The Time for Balance


My Higher Self is a genius. I woke up the other morning and my Soul shared a message with me. These messages I receive are created as if my Higher Self is a mind blowing, incredible movie producer. The stuff that comes through so vividly is that of a creative genius. A movie was in play and I was the Star actor and it was a movie of my life. The next scene was to begin and the conclusion of the recent scene ended with a most amazing rock/country song with music in the back ground while the woman was singing “YOU HAVE MUCH TO WEIGH, AND TURN INTO GOLD”

After contemplating this I downloaded more, the image of the scales appeared and the next message is that “all must be balanced now”. This began to make more and more sense as all I do is for the greater good and the collective consciousness/humanity. Where we are at this time is we have reached the culmination peak of what has caused such imbalance in this world.

The Covid Crisis is just a pivotal example of what has cause the insanity and mental/emotional imbalance of this Earth and its inhabitants. This crisis of a fake pandemic is a trough of events that has exampled the ongoing warefare AGAINST humanity and exposing the true nature of a sinister plan to kill life on this most miraculous Planet and its inhabitants.

The addictions and “mental’ issues with humans for as long as I can remember are all orchestrated by the same group(s). Only now it has become violently obvious who and what is behind all this. Now humanity is waking up and the MOTHER have it NO MORE. The next scene begins.

Here is a short video that describes the Recovery that humanity is undergoing after centuries of attempted murders and crimes against humanity.



In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service


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