White Flames of Purification

White Flame Purification

The Family of Light gather in the gateway into the White Temple of the Sun in the core of the Earth. This is the White Diamond Rainbow Brother/Sister Hood. Each Angel held its own frequency spectrum of the Rainbow.  One of the named Archangels is Metatron,  Ascended Masters Lord Melchezidek, the Rainbow Orbs of Light Angels stand in a circle the Key Angels for Ascension. The Key Angels are my Beloved and I, we are the only Light Beings present in this gathering who are walking the Earth plane today. This gathering is a small one. We met in Mt. Shasta’s inner Mountain, the Gateway/Vortex into the Earth Star Crystal Temple and technology upheld by the Earth Star Alliance.

Clear Instructions are given and understood for the mission of Ascension ahead. We are some of the members and founders of the White flame of Fire and Illumination. This is the fire of purification, the most potent white diamond fire of purification and innocence of the heart. Not a mission for the faint of heart at all.

The Universal Divine Mother appeared next to the Divine Feminine of the Key Twin Flames. She who is the Mother of all that is and encompasses all the Mother Divine Goddess Energy, such as Isis, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. She appeared in her Universal form sitting on the Lotus Flower, sitting in serenity while the volcanic fire active all around her and transmitted the message “It is time for the Great Purification to begin, and you Saishorie-Grace  (Sais) are heading this up”.

The Founder Father of the White Flame of Illumination showed up that same year to Saishorie-Grace (higher self of Shelly Sullivan) the eve before she was to film her Twin Flame Phrophecy video. He appeared from millions upon millions of Light years away, yet he was as ancient as the beginning of all creation. His stunning white diamond eyes sparkled like white diamond suns, also transmitting a message but his Light, indicating “It is time for the Great Purification of the masculine distortions playing out upon for eons upon your Earth.

Many years have passed and the Great Purification has reached its completion on this day of December 19th 2021. This purification is a Spiritual Fire that all starts in the Heavens ordered by God. The Divine Mother and Father Principles carry out the mission passing down and delegating the process through the Cosmos, the Great, great Central Suns, The Galactic Core and the Holders of the White Flame and Sun Discs, spiralling the White Flame of Purity through to our Solar Sun, Star Family & Galactic Family and finally into the Solar Junctions of the Sun/White Flame HU-Man’s upon the Earth.

One such holder is Sais, who does hold the Sun Disc for this precession of the Equinoxes along with her Mascunline Counterpart. This has been written about in depth and is being held in the Crystal Technology of the Earth Star Temple deep deep in the Sea and held up/guarded by the Earth Star Alliance and Mother/Father God and Family.

The last time this energy was seeded was by Jesus and Mary Magdalene the holders of the White Flame of Illumination, who is part of our Star Family lineage and whom is very active in our work today. The designation of this White Flame of Illumination for the Key Twin Flames of Ascension IS and has been underway for many, many years, working with the 144,000 Family of Light, which is now in the Millions.

Sais integrated her I AM Presence in 2014 which was described as a Walk-In experience, however this was not a typical walk-in, this was the Walk-in of her Highest Aspects – her highest and most advanced selves since the time of Creation, while still her original soul her upon Earth.

For Sais to successfully complete this purification of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine durning this particular part of the purification plan she was to integrate all these aspects. This was extremely difficult, never been done before. All the while the Divine Masculine is doing his part during the divine “pre-purification plan’s.

Saving all the details for further writing that will assist in the New Earth’s Plan, I will skip to the miraculous story that has taken place most recently, expressed most magically by the Spiritual, I AM Presence – HigherSelf.

Two weeks ago while having a conversation with a co-worker about past lives, we discussed some of our past lives. I stated one that I remembered during a semi-hypnosis session 3 years ago. I also said “when I find the right past life regression therapist, I just might do a past life regression again.” I am not sure that this is needed now. I left work a hour later and while driving I heard the name :”Brian Weiss”. At that moment I did not recollect who Brain Weiss was at all. Not until I got home that night.

When I arrived home, I picked up a book I randomly left out of my books that went into storage the week before. I randomly selected 3 books for no apparent reason except to read them the next week, or to refer to them. One of the books was the book “The Medical Medium” by William Anthony.  Firstly I was blown away to see Brian Weiss’s name in the introduction (or prologue) describing Brian Weiss as the famous past life regression therapist and author of the famous book, Many Lives Many Masters. My jaw dropped and I was extremely grateful for the Spirit’s guidance at this time.

I was given Brians name for the reason to read his book again. I have only read it the one time 11 or so years ago and did not read the whole book. I am not sure if I will ever get another past life reading again but I knew I had to revisit that book. This is where the most miraculous gift of all shown itself. But before I get to that I must share some other information first.

The author of Medical Medium – Anthony William shared a powerful story of his awakening to Spirit since child hood. He shared this in the beginning of his book “Medical Medium” which I revisited this night where God sent signs and messages to confirm and reassure myself of the White Flame Illumination/Purification that had been underway for the past 11 years and was now coming into completion.  This confirmation is one of the most powerful signs from God I have received in a long time.

The Author Anthony William describes a Spirt speaking to him in his ear. This Spirit is the Angel of Compassion that works directly with God as “God’s Word”. Anthony describes this voice he hears as an echo in his ear. Now, I have described many times my connection with my Divine Masculine Twin Flame (White Diamond Illumination of Fire/Flame) whom, he  was/is also activated to hear the voice from on high of an “Angel” of God who would awaken him to his divine mission once again. This was the first sign and message which lead to the next miraculous messages from on high.

As I continued to read chapters of the book Many Lives, Many Masters over the next nights, I received more messages that would awaken some dormant important information for the Ascension White Flame of Illumination’s Mission. I found myself skipping over the parts about the past lives of the patient of Brian Weiss (Catherine) and eagerly wanting to hear the messages from the Masters who worked through her in this book “Many Lives, Many Masters”.

One such message from “The Masters” stated “The Light is Everything, The Light is the most important of All that IS. This was more confirmation for me as I have written of this before in terms of the Light and how invaluable it is in the past lives as well as the present lives and future lives. But here is the most miraculous synchronicity and message that is unmistakably from the Spirit of God.

During the week while reading the book and simultaneously carrying out some very important purification work. My Divine Masculine came to me in a dream, but a very really dimensional meeting where he bare his raw self to me, very vulnerable truth. I awoke to write the message down as this was very important. This is the first dream message I had written down in years. After writing the message down one paper, I felt a great feeling of compassion and respect for his honesty and forthright message to me. After jotting that down, I then automatically started to write the truth of his Light Being and his true self. What came out was this:

“The Divine Masculine – Himself

He is a Diamond, in order for his diamond rainbow colours to shine, some scrubbing had to be done, polishing off many lifetimes of the distorted masculine, certain things had to be cleansed (keep in mind this work is the cleansing for the collective consciousness as well as his/ours).

Although he has had past lifetimes as a female body, this incarnation he is incarnated in the masculine body and represent the masculine collective consciousness. I then went on to write:

Yesterday while at work at Natures Emporium, I kept seeing him (my Twin Flame) he was in the White Diamond with Rainbow Diamond Light sparkling all around him. It was stunningly beautiful and I kept seeing it all day (Dec. 17th 2021). The spectacular vision kept happening simultaneously as my Golden Diamond Ankh around my neck kept catching me eye. The White Diamond in the centre of this Ankh was sparking the rainbow light frequencies all day also. The Rainbow Frequencies have increased around me immensity over the past years, but nothing compared to how they were showing up as of late.

This Diamond Ankh around my neck had been precisely measured to be put on a chain where the Ankh’s Diamond would be set on my high heart at all times, reflecting the rainbow light shimmering off and of it. This is what was sparkling of him all day. The setting he (Jim) was in was a desert type landscape. He appeared in all white surrounded in a Diamond White Blinding Light reflecting the Rainbow Diamond Light Codes. is is the best vision I have ever witnessed of my Twin, his eyes and hair were particularly shinning, looking very beautiful. It was very uplifting. I then while witnessing this poured down from the Heavens the Golden Christ Light all around US all day.

The Ankh that was gifted to me from The Universes from on High is the symbol of Immortality and Creation which I have written about. Brian Weiss’s book Many Lives, Many Masters main message is “We are Immortal Beings”.

Now here is the unbelievable synchronicity and message: After all this has taken place, last night I sat to read the last of the book Many Lives, Many Masters. I was almost not going to pick it up again as I thought I had received all the messages I was meant to receive from this book “Many Lives, Many Master’s, but I was mistaken… there was one last miraculous message from the Spirit of God.

The message was in his last chapter 16 of the book Many Lives, Many Masters where Brian summed up 20 years later some thoughts. One of them a complicated question with a simple metaphoric answer:

The question “How is it that we are all equal?”

“The answer was a metaphor:

It is as if a large diamond were to be found inside each person. Picture a diamond a foot long. The diamond has a thousand facets, but the facets are covered with dirt and tar. It is the job of the Soul to clean each facet until the surface is brilliant and can be reflected in an a rainbow of colours.

Now some have cleaned many faces and gleam brightly. Others have only managed to clean a few: they don Neto sparsely so. Yet, underneath the dirt, each person possesses within his or hers breast a brilliant diamond with a thousand gleaming facets. The diamond is perfect, not a on flaw. The only difference among people is the number of facets cleaned. But each diamond is the same and each is perfect.

When all the facets are cleaned and shining forth in a spectrum of lights, the diamond returns to the pure energy that it was originally. The light remains, it is as if the process that goes into making the diamond is reversed, all that pressure released. The pure energy exists in the rainbow of lights, and the lights possess consciousness and knowledge.

And all the diamonds are perfect.”

Quote from Brian Weiss, Many Lives, Many Masters.

After reading these last many paragraphs there is not mistaking the work of God playing out here a long with the White Flame of Illumination mission being carried out. The only way this level of purification could be carried out is through a Divine Sacred Connection of White Flame Illuminated Twin Flames who’s love has been forged in fire and none can bring a sunder.

Love is the only power that can carry out a mission of this capacity upon our Earth. Goddess’s such as our beloved Isis, Divine Mother’s such as our Mother Mary and Divine Sacred Lovers such as our Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus) were the previous seedling for this love. Now is the Great Illumined Twin Flames working the energy with the Divine at this time for the Great Purification to bring about balance within the divine male and female counterpart energy on this Earth and the yin and yang energy of their worlds. The Christ Feminine has risen from the Ashes and only Love is the Power that could and did accomplish this great feat.

(this article will continue with editing when time permits)

In Love and Light

Shelly Sullivan

Of Higher Service


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