to fly to Chicago for a Spiritual Conference, where I was going to promote my book and publicly speak for the first time. I was attacked and was in great pain when I arrived to this Conference. I didn’t attend and flew home to be with my Beloved Honey as she had life threatening dual ear infections and many wounds on her temples. I could feel her pain and could not bare to be away from her. Plus the day I met one of the hosts of the conference we were being harassed by planes over head and the direct energy weapons were happening. I left to be with my dog and bring her back into health.

Since this time Honey was often hiding in the metal bathtub at 19995 Yonge St. while I lay in bed for years of and on very ill by virus and lyme disease and of course direct energy weapons. This was the beginning of a very difficult battle and ultimately Honeys decline and death.

The next summer her and I were on the run basically form Airbnb up north to keep us out of harm, however her temples were infected again and it was direct energy weapons again. The vet up north has all the records. The most sever wounds they have seen on a dogs head they referred to as “hotspots”. She had to have her mane shaved and it was devastating for both of us. Just more torture on top of all the rest.

The next major incident when Honey ended up in the hospital with sever pain and tumour like lesions on her temples she was diagnosed to put to sleep or treat it like an infection. I was so under attack myself that often I could not logically put the pieces together or let alone face the truth that my Dog was being slowly murdered. Any way here is the video from when she spent 4 days in the hospital diagnosed possibly with brain caner and was to be put down. I was in deep pain and has to spend $6000 for a 4 day hospital bill, caused by direct energy weapons. I did not realize at the time this was still happening to her.

The next incident which killed her was in November, up North in Muskoka where I moved to escape the attacks. Not so lucky. They hit us hard all summer and before my eyes murdered her over and over while I drove her to vet after vet on a winter night. Her wounds and pics.

On another topic, the dark has been sinisterly attempting over and over to lower the sacredness of my sacred sexual energy between my Twin and I. Although I have been so challenged with every aspect of my life and thoughts because of the extreme attempts to psychologically mess with me, I know the  sacredness of my sexual energy and felt my connection with my Twin has been sacred. Here is a excerpt from Mary Magdalene Manuscript that describes very similar our connection with sacred union and also confirms our lineage. Our lineage stemming back from positive Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and The the Golden Lion Christ lineage.

“I stand in time now, looking at all of this as if it were a dream and yet so—still, vividly clear. My heart trembles as I recount the story as if it were yesterday. That first night with Yeshua is sketched within my mind as clear as the skies over Jerusalem.

After I had been able to pass through the desires of myself as woman and ascend the path into spiritual alchemy in which I was trained, I could see Yeshua’s spirit form—already luminous, already brilliant with light.”

“When I met Yeshua by the well for the first time, the mere proximity of his presence activated my internal alchemies. A serpent power moved up my spine as if I had practiced the disciplines I had learned.

That first night when we were together alone, arm in arm, lying next to each other, we practiced the sexual magic of Isis. This specific form of magic charges the ka body with tremendous magnetic force through the power of physical orgasm, for when one has a sexual orgasm there is a tremendous release of magnetic energy within the cells. As this energy spreads it releases a magnetic potential that can be used.

The years of dark interference between this connection of myself and my Twin (caused by dark interference) I have questioned the sacredness of the sexual connection between us as it had caused me great challenges in my life. I have wondered if in fact there is possible nanotechnology involved in this torture toward me and with in me. Here is a write up I made on a day when I was feeling very violated with this sacred energy being run through me, communicating with me and causing me much confusion because of the nefarious dark being successfully keeping My Twin and I apart. I should NOT be confused or questioning any thing about my sacred divine womb energy, what so ever.

Interference networks:

“This network could be affiliated with such networks as what is called the CIA that is behind MK Ultra. This group is affiliated with Direct Energy Weapons, Bio-Weapons,  Mind Control, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) that controls much of humanity and its catastrophic phenomenon on this Earth since we can remember. Any other groups that cause pain and suffering on this Planet this slavey is psychology torture and abuse. It is the root of all destruction and suffering in all the world.

The violations of the members of this criminal network grew ever more sadistic and brutal with time. This nefarious group of dark military have followed the Shelly for years at home in Canada across Europe, Costa Rica, Italy and  places in the United States. Majority of interference has transpired during Shelly’s professional  travels for integrated health conferences.  Including now in Costa Rica where she seeks refuge from such attacks.

These attacks on Shelly’s life have the intent to mutilate her physical body, mind and spirit. With Directed Energy/Bio Weapons and Psychological Torture. These assaults that started overtly in 2014 and  have not abated to this day.

Since May 2017, Shelly realized she had  been covertly implanted with military bio-technology and neurotechnology  and used as a torture for almost a century. This caused sever symptoms of illness that brought her near death more than once. The symptoms were similar to lyme disease and sever stages of auto immune diseases an psychological torture. Although Shelly has successfully removed the implants by Light therapy the PTSD continues.

The nano technology used for this was chemtrails, bugs drones, mosquitos, flu virus attacks via radio waves etc.. which she has exposed in her “Chronicle of Crimes Against Humanity.

Shelly gradually realized that she people she is close to were also being targeted in different ways, were being used as target practice for modern military weapons aka MK Ultra and subjects of human experimentation with non-consensual body bio/radio wave and neurotechnology. The crimes against her and her family and friends were committed with egregious impunity.

Because police, Central Intelligence Agencies and military surveillance have orchestrated gang stalking and high level interfere on Shelly’s technology, ie: all her computers, phone, car computer, TV and all her close contacts and interests via this technology  they have perpetuated the torture to psychological warefare/harm and torture purposely against her.   This is run by a deep global criminal network that own’s the Secret Services and have infiltrated every area of her personal and public life.

Shelly is a Nutritionist/Yoga Teacher/Holistic Practitioner/Author and Public Speaker, every avenue of her authentic work and good work for humanity has been targeted and interfered with to the point of making any life sustaining income has become impossible up to this point due to nefarious interference.

The depth of surveillance and spying upon Shelly, she has come to the conclusion that she has been the victim of non-consensually implants without her knowledge. The radio-frequency emissions from these illegal chip implants that form an interconnected system that has provoked symptoms of sever auto immune disease combined with  on going bio and direct energy weapons attacks have left her in a constant survival mode thus utilizing all her life savings to stay alive. 

She is being tortured at this time, non-stop with in this order, psychological interference on her technology, direct energy weapons via her surrounding technology weekly. Because she now resides in a third world country the attacks are less violent. When Shelly was residing in Newmarket, Canada and Muskoka Canada which she has disclosed as a 5G / Parasitic environment to support the false CO-VID environment that mimics the nefarious lie of a “flu pandemic”  which is a LIE.

The amping up of electrical voltage in any given space to which Shelly resides via smart meters along with wireless radio waves that are life threatening and harmful, this system promotes symptoms of psychological confusion, fear and hopelessness. This is what humanity is also enduring on a larger scale during as the deep global criminal network manipulation and control agenda.

Biological/Direct energy weaponry warfare continue unless she is taken to a undisclosed place. However because Shelly is not in a financial any position at this time to protect her whereabouts and to buy all new technology she is continued to be tracked and harassed.

In the past non-consensual body implants and neurotechnology that was illegally implanted in her has caused great damage BUT CAN now be used for this JUST CAUSE of Justice for the Highest Good.

The Directed Energy Weapons assaults are incredibly brutal and occur continuously every week upon her whereabouts being discovered by the nefarious avenues of the criminal network.

Progress is being made but it is very difficult. Mostly like any cowardly crime they are carried out when she is asleep and defenceless.”


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The truth must come forth.  My dog has been murdered after years of attack, I have been attacked and attempted murder for years. I have lost everything and must get support from humans in this word. I have nothing left but myself and my truth. The truth must be acknowledged for me to go on let alone heal. You my Twin are the witness, you must step out into the Light with me.

I know my Twin is a Honourable Soul and I ask simply to bring this situation into the Light as I cannot bare the burden of this alone any longer. My right to be a Sovereign Being on this Planet has been severely compromised and there must be Justice, for all of humanity have been compromised.

In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service


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