Knowing Good & Evil as Pre-requisites for the Sovereignty of the Human Species Survival

This link below is a video from Kerry Cassidy about the attempted take over that has been underway with regards to Covid and other GMO tactic. This video just about sums up my “initiation” to “know thy enemy” in order to survive as a Sovereign Species at this time. It is not a coincidence that I received this license plate “Snake Venom” back when I was using this way of dialogue with the Light Family. When I was hit with a drone like wasp and what I describe in my book as a dose of Covid or what is similar to these diseased like vaccines, however a psychic reader friend of mine said this wasp bite was a “wake up Venom” that happened for you. Any way this Venom sent me on a journey to survive  the most difficulty challenges in life to help the human species survive. Watch this video and Kerry sums up my purpose thus far, to do the good work for the Light by knowing the Dark and going into the depths of good and evil.



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